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Dr James: 

Fans of the Dentists who Invest podcast. If you feel like there was one particular episode in the back catalog in the anthology of Dentists who Invest podcast episodes that really, really really was massively valuable to you, feel free to share that with a fellow dental colleague who’s in a similar position, so their understanding of finance can be elevated and they can hit the next level of financial success in their life. Also, as well as that, if you could take two seconds to rate and review this podcast, it would mean the world. To me, what that would mean is that it drives this podcast further in terms of reach, so that more dentists across the world can be able to benefit from the knowledge contained therein. Welcome to the Dennis who Invest podcast. What’s up everyone? Welcome to the Dennis who Invest podcast, and this episode is a little bit for a unique one. It’s unique for two reasons One, because it’s episode number 100, and number two, because it’s a solo episode. It’s a little bit of a soulful episode. It’s an episode where I’m going to talk about myself, going to talk about my journey, going to talk about what led me to create Dennis who Invest, the lessons that I learned, good and bad along the way, sharing some wisdom and I hope that this episode is somewhat inspirational. I hope that there’s some things in there that help the people who are listening. I hope there’s some gems that people can take away and use themselves. Maybe there will be, maybe there won’t be, who knows? All I do know is that, for me, I really wanted to create something that definitively told the story of Dentists who Invest and how it came about and how it started and why I created it and the history behind it, because it actually came out of a place that, at the time, was not really so much of a good situation. However, looking back on it, it really was one of those situations make or break, sink or swim that shaped me and that propelled me and caused me to have the motivation to go and do something else. So all will be revealed as the episode goes on and, like I say, I just really hope that there’s something in there for someone who’s listening that will be useful for the listeners, and also some facts and gems and things that you can take forward and use in your life. So let’s go all the way back to the beginning and let’s go back to myself Just as a young boy. For me personally, I was more someone who was into maths, numbers and what have you. When I did my A-levels, my top A-level mark was in mathematics. It was only really through my cousin that inspired me to become a dentist. She was a dentist herself, or a dental student, and she said you know, james, you should really think about a career in dentistry. The reason is because you get to work with people. It’s related to science, there’s math chucked in there too, there is art and creativity in there also, and I really feel like it’s a nice melting pot of all of those traits. It’s a unique blender combination contained within one profession. So I thought, all right, well, this sounds good, let’s go ahead and apply for dentistry. And I always knew that it was difficult. It wasn’t an easy career to progress in, but I wanted something that would challenge me and it was those combinations, that combination of factors, that made me want to go ahead and pursue that career. I wouldn’t say I really had a calling or a passion per se to be a dentist. I liked the characteristics of the career. I liked that unique blend of traits, I suppose, and that was what made me go for it. And I went to university. I did my five years at dental school I was probably not really the most applied student. I didn’t really put much more effort in above and beyond what I had to do for those first few years. To me, anything above that seemed like a waste of time. It was just about getting the pass mark and that was it. I had a little bit of a mindset change in my fourth year and my fifth year where I thought to myself okay, I really need to up my game and really need to put in the extra hours to be able to succeed, particularly if I want to pass and also do well. So I started to get better grades. In fourth and fifth year I realised that I actually quite liked dentistry. Somewhere along the line when I got out into the real world being an FD, I did dentistry. I practised dentistry in Rotherham. It was difficult at the start. I wouldn’t say that I really enjoyed it necessarily a great deal. I did realise through time that I liked it. But it’s not with all the not without, not without some pushing, not without some application. Before I got to that stage I then moved to Leeds to do when I got my first real job in an NHS practice and the outskirts of Leeds, and it was a roundabout at this time that I, number one, got even more into my dentistry. I really think that when you’re out there doing it on your own, you learn so much, and in this practice, I was just out of FD and I was on my own and I just had to learn basically, so I had to apply myself. I certainly was way out of my depth. I knew just enough to get by basically, and I knew just enough to succeed Around. About this time, I also began to read and learn about investing because of a failed endeavour into Bitcoin, into investing in Bitcoin. It didn’t go so well, particularly in the short term, or at least I didn’t perceive it to go so well, and that’s what caused me to begin and read and learn about money. This was in 2018. And for me personally, always being that person, whenever I get into something, I get into it. You know, there’s no half measures If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right. I think there’s that Abraham Lincoln quote which goes something along the lines of whatever you are, be