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How To Grow Financially Within Business And Dentistry with Dr. Mahmood Mawjee

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Welcome to the Dentists who Invest podcast.

Dr James : 1:23

Recently, myself and Mahmood appeared on the Dentists who Invest platform via live Q&A discussing methods that any dentist can apply, methods that any dentist can use to sell to and hence serve their patients and customers within dentistry and outside of dentistry, much, much, much better and to a higher standard. This is the recording from that session. Please enjoy and your feedback is most welcome. Yo yo, yo, yo yo. Everyone Welcome to our very, very, very special Facebook event with myself and Mahmood Moji. We are here to talk about. Talk about how we can improve financially in pretty much every aspect of our life, and so that we can also bring it into dentistry, bring it into anything outside of dentistry, bring it into business. There are some simple, simple, simple things that anyone can be doing. Anyone can be doing to improve the success of their business and to improve themselves in their general financial affairs. So thank you so much for coming along tonight. Guys, we’ve got 20 people in the room so far. No doubt that we’ll fill up further. It usually does at these events and I am super, super, super, super, super pumped for this evening. So we’ve got Mahmood, who has just joined us. How are you, mahmood? How’s it going?

Mahmood: 2:44

I’m good. I’m good. I’m good Brilliant. Thanks for having me on. It’s been super excited for this. It’s always great to be on with you, james. Thank you very much.

Dr James : 2:50

Hey, you mate you good.

Mahmood: 2:54

Absolutely, you can hear me well.

Dr James : 2:58

Yes, exactly mate. This is going to be fun. That’s the main thing to do before tonight. This is going to be fun and we’re going to be learning about how we can improve our financial affairs inside and outside of dentistry. And Mahmood, as always, has got about 50 million knowledge bombs that he’s going to drop on us this evening and we are ready to learn, we are ready to go. Let’s do this. Yeah, so, mahmood, what I’ll do, let’s make sure everyone can hear us.

Mahmood: 3:23

Can you just put a thumbs up at the bottom or just type a yes in Make sure you can hear us Sometimes, please. If you can’t hear us, let us know.

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I’m pretty sure, yeah, I’m pretty sure you can by this point. But yeah, absolutely, let us know. There is a little bit of a delay from when we speak and when people will be able to type in the comments box, mahmood, so that should come any second. But what I was going to propose just in the meantime, while we’re waiting, yes, there we go. We’ve got some yeses creeping in. Thanks for that, guys. Thank you so much. So, as we were saying earlier, mahmood, you have been on the platform a few times before, so you’ve become a little bit of a familiar face in dentistry and best. But maybe for those who don’t know you, it might be nice to be good a little bit of an intro. Tell everybody who you are and how you help dentists and businesses and what you do now, because it’s really interesting.

Mahmood: 4:09

Yeah, awesome, james. Thank you once again for the environment on the platform. It’s great to be here with each and every one of you. You know, for me, the most important thing is each and every one of you wants to grow. You want to grow, become more, do more, and that’s why you’re here. James has put together an amazing, amazing group here of individuals who really, really want to grow, and for me, that’s everything. I want to be around people who want to grow, want to do more, become more, serve more, and this is why we’re here. So I’ve known James now. For James, how long has it been? About a year, probably a year 13 months.

Dr James : 4:39

13 months, you know the reason why. I know it’s not Because I think the two investors 12 months and I met Mahmood one month before I started and he was the one who encouraged me to think about dentistry and invest.

