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Who Is James?

First and foremost

I am not a Financial Advisor

Always best to state who you are with clear intentions.

My name is Dr. James Martin – I graduated from the University of Leeds Dental School in 2016.

Not only am I, not a financial advisor – I wouldn’t even consider myself an expert on finance…
…far from it.

That’s what actual financial advisors are for

Professional advice 1000% has a place in your financial plans. If you need professional advice then I can certainly recommend a good financial advisor, accountant, mortgage broker, etc.

So if I’m not any of those things then who am I?

Well, that depends on who you ask of course. 🤣🤣 Close relations may have some choice words to say about me from time to time…
…but I think that’s normal really.

Here are some things that I can do:
• Get you to see the bigger picture when it comes to money.
• Empower you to make conscious decisions and have freedom of CHOICE regarding wealth.
• Teach you how to earn more money day-to-day (if that’s important for you).
• ….and after these things have been achieved then most usually you’ll have a different perspective on things too (very cool).

And if those things aren’t what you are after… then I can certainly point you in the right direction to some TRUSTED professional sources.

Because I’m a dentist I see things through the eyes of a DENTIST.

Because I immersed myself in the world of money and finance I know some things about that world too.

What really made things special was the myriad of interesting coaches I’ve had in my years on this earth.

A combination of all the above things gave me a unique perspective – a perspective that I believe needs to be shared.

(not for my own ego 🤣… mainly because it really helped me and I think it can help YOU too)

Check out the podcast and other content to get a flavour of what I mean by this..

I’ve invested BIG in myself post-dental school – its why I always preach that in my opinion, the best investments are in KNOWLEDGE. 🧠 (a big part of this is also your mindset)

Knowledge is the best way to increase cash flow and EARN more.

You see earning more is not the be all and end all.

But we should be able to have permission to talk about it when it makes you HAPPIER and have more FREEDOM.

Our true purpose on this earth is to do less of the things that are a chore to us and more of the things we LOVE (see picture 🦙)

I don’t claim to be a financial expert.

But what I do claim to be is passionate about giving dentists happiness and seeing an alternative and more FUN perspective to life.

Professional advice is GREAT… but there’s also huge and meaningful scope for other information which is massively beneficial.

Its a combination of both that allows you to well and truly smash it.

Seen it a 1000x over.

That’s who I am and what this community is really about.

Please use it as the amazing resource it is intended to be.


I am not a Financial Advisor

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