a good one, and I definitely think that that applies to me. That’s somewhere in my psyche so far as any time I ever get into something, I’ll always do it with 110% application, and there was no exception when it came to reading and learning about investing. You know it wasn’t. It wasn’t half in, half out, one foot in, one foot out. It was in for a penny and for a point more like. And so when I say obsession, what I mean is constantly reading books on it, learning about it, learning about how finance works, learning about how crypto works, because you can only really get so far into learning about crypto before you realize that you actually need to learn about finance as well on a deeper level. Interestingly, when you distill what you actually need to know in terms of investing, in terms of how to invest your money, it’s actually not really that much to it. It’s more a mindset, is more how you perceive it or how you look at it. It’s pretty straightforward you can educate yourself with when you have the real essence of what investing is about in front of you. It’s probably about a 30 to 40 minute reading. It’s just being able to find that information. So, anyway, that’s what happened to me. I went through that, but no real point that I ever twig. This information would actually be useful to someone else aside from me, and so progressed through the years doing that. Obviously the dentist, first and foremost. In reading about investing on the side. For every book that I read, an investor, I always read a book on dentistry as well, so dentistry was not something that I wasn’t disinterested in either. I really enjoyed my dentistry. People say to me you must have really disliked dentistry that you went off and learned about all these other things, and I think and I always said to them no, it was never like that, it was just a happy coincidence, so to speak. And so through doing that, that was fine, that was going on in the background. My fortune started to improve in the crypto world when I realized there was actually a technique to it, how to do that. And so what? A year after that, I was playing football and I had the worst football injury of all time. I tore my ACL, got a real hard kick to the side of the knee real hard kick to the side of the knee and what that meant was that I heard this massive snap and turned out that I told my SEL and for anybody who doesn’t know what that means, long story short is, it means you need to have surgery on your knee and rehabilitation. So I learned this, to my horror, the next day. I remember this happened in Sheffield. The chat happened at about 8pm On Thursday evening. That was the day that I played football and this happened. I had to get the train back from Sheffield to Leeds because I figured that I might as well be in A&E close to my home rather than in another city. So came back to Leeds, didn’t went into any. They didn’t actually diagnostics whatever. They actually said that there was nothing wrong, but they did say that we need to come back to see specialist so they could give me more information. When I got back home, it was like 6 in the morning, I was so jumped up and adrenaline. I just went to work, basically, and I went into work. We happen to have a physio in our dental practice and he had a look at my name. He said you know, really you need surgery on this thing, which was a bit stunning to me. I wasn’t expecting that at all and I thought, oh, my goodness, what a faff. And now I have to do this. So that was that kind of made do with my knee, couldn’t really walk. So great, got a cast, was able to, was able to move around. However, it’s pretty constantly in pain. There was a low level throbbing ache at all times. I couldn’t wait for the day that I had surgery to get this corrected. So that happened. That was in like September 2019. Then got through to about February, March 2020. Everybody knows what happened then coronavirus. That was absolutely nuts. Just one day Just got a text from a boss and he said listen, we’re going to close the practice until further notice and that was that. So I have a job, went to when stayed in my you know, was confined to my house for about two, three months. Use this time to double down on my investment knowledge even more reading, learn More, more information so that I could both. For that, even still, because I figured myself there’s no point learning about dentistry at this point. Who knows what dentistry is going to look like Whenever this thing is all over? So I thought to myself you read enough books on that. Just go and learn more about investing, going, learn more about the thing that will compliment your dentistry more than anything else, which will give you another skill set. Which was probably one of the best decisions that I ever made, because what it meant was that I increased that knowledge to a level that was higher. Even still, I knew even more and I really get I could really really at the point where I was proud of what I knew on that subject. So that was not July time. July, august, time came whenever the world dentistry so in the UK started to open up again. So I went back to work Around about that time, also received word that I could have surgery on my knees. So I thought, okay, let me just get this over and done with, let’s get it sorted. When to have a surgery on my knee came back from work, came back to work, the surgeon said have six weeks off, be sensible. Your inner job that’s quite active. You’re up and about, your moving around and what it means for you is that you need to take it easy or else you’ll find that you damage your knee and the surgery will not fully take effect. The surgery will not work. You need to rest it Real quick, guys. I put together a special report for dentists entitled the seven costly and potentially disastrous