Mahmood: 4:51

Yeah, and then that’s where the whole journey for dentistry started, right. So for me, the reason we’re here tonight is each and every one of you have something inside of you, and the way that I look at it is that we’re all writing our own movie, right? And then what’s going to happen is, on the day we leave this earth, you’re going to be shown the movie and how that movie went, and you’re going to realize where you the person that you want it to be. And you know whenever a movie finishes, you know there’s that role of credits and for me, I want to make sure that I’m the main person on that movie. I don’t want to be taxi driver number 54 or, you know, a script writer number three or audience number four. I want to be one of them. I want to be the main cast in my movie. And each and every one of you right now that you may be in a place where either you’re really enjoying what you’re doing and that’s great, but I guess you’re here because you want to do better or you may not be happy in what you’re doing. And if you’re not happy in what you’re doing, there’s no point sitting back and saying things are going to get better, because normally they don’t. It’s about you taking that massive, massive action to actually make it better yourself. So, do you know? What would be good is typing the chat box right now. For some of you, right, you know what. What is it that you want to get out of this next 90 minutes, the next 60 minutes? What is the most important thing for you? What do you want to take out of here? Because you want to make sure that we can actually hit that. So just a little bit about me, so you know. So you know where I’m coming from. Some of you probably already know. So I’m a dentist by profession, and in 2016, my life completely changed. I had a clinic in Layton Buzzard where I was a caretaker of, and I was meant to have it for five, for five, for five months, but in the end, I ended up having it for five years because the PCT just didn’t get their act together. And in that time, I put all my time, effort, energy and money into it, and I knew that I was going to get the practice. That year, I was going to sell the practice and my share of that was worth half a million pounds and all of a sudden. You know, I remember January 2016,. And I got a call from Lucy, from the PCT, who told me that I’m a mood Do you know what things have changed? And someone else, someone else actually got the tender and for me it was like it was the biggest heartbreaking thing that could ever have happened, because you know that half a million pounds was going to be everything for me. And that moment, like my whole life changed over one night, and like, for you guys, when was the last time that your life changed in one day, james? You know, right At that point, my kids were pretty young. I got home and I didn’t know what I was going to do. Things for me started getting pretty, pretty tough, and the one person who always used to go and speak to was my father. And I went to speak to my dad and asked my dad you know, what do I do now? You know, dad’s always have the right thing to say the right time. And dad said to me that my mood. And dad gave me three bits of advice, really, really important bits. And the first day he said my mood never, ever, ever give up on your dreams. And he said number two never stop serving people. And number three, that you know, sometimes in your life things happen and you don’t understand at that point why they’re happening, because later on the dots will connect. But I didn’t understand that and, like some of you, may have been through something in your life right now and before and it seemed like something really crazy. But later on the dots connected and maybe you realize it was your greatest gift. So that’s, that’s going to happen and I just couldn’t understand. So as I went home, dad gave me a book. It was called Habits 101. You may want to read that. Okay, book would change my life, I’ll probably change yours and you know, sometimes it takes that one moment, one opportunity to change the rest of your life, and that book did it for me. I picked up that book, I started reading it and what I realized is that there’s the 1% of the 1% of people you know James’s people who flipping through really well, there’s really there’s really successful people, the people who leave the mark on the world, the people who have their name at the top of their movie right, those people and you know what, what the what each and every one of them had in common is? They had a daily routine, something that they did every single morning, every single morning early on, which was about health, and I was like, wow, it really is this what it takes to be successful. If you can do something early in the morning every single day, it’ll make you successful. So I said, okay, fine, let me try it. I didn’t have anything to lose at that point. So I used to run, but I never used to run that much. I said, from tomorrow, I’m going to start running every single day early in the morning. So I started running every single day after that and you know, the first time I did it, it felt horrible. I remember January in London. It was crazy, right, it was horrible. It was cold, wet, windy. But I just went through it, day on day on day. It didn’t get any better. But what I realized is that running gave me my way out and getting a place to think, you know, a place where I could switch off, a place where I could give myself some me time, and we all need that me time, that creative time to think about what’s going on in our life. It may not solve your problems, but allow you to think, and so, for me, that gave me a chance to think about what’s going on in my life. So, james, what I thought right is, I thought that this is my coping mechanism and I chucked it out in the world. I said, god, chuck me any problem you can give me whatever I can handle it. Now I’m strong, I’m resilient, I’ve got strength. And what happens? Right, when you chuck something out there in the world, the world replies right, how do we grow? We grow through problems. Right, I always look at a lobster. Right, what’s a lobster? Lobster is a thin, mushy animal and it’s got a thick outer shell. How does it grow? Every time it tries to grow, it hurts because the shell is coming in its way. The only way that lobster can grow is by getting rid of that shell, and they’re like oh, it’s a painful process and it goes through it, and sometimes I believe that’s how women to grow. Right, it’s a pain which grows us, and so I thought I could cope with anything, and I remember it was the 10th of May 2016. It was a Tuesday afternoon and my mom phoned me and my mom doesn’t normally call me on a Tuesday, but she called me and said my dad had been taken to hospital. My dad was a speaker. He used to speak, but since January he wasn’t able to speak yet at a cough. And the consultant said look, just, everything’s okay. They tried some meds. Come back in summer, we’ll be okay. So I got to the hospital my dad’s lying down in a hospital bed with oxygen mask on and he looked well, I wasn’t worried about anything. Evening came, which is me and my dad, and the consultant walks in the room and I remember this guy. Clearly the guy looked like he was 194 years old, he looked like Yoda. And the guy walks in and he said Namud, what do you want us to do? And I’m like I don’t know what you mean. And then you raise his voice and, namud, what do you want us to do? And I’m like I don’t know. And he told me to go outside. We took this walk outside and the consultant standing there with me and he says Namud, you know, sometimes things change. We have no idea what’s happened. We have become a very sick man. And he said do you know there’s times in your lives when you’re you know, when you have to call your loved ones, your near ones, your dear ones? Because that’s that time. And I was shocked, james, right, I didn’t know what to do. And I called my mom, I called my sister, I called my wife and I explained to them that we could be losing the rock of our life. And that night I went home and all I knew how to do is I knew I was running. Right, that was it. I got my trainers on that night and I just ran and I ran and I ran because that’s all I knew how to do. You know, the next few days, what the running allowed me to do is allowed me to focus on my dad rather than on me. Five days later, on the 15th, it was a Sunday morning, I mean, have any of you ever woken up and you know that things just don’t feel normal? Type yes, in the chat box. We just don’t know what’s wrong. Something just feels wrong, right, just type in the chat box if you ever felt like this, put a yes, thumbs up, something like that Right, Great, great, okay. So you have felt like that. So I felt like that, but I didn’t know what was wrong. And so what I did is I rushed to the hospital, went for a run, rushed to the hospital and the nurse said to me in the mood I’m happy that you’ve come in Now, your dad hasn’t had a good night. So I went to speak to my dad and my dad couldn’t speak. He had a CPAP mask on him and he asked me to get me a piece of paper and a pen. So I got my dad a piece of paper and a pen, and what my dad wrote on they kind of changed my life forever. I’ve got that piece of paper on here in my drawer and my dad writes to me that my mood is, my time to go, and I said no way. I said no way. I said, dad, there’s so much that we’ve got to speak about, right, so