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3 Years Ago I Was Deeply Unhappy In Life…

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3 years ago I was deeply unhappy in life…⁣

Whilst I did enjoy dentistry…⁣

Things weren’t going particularly well at the practice I was in.⁣

I’m not one to point fingers, everything in life is a two way street…. we have to acknowledge that in ANY scenario.⁣

It’s the outcome of any situation that is one of the most important parts.⁣

…and the fact is I was dissatisfied with life in general – I just accepted it as if it was ok.⁣

(not how life should be for an extended period)⁣

What hurt the most at the time was I really didn’t feel there was any alternative and that I had to stay and make it work.⁣

I reflect on this now and see how it was really my brain telling me to stay in my comfort zone.⁣

It was keeping me content in my discontent.⁣

A series of life events including a knee op pushed me to take action.⁣

I foolishly returned to work prematurely after this operation because I thought my knee would be ok (over optimism).⁣

Every day I was returning to work my knee was swelling up and becoming more and more painful.⁣

I knew long term joint issues would arise if I continued.⁣

It pushed me to do something about the situation that I should’ve done a long time ago… and probably never would have done otherwise.⁣

I took some time out of dentistry to recover mentally and physically.⁣

I had no idea if Id really messed my knee up long term… or what the future held career wise.⁣

I had to wait until things got really bad before I did SOMETHING.⁣

(please don’t be like me)⁣

Safe to say it was a massive low point.⁣

Because I’d spent many years before that obsessing over crypto and finance books (alongside books on teeth as well) – I always thought it would be cool to start a community around this.⁣

Dentistry was the community that had given me so much – who better to speak to than the profession I owed a lot to.⁣

I had some time on my hands so I guess now was the moment.⁣

It was definitely a huge personal growth thing to post my first video on social media – I still remember my finger hovering over the “post” button before making myself do it haha.⁣

After that some other people joined the group as well and it grew – with time it became something much bigger than me.⁣

…and that’s really cool.⁣

I found a way to express all the stuff I believe in all day every day.⁣

The things that massively helped me and I believed would help others too.⁣

The best part is that hopefully Dentists Who Invest will be here in some form long after I’m gone too.⁣

I look back on the tough shit and now feel genuinely grateful – it pushed me to take action and some awesome stuff would have never happened otherwise.⁣

I wanted to share this because I know some reading have felt/may be feeling similar.⁣

Just know you aren’t alone – there are people out there who have likely went through what you’re going through.⁣

They are the people that can guide and help.⁣

Taking action and doing something seems scary can actually be something amazing and great.⁣

*”The only thing that’s certain in life is that if we don’t change anything then everything stays the same.” *- a saying that I love.⁣

My wisdom would be not to let it get it get really bad first (like me) – it’s just delaying the inevitable and prolonging unhappiness.⁣

There are limitless opportunities on this earth. Sometimes we just have to open some doors to see what we will find.⁣

If you open enough doors then one day you’ll find the thing that lights you up on the other side.⁣

Then we can all get back to what’s really important which is being happy.⁣

*Not Financial Advice⁣⁣
Disclaimer: The content on this blog is meant for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Readers should seek guidance from a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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