mistakes the dentist make whenever it comes to their finances. Most of the time, dentists are going through these issues and they don’t even necessarily realize that they’re happening Until they have their eyes opened, and that is the purpose of this report. You can go ahead and receive your free report by heading on over to wwwdentistsinvestcom forward slash podcast report or, alternatively, you can download it using the link in the description. This report details the seven most common issues. However, most importantly, it also shows you how to fix them. Really looking forwards to hearing your thoughts Now. He also said that, at a very minimum, that two weeks would be the very least that someone could even consider returning to work. However, he recommended six, and so to myself as a young, full hearted man, I thought okay, well, if he says it’s two weeks, it’ll probably take me about one, because I’m gonna recover pretty fast, because I’m young and I’m good, so really it should be one. However, I’m gonna go to as precaution in my mind, which is just absolutely not. What was I even thinking? So that was that. You know that was definitely naivety on my part. I went back to work. I Went back to work two weeks after the surgery it was. I was there for a while, me was swelling up was getting worse. I I felt that as well, in that particular practice there was a bit of a long standing. I would say that I did not quite click with a few people who are very senior in it, practically, you know, in terms of managing that practice, and I think they treated me particularly well, don’t think they treated others particularly well. It wasn’t particularly nice environment to work. It was something that I’d been meaning to do for a while was leave that practice. And you know, this is the thing. I think that that’s fair to say that we didn’t quite click and you know it’s. It’s always gonna be one of those situations where Maybe they perhaps felt that I’m sure they probably felt the same about me. It just wasn’t a working relationship that was healthy for all of us. That was my opinion. Now, the thing about opinions is that they’re not necessarily always gonna be the objective, the objective given truth. There’s always gonna be a certain degree of subjectiveness there, and that’s true of anyone’s opinion, and that was certainly how I felt. That was something that had been going on for a while. There was people in my family who were encouraging me to take that leap to go somewhere else. And when I went back after those two weeks and I could just see that I wasn’t being appreciated For the fact that I went back a lot earlier than I should have done. That was the final nail on the coffin and I just thought to myself I just don’t see this working. I don’t think this is worth it for me. I don’t think that what I’m doing is being reciprocated and appreciated, therefore can see this going forwards anymore, and that was a bit of a leap for me to leave that practice. I think it’s fair to say that it was the best thing for everyone involved, not least given because of my knee. Then I found myself in a situation where I needed more time off now, just after coronavirus, and need more time off to recover. What happened was I actually got in touch with the surgeon and the surgeon said to me you know you pushed it. Now you need more time. My knee was in a right state at this point. It had calmed down and it was resurging. Now, in terms of how much it was swollen, it was getting worse. It had regressed significantly. So the surgeon said listen, you’ve had a setback. Now you need three months off if you want this thing to heal properly. And so this time I thought to myself right, well, I’ll take his advice this time, on this particular occasion, given that last time it didn’t work out so well. So I learned my lesson, definitely, and I learned never to question someone who’s in that scenario again to take the surgeon’s advice don’t be like me, don’t be Young and foolhardy naive. And I definitely learned that lesson the hard way. So I miss all of a sudden in my house three months with literally nothing to do. I thought to myself, okay, well, let’s do that. There’s never going to be any other can only be upside to doing that. And I’m doing that. Let me Create something, let me do something a little different. You know, let’s have some fun. Let’s make a facebook group and let’s see If there’s anybody else out there shares my interest in finance, is a dentist, let’s make it specifically for dentists and how it envisages the group going was. I didn’t visit that. There might be A couple hundred people joining it and I thought, alright, let’s go ahead and make this thing. What’s a good name? What’s a good name? What will make it obvious what it is? Yet it’s also still catchy and it is within the character constraints of Facebook name group name titles. I can’t remember how I came up with it, but I came up with Dentsune Vest and I made this group and I almost thought to myself surely there’s got to be another group for finance for dentists. That’s out there 100%. It almost seemed like it was so obvious that there would be something that cared for this in the dental world and the answer is there is. There’s another group in America that does a similar thing, but nothing in the UK, certainly. So I made this group. Next thing, I knew there was more people than I had originally anticipated who had joined it. There was, instead of maybe a few hundred people, there was a few thousand people. And then I thought we’re really on to something here. We’re really on to something. And then what that meant was that I was making content for the group and people were joining, find out more, become interested in it. And then it grew and grew, and grew and effectively the thing expanded and it really