much you’ve got to speak about. And dad said no time’s over. And he said there’s no more time for that. And you know our lives right now. Many of us we put something off right For tomorrow, for tomorrow, for tomorrow for tomorrow. What if your tomorrow is never going to come? What if this is it? And for me, my tomorrow is never going to come? My dad writes on that piece of paper that I’m out of here at four o’clock. My dad died that day at six, two hours after. He said he would. And when my dad passed away, you know each and every member of my family was holding his hand while he passed on this wall to the next, and it was tough time, obviously. After that, and as the days passed, I sat back and I reflected on the life my dad had and what my dad had said to me, and there were two very, very, very important things which came out of that. And number one and my dad died. He died happy. Was I happy? Hell, no. I was in a profession that I hated. I’m not saying I didn’t like it, I hated it. I loved the industry for the first seven years. For the other seven, 14 years in total, I didn’t like it at all. I hated it and I wanted to do more. I wanted to become. I wanted to be able to go out there, serve help. I loved helping people. I didn’t know what the hell I could do with that. I wanted to be able to speak, but I had a stutter and every time I spoke I used to start up. People used to laugh at me, people used to piss at me, so I couldn’t even speak. That helped me back so much. And that’s the day when I said I’m going to change. I said do you know what? Why does it have to come today like this, when something so bad happens for me to change, and I said do you know what that’s it? I don’t care. And that’s the day when I said I was going to change, where I was going to become more, do more, serve more, find a way to be able to find something in me, something in me where I can die happy as well. And the second thing that my dad was right the dots connected perfectly. You know what my dad said. The third bit of advice the dots will connect. They connected perfectly. Why? Because if I didn’t lose my business, my practice, I would have never found the coping mechanism to deal with what I was going through at that point. But, more importantly, if my father didn’t pass away, I wouldn’t be here right now. We wouldn’t be here, I would have never met you, james, you’ve never had this group, okay, and for me it’s like you know, wow, and you’re probably thinking, you know everyone’s thinking why. Why is my man sharing this with me? And I tell you why because I don’t want any of you to have any regrets. And do you know what the biggest regret in life is? What’s the biggest Type in the chat box? Right, just type in the chat box. What do you feel the biggest regret in life is? What’s the biggest regret? Okay, cool, right, do you know, the biggest regret in life is? The biggest regret in life is is I wish I’d led a life on my terms, a life true to me, a life not governed by the expectation of others. And each and every one of us, you know, to some point we’re governed by the expectation of other people, or maybe our spouse, maybe our parents, maybe our kids, but there’s gonna come a time when we’re not gonna care about that, but then it’s gonna become too late. I don’t want that to be there. I want you to change now. It takes a moment to have that breakthrough right, and I want it to be today, on this call, on this face of the client. And do you know, at the end of this, james, you know like, okay, we’ll have some Q and A, but I’m happy that we can have a. You know, let’s have a breakout Zoom, let’s take a coffee and whatever. Let’s have an open chat. You know, where it’s more a chilled out place and people come in, we can see them as well, because here we can’t see anyone, right, but we know you’re here. So at the end of this, we’ll have some Q and A on here as well, but then we’ll have a Zoom room, right, there’ll be a few spaces. Come on there and then we can have a chilled out time as well and let’s have open Q and A. Anything Don’t hold back right. Today’s the day where, if you actually wanna change, this is it. Let’s you know. You’ve come here because you wanna be able to increase, you wanna be able to invest in yourself, right, how do you grow? How do you become more? And that was my journey. And that’s the day that I said I was gonna change. And what I realized is that if I wanted to, actually if I wanted to go out there and actually grow and do the things that I wanted to do, I had to go to the darkest places of my life. I had to go and I had to do the things, which I found hard. And that’s exactly what I did. And the first thing I went and did is I went and broke my stutter. Right, because doctors had always told me there’s nowhere you can break your stutter. As long as you have your stutter for more than two years, it’s there forever and sometimes in our life, you know, we listen to people like that. We listen to the doctors, the people around us. People tell us things aren’t possible. Oh, it’s not possible to eat dentistry. It’s not possible to make seven figures in dentistry. It’s not possible to be able to take the knowledge out of your head and build a course. Look at you, james. Like a year ago this was never here. 13 months ago, no one was here. You had gold dust in your head. We took it out, we put it in here and look, you’re changing the world. You’re changing people’s lives around you. Now you’re changing people’s financial lives forever, not just their life. The kids there, you know, the grandkids everyone’s gonna be impacted by what you’ve done. You’d gold dust in your head. You just couldn’t see it. We’ve all got that and I want this session to be about where we kind of uncovered that. So I went on a journey where I had to conquer my biggest friend that was speaking. So when I was speaking, I started and then I started putting my talks out there on Instagram and Facebook and YouTube and people started watching them and people started inviting me on their stages to speak and my life started changing because I realized, wow, right, I started doing the thing which I found the hardest and I was great at it. And then I got on stages around the world with people like Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, mel Gibson you know we’ve been on Mel Gibson these people at Charlie Sheen, people at Gabriel Mack, you know Harvey Spector from Suits, and the list goes on. And I feel very blessed next week and Carrie V is coming to London and I’m sharing this stage with him and you know, everything in my life changed From there. I launched my Rignite Academy, as you know, because that’s where you joined, and the actual Rignite Academy was a place where I wanted to be able to help people who are like me, people who didn’t like what they did and people who wanted to get out, people who wanted to be able to create new parts of their life, be able to grow, people who wanted to be able to learn how to speak and how to sell. My whole journey after dentistry was in being able to sell at high ticket, right, and I know a lot of us as dentists we find it very, very hard to sell. Why? Because we get put in a system in the NHS where you know a filling cost 60 quid or 30 quid and that’s what we’re paying and the devalues are like crap. And then we’re meant to go in and sell five, 10, 15, 20, 30 grand treatment plans. We can’t do it right Because why We’ve sold our chip. So I wanted to create an academy where I can go and teach people the gifts of how to sell not just sell, but sell elegantly, how to sell at five, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40,000 pounds and where people say yes easily because they understand that you’re not selling to them but you’re serving them. And that’s what the Rignite Academy was all about. And you know that’s what we’ve grown and over the last one and a half years we’ve gone from zero to seven figures. And you know, I’m having an amazing time and I’m meeting people I’ve never met before and changing a lot of lives. And this is what it’s about. And, james, you’ve been an integral part of that massive part of that, because you’ve come through the system and look where you are now. And so, yeah, I feel blessed for being back on your stage right now. And what I wanted to do, right I, you know you asked me to come up with some some kind of some nuggets which we can give to everyone on how they can increase their worth financially so they can actually leave this call being able to make more financially right. What skills do they need to be able to do that? So, like you know, there’s there’s a lot of unlocks right. There’s not just one unlock, but because of the time we have, I’ll put together seven unlocks right Out of a list of a lot, the seven biggest unlocks and all. And, like you know, james, you’ve been on my events and you know we go for 16 hours a day, two days in a row. We’re like you know, it’s full on. We haven’t got that right. And these seven we can. We can I speak for three, four, five days. Sometimes we can go on for that long. We’ve only got an hour. So I’ve got these seven and I want to share these seven with each and every one of you and let you know how you can use each and every one of them from today. And if you actually put them in your life, you will see James put these in action into his life and everything changed. So, james, yeah, should we hit the seven? What are your thoughts?

