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Understanding Money Is The Single Greatest Thing That Will Let You Live A Life On Your Terms

We Empower Dentists To Accelerate Their Journey To Financial Freedom

Meet The Founder

I’m Dr. James Martin,
a Dentist & Finance Enthusiast.


I launched the Dentists Who Invest Facebook group in 2020 to connect and network with Dentists like myself who have a keen interest in understanding money. In a short space of time the community grew exponentially in membership and impact.

The whole point of the community is to bring freedom of choice to its members. Understanding more about money means we can buy back our time and break the relationship between time and money. Its all centered around empowerment and making better decisions.

James Martin

Here's What We Do For Dentists

Protect your wealth

Equip yourself with a solid knowledge base and carefully invest your finances instead of letting them sit stagnant and lose value over time.

Grow your finances

Learn how to safely invest to achieve success with evidence based methods.

Gain financial freedom

Connect with an informed community to understand how you can become financially free and stop exchanging time for money.

Here's Why The Right People Want
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You are a dentist who wants to understand how to invest your money but you don't know how

You are a dentist who wishes to attain financial freedom as soon as possible

You are a dentist who wants to increase you income to have better work life balance

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar To You?

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You want to take control of your finances but don’t know where to start.

You feel burnt out because you spend too much time working at the dental clinic exchanging your time for money.

You wish there was a way outside of dentistry to generate revenue.

You feel nervous to invest due to a lack of knowledge or understanding.

The pathway to financial freedom is simple when you know how.

A Roadmap To Begin Your Financial Journey

Open For Enrolment

These Courses Will Give You A Complete Understanding Of The World Of Finance.​

Today Money

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Increase Your Income

Future Money

Understand Investing

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"Total Finance was absolutely jam packed full of precious nuggets of information. Also a great opportunity to meet likeminded colleagues."


"I had my return on investment within the first 3 months by following just one principle out of many from Total Finance and I haven't even implemented 80% of the stuff yet! It's a no-brainer!"


"Total Finance was awesome! Well presented, great location and facilities, great content and pace of delivery. James engaged us all as well as he always does."


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