surprised everyone, even myself, which was really cool and definitely a real pinch myself and blessed experience, and I’m super grateful that the universe, I suppose, smiled upon me in that way in that time where things were definitely not looking so fortuitous is one way of putting it. So that happened. Then, over the course of the next few months, I grew, the group, made content for it really really started pushing it forwards and growing it. The second I realised that there was something there. Interestingly, some people reached out to me who said that, if I wanted, we could expand the group even more and there’s real scope there to make it some sort of community in which there is maybe some sort of subscription model or courses or something, and we could channel that remuneration back into it to grow it even further still for those that were interested in being educated to a higher standard and having more focused, curated content ie courses. And then I thought to myself wow, this is something that I never even really thought was possible, and so I began to work with those people. They helped me show me. They helped show me what was possible. They helped show me another dimension to it that I never even really considered from the start that it could be some sort of platform. This could be some sort of platform with really high level, curated content on investing, and not just the numbers, not just the nitty gritty stuff, not just the things that you can listen to any podcast and find out, but specifically stuff for dentists and specifically the things that are close to my heart as well, which is not just investing but also how anyone can generate freedom via creating more money, too, and understanding the methods that you can use as a dentist to do that, and that’s the stuff that really, when I talk about those sorts of things, it really speaks. I really speak from the heart when I say that stuff, because when I was in that job, I just felt like there was no way out really. I felt like I had to do more hours to get more money, and that’s just not the case. It’s such an illusion. There’s things that you can invest in to enhance your skills and abilities so that you can actually earn more money and do less time in the office and less time in work and actually serve the patient to a higher standard as well. There’s so many things that I learned through this process even through running dentists to invest myself there were mind altering and made me see things in a different way, and that’s why when I talk about this stuff, it comes straight from the heart. Really, in this podcast, I always knew this is going to be a bit of a heartfelt one, because when I talk about this stuff, these are the things that literally give me energy every day to run the platform. There’s a really great saying that. I read not so long ago it was about three, four months ago, and it was in a book, russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets, and it’s less than saying in more of a passage in the book that stuck out to me and it goes a little bit like this most entrepreneurs, most people who create platforms or create organizations, an entrepreneur, doesn’t have to be somebody who makes the business. An entrepreneur is somebody who has that fire in their belly to go out and create some sort of community or organization or try to change the world, try to improve the world. That’s what an entrepreneur actually is. So entrepreneurs, most entrepreneurs the reason why they have the energy that they do is because once upon a time they were in emotional pain, they were in a real tough spot and they found a way to get out of that and then they fell so in love with that method that anybody else in a similar situation or in a situation or profession that’s the same as them, they feel so compelled to help that person so badly that it gives them this inhuman amount of energy to go out into the world and spread that message and find those people and help them, and that’s what means that they can work eight days a week and 25 hours a day because it’s this, that emotional, that they still have that push and drive, that that emotional pain give them and they constantly, constantly feel that every single day, and they totally empathize with other people who they believe are similar, and they can’t they physically can’t sit still unless they know that they’re making a difference to other people who are in a position that are similar to themselves. And that just really stuck with me and I was like holy crap, that just absolutely nails it. I thought it was just me, I thought that I was the only person who felt like that. However, it’s, it’s common, it’s it’s the mindset, it’s those things that we can go through in life that we can never quite prepare, prepare ourselves for, that are not necessarily great at the time, but they are things that can serve us massively, the things that we can use to serve others Because it gives us that drive, that push like nothing else can. And that was just amazing and I thought, wow, you know, anything that’s ever happened, anything that ever, ever happens in anybody’s life that’s Negative or can be perceived as negative, can also be perceived as a blessing From that, from that perspective, and we can use it to serve us, we can use it to push us and drive us. It’s actually a choice, to a degree, and we might as well at least let there be some positive that comes out of it, because if we don’t, then it’ll always be something that keeps us back from achieving our full potential. And I just thought that was beautiful, really stuck with me, really, really, really stuck with me. So, anyway, that happened, started dentistry invest, went back to dentistry for a while. I Was running the tune tandem for about six months, and then it became clear to me