Dr James : 18:56

Let’s do it, man. Thank you so much for that moving talk and a little bit of background and story on you, because all of this stuff didn’t just come out of the either. It didn’t just erupt out of nowhere. It came from your background and these seemingly chaotic events in your life which actually put you on this path that you never thought that you’d ever wind up on, and I feel similarly. Maybe one day a story for another day. There’s a little bit of a story behind Dentsu and Vest. It came out of this sudden well, something that happened in my life that meant that I was kind of put outside my comfort zone and I had to react to it, and that’s what happened. And you know what I feel like from hanging around with you, mamud, one of the greatest things that I learned is that in every pain there is a gift and there’s something that you can use to reinvent yourself and the lesson that will grow you moving forward. And if you reframe how you look at life, you look at it through the lens of perpetually seeking growth. If you just make that your mindset rather than anything else, crazy things can happen. A promise, a promise, a promise. And yeah, dentsu and Vest is being part of that. And, yeah, it’s absolutely amazing to be able to speak to all these people tonight, 50 whole people on this webinar, I mean. I think that’s just incredible, you know, and the best thing about them is 50 whole people. Can you believe it? I’m proud Honestly, I’m pinching myself as well that we can talk to this many people and we can help them. Man, it’s amazing. That’s what life’s about. But yeah, as you said, finance, we’re going to keep it topical on finance, of course, tonight. This is about improving our financial prospects how we can. There were seven techniques that you mentioned just a minute ago that anyone can use. Anyone can implement tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it. Oh, and one more thing I was going to say the Zoom call we were just talking about. I am going to post that in the group guys. So anybody who would like to get to know Mamud even better after this presentation, feel free to just hang around on the group for about two minutes. I’ll post the link on there and then everyone can join. We’ll have a Q&A afterwards, more of a coffee session, just to hang out, just a casual chat on Zoom, if that sounds good, does that work for you, mamud?

