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How Often Do You Look Back On Your Life And Think “I Wish That I Knew Than What I Know Now?”⁣

How Often Do You Look Back On Your Life And Think “I Wish That I Knew Than What I Know Now?”⁣

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Yep – most of us spend at least some of our existence lamenting this fact.⁣

If only we would’ve known what we now know – we would have done things so differently and who knows where we’d be now.⁣

Certainly, lots of us would have made better choices.⁣

It’s true in life the more knowledge you have the more choices and opportunities you see….⁣

Think about it like this – if you weren’t a dentist then you wouldn’t be able to identify the opportunity to help someone when you look inside their mouth.⁣

This is because you would have next to no knowledge of the oral cavity. As such, there would be no context to what you are observing meaning no scope to diagnose abnormalities.⁣

If you have the skills of a GDP you can see the opportunity to place a simple filling.⁣

If you have the skills of a more advanced GDP you may be able to identify the opportunity to place an onlay.⁣

If you have the skills of an advanced restorative dentist, then you’ll be able to see the opportunity to move away from single tooth dentistry and work on multiple teeth..⁣

And the treatment plan is a full mouth rehab.⁣

My point would be the more knowledge you have the more doors of opportunity you see.⁣

And the more CHOICE you have at any given moment.⁣

On a conscious or at least some sort of subconscious level we ALREADY KNOW this applies to our dentistry.⁣

But do we always appreciate that it applies to other areas of life too?⁣ ?

It’s especially true whenever it comes to finance – more knowledge always means we’ll see more possibilities.⁣

And again – the more choice we have when it comes to our money.⁣

We’ll gain knowledge passively just merely by progressing through life – we’ll always soak up wisdom as we pass through the years.⁣

But what if we could leverage the wisdom of other people who have lived that time? We are benefitting from the knowledge they gained through making decisions in their respective lives.⁣

Usually, they have gained this over many decades.⁣

Effectively we are pulling knowledge forward from the future.⁣

Because we didn’t have to live those lives and make those mistakes to gain that knowledge…⁣ ?

This is what investing time into your education and learning will do for you.⁣

With a good book/some well-researched content you effectively read a curated documentation of the best pearls of wisdom and gems of knowledge the author has acquired in their respective field.⁣

If you think about it – the author is more or less recording everything they wish they would have known when they were younger…⁣

One of the main perks of age is wisdom⁣.

One main perks of youth is that you have TIME⁣. ⏱

The sooner you can acquire as much wisdom as possible is the sooner you have more time to implement this knowledge and hence effect positive change in your life.⁣.

This means you can make better decisions and CHOOSE the best outcome for yourself in any given moment.⁣

The cookie cutter “one size fits all” approach is rarely the best one for you…⁣

Choosing the best option can only happen with the most context possible to make great decisions.⁣

And this means we get the best result.⁣

As we know these results do not grow linearly but in fact they compound.⁣

It all starts with gaining more knowledge and investing in yourself.⁣

That’s why Dentists Who Invest were created.


*Not Financial Advice

Disclaimer: The content on this blog is meant for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Readers should seek guidance from a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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