that my health was suffering big time, and it was really one or the other. And you know, I thought to myself well, really, with dentistry invest, not Not everyone gets an opportunity to create a platform like that, to run a platform like that. And you know, in a way, when the universe gives you an opportunity like that, you have to grab it with two hands, you have to make the most of it, you have to go and do something, and it it was. It was clear, really that my heart was there. First and foremost, the side gig had became the main gig, and the main gig as in dentistry had became the side gig and I think that it was. I think that it was really the best shot at that time to leave dentistry and go ahead and pursue that. Go ahead and pursue dentistry, invest and that’s what happened about a year and Three, three months ago. I’m just doing the math really quickly in my head. It was July time last year, a year and three months ago since I took the leap and I haven’t actually really officially announced that on Dentistry invest just yet, but I suppose this is, this is the announcement, it’s, it’s, it’s been that way for a while now. It’s not really been a secret. It’s been the worst cast kept secret. If anybody listens to the podcast, there’s a few times where people have mentioned it. I suppose this is me saying, saying it, declaring it now on this podcast, I feel that, like I say, this is always going to be a bit of an emotive one. When I got to episode 100, just really reflective maybe look back so many podcasts and so many, so many bits of content for the group and I hope people can really see that lots of it it does. It does come from the heart for me and it’s because all the things that I just said really and I just want everybody to Feel this good and feel this passionate about something in life and have a have, a vehicle in which they can share it. Because that’s how I feel and it’s really pinch yourself stuff. It’s really, really, really awesome and I feel really lucky. And the best bit is, I really do feel like it’s just getting started. I really do think that we’re on episode 100 and the next thing we know it’ll be episode 1000. You know, that’s how I feel. If the first, if the next 100 goes as quickly as the first 100 and so on and so forth, we will be yeah, and that’s what I’m looking forwards to. You know I really like it. Yeah, and that’s what I’m looking forwards to. You know, I really see the scope for this group as huge. When you create something like this, you have to Create it from a place of altruism. You have to genuinely want to help the people in the community. People will feel that. People will sense that Not only not only that, but it’s also the most fun way to do it. It also means that you get the most happiness from it, the most fulfillment. It means that you can feel like you’re making a real difference every single day. And, seriously. If anybody’s out there is listening, who wants to create, anybody who’s out there who’s listening, who wants to create some sort of side gig or has something inside them, a message that they want to share With the world, you’ve got to do it. You really got to do it, yeah, and even if you have five followers or 50,000 followers, still those are some people that you’re helping. You’ll be able to help those people like no one else will. There’s another thing that I heard the other day, not so long ago, that the person that you’re best equipped to help is of the Previous version of yourself, three to four years ago, because you literally walked in those shoes and came through those problems. You’re literally the person who came through those problems and you know what. There’ll be people out there who are quite literally you three to four years ago and if you can get them to that place where they’re happy, to, where they’ve overcome Whatever barriers is in front of them, they might be really suffering, they might be in a really dark place and, if anything is your duty, it’s not, it’s not an option, it’s your flippin duty to go out there and do that and be that for those people. And the thing about it is, unless you have Unless you have something that allows you to put yourself out there, you might be the greatest person, you might be the greatest mentor, individual who can help those people, those people that no one will ever flip and know about, and that is Rocket fuel to put yourself out there when you realize that actually, it’s not about you, it’s about the other people that you can’t help, that you have enough information inside your head to help, and I believe that’s true if anybody I Believe that not everybody can necessarily see it unless they have someone else pointed out to them. I believe that Some people need some encouragement and help to actually go ahead and be the individual who puts himself on a platform To be able to share their message with the world. Those are the things that I believe with. The one thing that I do not believe for even one second is that Anybody anywhere, does not have enough information inside their head to help someone else. That’s just not true. We just have yet to meet the person that we, that we can help. Right, and that is the most compelling thing of all time to go ahead and create something, and that’s what an entrepreneur is, and that’s what having something like this is and again, that’s why I feel super, super blessed to be a part of this that that anybody, even one person, listens to the podcast and listens to my voice every day is just an unbelievable thing and something to be grateful for. I will always do this. I will always run this platform. I love it. It’s really fun for me. There’s so many amazing things that come about because of it. I hope that everybody continues to get valuable information from you. I hope that everybody continues to