Mahmood: 21:01

Yeah, 100%, because Q&A over here can be where people can type in questions. But there we’ve got the web comes on, it can become alive. So I’ve kept the evening free, you’ve kept the evening free. Let’s give everyone everything that we can. Let’s have a kind of a coffee evening on Zoom straight after this. Have it on there. Anything you have, no holds barred, anything which is holding you back right now. Let’s conquer that. James, I remember you said 13 months ago, right, we were on a two bills webinar and then I came on there and I came to speak and after that you reached out to me and you said, mamud, am I the right person for the weeknight program? And I’m like, what’s it that you want to do? You said, james, and you said, mamud, you’re not, I’m just, the interest is cool, I’m okay with it, but I’m just a bit bored, right. And then from there you came on the program. You went through level one and that’s where the interest to invest started, right. And look at where you are now and you managed to leave dentistry. What a gift, right. And it’s like that process. And most people can’t see that, so they don’t even try. They just don’t believe that there’s a life outside. Some people are happy, right, and that’s cool, that’s totally fine. But there’s some people who want more and maybe that’s in dentistry or maybe it’s out. And today I want people to make a decision, like, maybe today’s the day you decide. Like you know what I went out, ryan said right, he what? 10, 35, he realized one life. It doesn’t give a shit about what people think Good, massive, massive, massive, massive Because we’re still held back a lot of the times by what people think. And so, james, you know, the first one of that, whenever I start working with anyone, whether it’s a one-to-one client or someone who we might program, however it is the first thing is, you know, there’s certain beliefs which I want instilled in you. I want them etched in your heart. I want, every day, when you wake up, you look through this set of glasses, right? Because, remember, imagine you put a set of glasses on and there was a print on them. You’d see everything in that color, everything in that print. I want you to see life like this. And there’s four very, very, very big beliefs which I want you to have in Number one, that I want you every day to wake up knowing that the world’s a beautiful place. Einstein said this right. You’ve got a choice every day to make whether you live in a hostile world or a great world. If you believe that you don’t live in a great world, you live in a bad world. There’s wars, famines, you know people being killed. You have all these kind of crap going on, right? How is it that you never want to grow financially? Why would you ever grow if we know the world’s a bad place? Number one, right? Number two when you understand that life doesn’t happen to you, but life happens for you, again, everything changes. I say that you know there’s not a reason in everything that happens, but you can find a reason in everything which happens. Whatever’s going on in your life right now like maybe you’re going through really tough financial time there’s a gift in it. Just as you said right, there’s something you can pull out of there. When you start looking at life with that kind of lens, everything changes, right? Number three a lot of the time, we’re told that we can’t learn new things. Right. As we get older, it gets more difficult. If that was the case, imagine where you would be right now. You’d still be in an industry doing what you’re doing right, but what we know is your skills, your traits and your talents are malleable, so you can change them. And the way that you can learn more is by doing things over and over again and thinking that you find hard, and as long as you do, that your brain cells grow. That’s what neuroplasticity teaches us, right? So, again, I want you to believe that and know that. And, number four, that all the hard work that you put in right now will be paid off later on. So, james, when I look at your life right, you’re where you were and financially kind of where you are right now. Everything which I’ve been through, those four core values are just so, so, so important. Right that there’s a gift in everything, which you can learn anything at any time, right? I’ll give you an example. Two years ago I got out, sorry. Three years ago I got asked to speak in Davos. Okay, we’re. The World Economic Forum’s held. There was a business conference there and they tried to get Tony Robbins, but he was busy. They tried to rob in Sharma, but he was too expensive today, so the organizers found me and then they invited me to that stage. We had a net worth of $35 billion in that room billion with a, b right, so $5 billion in that room and I was asked to give four talks at that point. Okay, and it was how mindset and business relate together. So I remember when I came off that stage there was a guy who walked up to me and I knew who he was because I’d seen his picture in the brochure before and he was a billionaire who had a company in Singapore. And he came to me and said Mammoud, I loved your talk. And he said I think my company needs you, right, how, you know what, if you fly to Singapore, come and give our company a talk. And I looked at him, right, and I’d never met a billionaire in my life up to that point and I in my head I was like billionaires are gonna be you know, sharply dressed suit, boots, like they’re gonna look shit hot, right, but he wasn’t. He had a baggy shirt, a bit of a belly, he had trainers on and I’m like really. And I looked at him and I said are you sure your company needs me? And he said yeah, and I said you know. I just said to him do you know, like in life, or in an energy scale between one and 10, where are you Like 10, being like you’re just pumped and you’re so happy for life. And he goes oh, number three, I’m like really Three billionaires. I said, why? And this mean him talking. He goes look, you know what, I’ve got everything I ever wanted. I’ve got the money, got the family, I’ve got the business there’s. I don’t, there’s, nothing else on board. And I said do you know what? I said I think you need me more than your business. And he goes what do you mean? I said look, let’s have a coffee together and I’ll talk to you. And I always know that whoever, each and every one of us is listening right now. Right, there’s someone, there’s someone out there who needs you. Hi, barry, thanks for that man. Is there someone out there who needs what you’ve gone through? And that is the journey of life, right? So what you’ve been through to your like, the pain you’ve been through, someone else needs that, because you can help them get through that. So I sat down with him and I asked him yeah, I asked him, you know what is it? And I asked him about his life. And I know that everyone’s got that pain point. I questioned, I questioned, I questioned him and I started asking him about what he loves. And he started telling me that what he really loves is he loves to play polo. And he said you know, I’m a polo player. I spent half a million pounds buying horses every single year. And then I asked him well, how often do you play? And at that point do you know what happened, james? His head went down, his shoulders went down and I knew I’d found his pain point and I said you know what’s up? And he goes. Do you know my mood? I haven’t played for some time. He goes. Do you know what? I’ve got cancer and I’ve got a lot of back pain and I can’t really get on a horse anymore. And I’m like cool. And I knew I’d had him then and I knew there was something I could give him. And I said to him do you know what, if I could get you back on a horse within six months, what would you say? What would you pay for that? He said anything. He said I’ll pay anything for that. I said, okay, fine, he became my first billionaire coaching client. I had no idea about polo, but Google knew everything about polo, so I learned right. But what I knew at that point is what he Needs. He doesn’t need money. He needs mindset. He needed someone to be able to hold him accountable. He needed someone to be able to give him the strategy to be able to change the way he thinks. Within five months, he was back on a horse. He did I need one’s next competition. He’d got rid of cancer as well and he launched another multi-million-pound business in Europe. Okay, everything in his life changed because I realized at that point that there’s a gift in everything and at that point there was something I could have taken out. I knew I could serve him. Right, james, tell me something right out of those four beliefs, or what’s probably the most important for you as you got started. I probably know which one it is. Which one do you feel it is?