get value from it. I hope that everybody continues to use the information on there to empower themselves and understand that really being able to do whatever you want in life and have more freedom Is an option, is a door that’s open to, is something that you can do. That information there it’s on flipping dent soon, fast, you can find it, and I just hope that there’s no one out there who is in a really flipping tight spot like me and feel is like they have to go through that on their own because they don’t. You really don’t. It’s just a question of knowing the right things, understanding, understanding your, your understanding and having the right knowledge to be able to get yourself out of that scenario, because I’d never be there for you even one tenth of what I knew now, and never be there because you can always be your own person at that point. Best things I’ve learned along the way if you can be someone who gets yourself out there and speaks on camera and develops your ability to speak, it is the most liberating, empowering thing that you can ever put yourself through. It feels amazing. Whatever thought this inside your head, if you can articulate it clearly enough and enough of an inspiring way, you’ll you’ll be able to help so many people and also you’ll always have some sort of means to be able to help. I fully believe that if you’re good enough a public speaking, you’ll always be able to generate some sort of remuneration for yourself, and what that will mean is that you can create your own life. You can. You can have a lot more freedom because you don’t have to feel like you’re stuck in the nine to five and maybe not everybody who listened to this feels that way. Sure, lots of people have their own practice or maybe their own side business and what have you? And even if that is you, I still feel that if you develop an enhanced that ability, you can leverage that even further still. You can grow your business faster, you can be even more successful in your side gig if you’re willing to put yourself out there on camera. Remember, if you expand your comfort zone to that level, public speaking is the ultimate thing on the periphery, the very extreme of somebody’s comfort zone, and if you can go there, then all of a sudden everything that now becomes Is even less of a drug, even let it takes even less energy to do that. Let’s say that. Let’s say you push yourself to a very expensive comfort zone. You can do public speaking. Then everything else, everything else, becomes easy compared to that, because that’s one of the toughest things that you can do, at least from the point of view of self-development, at least from the point of view of putting yourself out there. It’s something that used to scare the heck out of me. Now I actually like it and I never thought those words would leave my mouth. It’s purely a psychological barrier and, just like any psychological barrier, we can bust through it. It’s not a physical barrier. Physical barriers Will be things that can sometimes be impossible, like if you want to go outside your house and Push a, push a mountain to one side. You’re not, you’re only one person now. Maybe with time you can somehow find out some sort of method or mechanism to do that. But physically there and then on that day you won’t be able to, whereas Psychologically psychological barriers you can go out and you can overcome them straight away. It’s really difficult but ultimately, if anybody was put on the stage, they could at least utter some words, that be some talking, and there we go. That’s the start. I would encourage anybody to do that. I feel like the easiest mechanism to be able to become comfortable with talking is to be able to Is is to create your own content, because what that means is that you become physically better at stitching words together and talking and Communicating and you can take that outside of your content and into your communication on a day-to-day basis and public speaking. That is 100% one of the most liberating things that anybody can do. Really feel strongly about that. I really wish I could have had words with a younger version of myself to tell myself that I Feel as well that you have to be authentic. If you can go out there, be authentic and people can see that you really want to help, people can sense that. It’s like a sixth sense. I really do believe that you can have everything you want and more in this world if you help enough people Get to where they want to be. Whatever you, whatever level you want to be remunerated to, is, it’s simply a case of how big the problems are that you solve for other people. So the bigger the problems you solve, the better you’re remunerated. If that’s something that you want to do, then we have to invest in ourselves so that we can become that person who can solve bigger problems. That’s the barrier. That’s all we got to do. Easier said than done. The thing about investing is investing is great. Investing is what you do with your money once you already have it. It’s Definitely something that everyone should do. It’s more of a slow burn. It’s more what we do with our money once we already have it. I suppose what I’m talking about is the things that can actually make you, that will actually make you Be able to generate more as well, and do it in a netical way. These are all doors that are open. These are all possible. I know, since I started this group two years ago, I think in a totally different way, and that’s not least in part to some of the great mentors that I’ve had along the way and some of the great people that have helped me, I’m Definitely a completely different human being to who I was two years ago for the better, for the positive. I Honestly, like I say, feel really blessed that I’m able to do this, I’m able to have this platform and do all of