Dr James : 27:57

Real quick guys. I put together a special report for dentists entitled the seven costly and potentially disastrous mistakes the dentist make whenever it comes to their finances. Most of the time, dentists are going through these issues and they don’t even necessarily Realize that they’re happening until they have their eyes opened, and that is the purpose of this report. You can go ahead and receive your free report by heading on over to wwwdentistoneinvestcom forward slash podcast report or, alternatively, you can download it using the link in the description. This report details the seven most common issues. However, most importantly, it also shows you how to fix them. Really, looking forwards to hearing your thoughts. The same the gift in everything, even when you’re paying. Yeah, 100%. Yeah, reframed everything and you know from hanging around with you there was what there’s. When you were making that point, you always which you you kind of like to reveal and expose people the two nature of their problems. And for me, seeing the world through the lens of understanding that virtually everything that holds us back is in here is Psychological, was absolutely crazy. Because now, every time I think to myself there’s, there’s a barrier, there’s a hurdle here, there’s something that I have to do, now that I see that it’s rarely actual, practical issue and you can recognize in yourself that it’s psychological, that means anything. You can overcome anything.

Mahmood: 29:23

Do you know, for me, what I see in you right is when, when we started on this journey and you were like my mood, what is it that I can do? Right? And I said, james, let’s figure this out, right. So the process is, when you’re on the program, sit down with you and we figure out what, what your passions, right, what your gifts, what you love to do. And as we actually went and as we actually Found out more about you, what I realized is that you loved Trading, you love investing and you’d love to be able to talk to people about them. As far as you were concerned, that was just you. That’s what you do. It’s like someone playing football, right, like recently, you know, with us. So what did he do I? He wanted to be able to go somewhere. He started up a football group. Why? Because that’s what he loves to do, but he could be never done that before. Right, it’s a way to inspire other people from what you love to do. So we said, james, you know what? If you started up a group, you can teach people to invest like, but why would people want that? No, james, you’ve got flipping so much knowledge up there. People need that. You couldn’t see it. Why? Because when you’re in the picture you can’t see the frame right. So we pulled you out of the frame and what you did. And then you realize, and then we built this and remember you started with one person, one person in this group. There’s about 5,000 right now. Right, and for me, the biggest belief that worked for you is the is number four, that all the hard work you put in now Would be paid back later on. And I told you, james, just hustle, you stood up all night, you did everything. Used to come home from work tired, hungry. We used to get this. This was it. The video is no one was watching. We still put them out there. And that’s how you built, because you believe that all the hard work which you put in with one day payoffs. And it’s paying off right now and you know what? You’re just at the beginning and look how many lives you’re changing. So if each and every one of you I, one of those beliefs is gonna hit you the hardest, it’s gonna hit you the hardest, and sometimes it’s like we try to open door number 10. We haven’t opened door number one and we’ve just got to know that sometimes you just got to get started. We’re gonna have that belief. You got to find someone who believes more in you than you believe in you and get started on that journey. And once you do that, things start changing and you know the world works in flipping amazing ways. When you believe the world’s a good place, you realize that you know, as soon as you put in something, things come to. Things open up Opportunity, crazy opportunities come to you, and we’ll go through the science behind of how that happens very, very soon, right, and so that kind of brings me on to the next thing about potential, right? So number one was the you know, the full, very important beliefs you need to have etched in your soul. And number two, it’s about human potential. But the way I look at it, right, each if someone’s done something in the world, there is no reason why you can’t do the same thing. Like some of you right now, you have so many dreams which you have, and sometimes they’re just dreams and never get written down. Right, goal Dreams turn into goals when you write them down, but you don’t believe that it’s possible. And my thing is what would it take for you to believe it’s possible? Sometimes you know we want so much and human potentials, totally, totally, totally, unlimited. Right, I mean physical potentials, unlimited Mental potentials. Do you know what, james? I look, we can’t see everyone, but let’s, let’s try something, right, let’s try can ask all of you for a moment. Just stand up, let’s try this. We don’t have Facebook live.

Dr James : 32:16

Okay, let’s do it. Yeah, let’s do it, let’s go.

Mahmood: 32:18

Can everyone stand up? Right? Everyone stand up. Let me get my mic here. It’s cool, right? And what I want you all to do is I Want you to poke your finger out, okay, so, so, so, stick your finger out arms length and, once you’ve done that, kiss everyone. Everyone up. Yeah, even though I can’t see you, I can see you. We know some of you undoing this. Everyone up, okay, okay, put your finger all the way out, and what I want you to do is then twist your body the furthest where your arm will go. So, for me, I’m kind of looking at it here. Okay, so, that’s the furthest I can go right now. Yeah, everyone do that, and just kind of put a mental note of where you are. Okay, fine. Now what I want you to do is I want you all to close your eyes, right, just close your eyes for 20 seconds, and I want you to imagine that you’re made of elastic, that you’re someone who can swing round and round and round and round and round, and you can just go around all the way. Right, you’re made of elastic. Are you the elastic man? Okay, so, just elastic women, right? Just close your eyes and then just think that you’re that person, and then what I want you to do is I want to open your eyes again and now do the same thing, for what you’ll find is you’ll be able to go a hell of a lot further. I can go there right now about 30% more, right, okay, and many of you right now. If you did this, you’ll find the same thing Right now. What does that show us? What that shows us is that you had a hell of a lot. Firstly, massive clap up for each and every one of you for doing Okay. What it shows you is that you had a lot more inside of you, but it took someone to unlock that for you. And just a simple exercise where you closed your eyes and when you believe something was possible. There’s science behind this, where you believe something’s possible and then it actually happened, because the mind doesn’t know what’s real and the mind doesn’t know what’s not real. So when you believe that you were the elastic man, your body actually started to believe it. So as you went around, you could go around a lot further, because now your body believed that I limit wasn’t there anymore. And if you could go 30% more in 20 seconds, imagine what else you could do in your life, right, imagine how much more you could charge. Imagine how much more you could do, right, james? Let me give an example of this. Right, so many of you know for Han, for Hans on this group, he’s an implant dentist. Right, I met for hon. I met for hon in just before lockdown. Okay, for hon lunch on the Academy online. Once he came through our Academy, right, and you know, financially his life changed, making a massive impact in the dental world. Rice changed a lot of lives. I met with him so I’m still coaching for one on one and I met with him in Starbucks a few weeks ago. He came down he lives in Scotland and we had a coffee and at this point hadn’t spoke to him for some time and we were just having a catch-up and he goes and I asked him what’s he doing. He said let me move my first course Because, for hon came to me because he wanted to be a great speaker. Yes, he wanted to be able to get up on stage in front of like because he had run courses. He wanted to be able to speak powerfully and sell powerfully to grow his Academy. So I said, okay, that’s cool. So, okay, so fast forward then. So a couple weeks ago no, four weeks ago he met me and he said that I’ve got my next course, which I’m running two weeks in. Then, so as two weeks ago he met me, four weeks twice, two weeks ago he was running his course and I said that’s cool. He said look, it’s completely booked up. That’s great. And I said that’s fine. And I said what are you gonna be selling on there? And he’s almost selling anything. And I said mate, you’ve been with me for this long. You know that you might, you must offer something to everyone, because everyone in that room is gonna need to get to that next level. Some of you right now, some of you, for this call will be enough for you to change your life. For some of you, you’ll want to come on that next level, you want to join us, you want to come on the program, you want to take your life at next level and for some of you you won’t, and that’s fine. But you always have to have something to be able to give to people for that next level. So for Hansa, what do I do? I said, okay, that’s fine, let’s build something. So we got a Starbucks tissue, right? I’ve got a pen and we wrote down the next three courses which he could build which would serve those people so well. Hey, we’re gonna be 12 people in that room. And I said, for hon, you’re gonna go on there on that day and you’re gonna close 100 grand. Okay, he’s like 100 grand. I’m like, yeah, like that’s our goal for the two weeks. We want to close 100 grand, okay. And then we said, for how, we’re gonna make a Story out. This is gonna be called a hundred grand Starbucks coffee. He smiled, I smiled, I know it’s gonna be true. He knew inside of him It’ll work as well, because we’ve done this before. And so two weeks ago, he had his course and you know what he closed on that day exact exactly a hundred grand, yeah, and it was brilliant, right, and imagine you’re 100 grand in a day, right it’s. It’s not something to be laughed at, like you know, not many people can do that, but he did it. Why? Because he believed it was possible and that was the potential each and every one of you right now, the amount of potential you have in you. You haven’t looked into it, and the way to pull that out is you find out the things which you’ll find the hardest in your life to do, and you go and do them. First, you find it hard to sell, sell more. You find it hard to a certain type of treatment. You go do that. You want to start up something which is scared of? You go do that. You go to the places in your life which is the darkest parts, which you find the hardest, and that’s where you grow Right. So for me, james, it’s that each and every one of us are so much potential locked up in us, right, we’re born with so much, so much, and most of us, we die with that potential locked in us as well. And that’s crazy. You know, there’s a saying, les Brown says it. You know, most people die at 30, buried at 70. That’s true. Right, there’s so much locked inside of us and the thing is, what dreams or goals, what ambitions do you have? Like right now? What I’d love you to do is get a piece of paper and a pen and write down right, if you couldn’t fail, if, if failure wasn’t an option, what would you love to do? Right, set a goal which is so flipping, amazing. You know what do you believe in? God or the universe, whatever it may be? But imagine if God was setting your goals or that goal. Look like how big would it be, how great would it be? Right and you know, james, that whenever anyone starts with me, that’s what we start with. What is that flipping massive goal and gold which is gonna really pull you towards it every single morning, no matter when life gets tough. Because life’s like this, right up and down Up, and it’s like a heartbeat up and down, up and down, up and down. Right, you have your loas and most people want a life like that, yeah, which is a dead life, but you know it’s up and down, it’s gonna be tough times, hard times, great times. That’s what life’s like. You got to set a massive goal to. Every day you wake up in the morning and you’re flipping, driven, and that’s your goal. You know your goal is having people you want to impact, what you want to do, the lives you want to change. And every morning when you wake up and no one knows behind the scenes but I know the toughness that’s happened behind the scenes I know what you go through every single day to do what you do. It’s not easy, right, but you do it. Why? Because there’s a why behind that. Am I right?