these things, and I really, really, really think that it’s something in everybody else’s grasp. It’s just something that one has to work at consistently and Do these tough things psychologically, like, put yourself out there and I promise doors will open for you. Promise, I promise, I promise. Yeah, one amazing way to go through life. The number of connections and friends you’ll make as well, oh, my goodness, it’s just completely mind-blowing and a hugely positive thing on your life. You know my greatest goal in life is to have the most people I possibly can visit my funeral and say positive things about me. That’s when, when it comes to money, when it comes to anything else, the only purpose of money is is that you can use it to leverage your ideas, is that you can use it to Basically expand your impact on the world. If you have wealth, it becomes easier to do that. That’s all it is if you want to make impact, positive impact. It’s helpful to have some wealth. I’m not saying you have to, I’m just saying that it is helpful to, and that is that is the real purpose of accruing money. It’s definitely Something that should be done, that it’s totally possible to do it while also helping other people, instead of playing zero-sum games where there has to be a winner and a loser and the winner wins in Direct proportion to how much the loser loses by. That’s just not how the world works. We can both win. Both people can win simultaneously. The person who’s being remunerated will teach the other individuals so much that whatever they invested in, that original person looks like a total no-brainer, because the information that they now have is meant that they’re that much more proficient and efficient at their job and able to Achieve their goals and dreams at a much greater rate than hasn’t everybody won in that scenario. Isn’t that the best mindset? And that’s totally possible, and anybody who ever elevates themselves can do so while elevating others as well. That is something that is a lot more possible in the era of the internet, now that we have content and information and knowledge Products and I really do think the internet is underrated even to this very flipping day. Those are some of the greatest lessons that I learned along the way. I Hope that within those there was some gems for everybody who’s listening and even even if only one of them hit, that still won More useful piece of information that people can take and employ in their daily lives. And those would probably be a neat little summary of the best things that I realized throughout, throughout the course of the, the journey. Also, as well as that, when my story as well. I hope that everybody can see that. You know that that rate the parts that weren’t so easy. We’re also the parts that really grew me as a person. If anybody is listening to this, looks back and reflects upon the moments in their life which were similar, I hope that they can now see how those those can actually help them Going forwards if we view them through that vantage point. Or at least, at least, even if it really was a most terrible thing in the whole wide world, I hope that there’s something in there that somebody can use to, as I say, make that situation serve them rather than hold them back. And it’s all about perspective, really, isn’t it? So just finally, in this podcast episode, this solo podcast episode. You know there’s no script to this whatsoever. I just came on here and I’ve been speaking now for about 30 minutes, I suppose, and all of these things were just whatever came into my head. Really, I knew that there would be a loose system to it. I knew that there would be a loose structure to it, and now I want to talk about my story and then also talk about some of the best things that I learned along the way. The final thing that I’d like to talk about today is some of the exciting stuff that I have planned on the horizon for Dentsoon Fest. Interestingly, in the new year, I am creating a course at a minute with an individual who is an IFA Only an IFA, but he has now left being an IFA to become a financial coach. We’re creating a course together which basically compiles all of our cumulative knowledge on investing together in one program. This individual, this chap he is probably the only person who’s read more books on me than finance. I’m obviously flipping, blown away by this guy, and what we’ve done is we’ve taken, like I say, our cumulative knowledge, the best bits of all the books that we’ve both read. I think he’s read over 100 and I’m on about 50 or so. The best of the best, all those gems, throwing them together in a course. We’ve done all the readings, so you guys don’t have to. That’s going to be coming out in the new year Dentsoon Invest Academy. That will be super cool. We have big plans for that and we know that that will be completely unique and unbelievably useful to anybody who listens. The point of that program is to quite literally remove the need, or remove the potential need, shall we say, because we’ll always leave it open to the individual whether or not they want to pursue this or not. We will remove the potential need to have an FA at all, which is definitely something I’m interested in, or definitely something I’m excited about, is what I meant to say. Definitely something that will shake up dentistry and shake up the finance world. Super cool, completely unique, and I’ve no idea why something like that doesn’t exist already. Off the back of that, the plan is to create other services on Dentsoon Invest to really make it into a fully fledged community, fully fledged financial services company. That is the plan eventually, at some stage. Of course, these are all exciting possibilities. There’s nothing concrete on them at this stage. This is just where we believe that it will go the courses in the background, the courses, something that we’re creating. I fully believe that that will be something that will help so many people that are out there and quite literally change their perspective and mindset on finance and be able to allow them to create their own financial plan. Like I say, not something that exists as yet. Also, that is interesting. That is the main thing that I’m looking forward to in Dentsoon Invest. Aside from that, it’s just continuously creating content, building the community, sped in the word with more dentists, sped in the word within the UK, and also probably taking a look outside the UK now to see where it can go internationally. I think the sky’s the limit, really, and it just really shows you that it’s really for a community. I never intentionally did this, but if you niche down and you find the right niche and you really connect, it’s probably where the power is. Number one, because you’ll be able to help those people so much more. Number two, because it’s so much more relevant to those people. And interesting because it’s probably something that’s not already out there or serviced. For me, that was a massive revelation. I really do believe that creating some sort of entrepreneurial thing online is definitely a formula. I can see how those steps transpired in hindsight, in the rearview mirror, but I never really saw them at the time. I never really knew what I was doing. It just so happened that certain things worked. For anybody out there who wants to do anything like that, I would just take comfort in that fact that it is a step-by-step process and that path has been treaded by other people. I don’t know if that is a word or not. There’s already been tread. Let’s say that there’s already been tread by other people. If you reach out and you talk to those people, they’ll be the ones that can help you, given that that information is not really recorded anywhere else, at least in my experience. Those are the things I’m excited for in Dentistoon Fest. Obviously, I have total finance, the live course, which is simmering along nicely. It’s really, really, really exciting to be able to show people firsthand how they can quite literally make more money in a day-to-day basis, not from the point of view that we can just have loads of cash, but only from the point of view that it’s more liberating to do so and it can generate more freedom and also, as well as that, it can mean that we can work less as well. Whatever the heck we want to do, just remember that we don’t know. What we don’t know, there’s always about 10 levels of consciousness and dimensions outside of each and every one of our own heads. I’m learning loads of stuff as I go along. I share this stuff just as soon as I learn it on Dentistoon Fest. This is a joint journey between myself and everyone else. I’m having a ton of fun. I love so much that, even flipping, four or five people actually listen to the podcast and enjoy the group. Even that level of activity and involvement from some followers is enough to keep me happy. Anything and the fact that it’s beyond that is just mind-boggling to me. I want everybody to feel like they’re welcome on that community. They can ask any question, even if they feel like it’s really simple. That is the point. That is why it’s different. I believe and I intentionally curate it to be that way. I have had a lot of fun shooting this podcast. Like I say a little bit of a heartfelt one one and done, one take. Just got up here, just got the microphone, just sat down and just thought let me just record this and just see what comes out, like I say that is me retelling actually what happened to start the platform, the best things that I learned. If I could put a hand on the shoulder of a younger version of myself, those would be the things that I would share with him. Those would be the things that I know would help that previous version of me three to four years ago. I hope there’s some people in that audience feel like they got some useful gems and insight from me doing that today. Then, finally, the stuff for the future. I’m super excited. The main thing is to keep the ethos that anybody who lifts an, ascends a mountain, must also lift others as they climb as well, because it’s the best way. Because you know what, when we do that, when we do that collectively, what it means is that if you take a stumble or you take a trip or anything like that, there’s always going to be some hands behind you to support you, as long as you always remember that it’s a positive sum game and that we can all win together when we just have the simple ethos that we want to help each other out and do better in this world. I’m going to sign off on that today. 40 minutes, 15 minutes I think this is coming up to you. Actually, I really hope that everybody managed to make it through to the end of this podcast. You know what this is the end of this podcast, but it really is just the start of Dentist who invests. I hope everybody has a flipping, unbelievable day, wherever you are in this world, whenever you’re listening to this podcast. This is James signing out from episode 100. I shall see everybody on episode 101. See you all later. Bye-bye. If you enjoyed this podcast, please hit, follow or subscribe so you can stay up to date with information on new podcasts which are released weekly. Please also feel free to leave a positive review so others can learn about this podcast and benefit from it. I would also encourage any fans of the podcast to sign up to the free Facebook community from which the podcast originated. Please search Dentist who invests on Facebook and hit join to become part of a community of thousands of other dentists interested in improving their finances, wellbeing and investing knowledge. Looking forward to seeing you on there.