Dr James : 38:45

Yeah, 100% yeah. The why is to help them, the why is to take back control of your financial future. How tough does it get?

Mahmood: 38:54

sometimes. How tough does it get sometimes?

Dr James : 39:01

There’s a lot to do behind the scenes there is a lot to do, but you know what, when you do something that ignites you every day, it doesn’t matter how much effort you have to put in, because that why will keep you going. That’s how I feel.

Mahmood: 39:15

Yeah, yeah, when I’m on the phone with you every week and we, you know there’s a next step and the next step and the next step, and when you’re pushing and you’re getting things done and how tough it is, no one sees that but you’re not going to give up. Because you’ve got a bigger, why, right? And when you’ve got it big enough, why are you flipping, go through anything to make it happen? So that’s great, right? So the next thing for me is that you know, set something which is going to light you up. Look at what you really want to do, and for some of you, it’s maybe you want to teach your mentor. You want to help, right? What if you could raise your prices? What if you could do bigger treatments? What if, like you know, say, you’re doing implants, for example? What if you do? What if you can do for lack? You can do so much within you, and the idea is to be able to tap into that potential, because each and every one of us is unlimited, right? And that takes me on to the next part of it, right? And if you want to be able to tap into that potential, yeah, you want to make that level of income you want. You want to be able to invest that much. You want to be able to do the things which you really want to do. We’ve got to figure out why we haven’t done it so far, and for me, that’s where. That’s where the mind comes in, and there’s a lot I talk about in the course. You know that, about the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and how we program our mind right. We don’t have much time for this, but I’ll just give you a brief insight that there’s. We know there’s two parts of our mind. There’s a conscious part of our mind and a subconscious part of our mind. The conscious part of your mind is only 5% of your mind. Your conscious part of your mind is your goal setter and your subconscious is your goal getter. Right, so so because your subconscious is 95%, that’s what will always win. So if you go out there and you say you know I want to make more money, but your subconscious doesn’t allow you to, there’s no way in the world that you do it. Your conscious part is so you think about what you think about 5% of the time, and the subconscious part is some programming you have in you, of beliefs you have in you. For example, you may have a belief in you that you know what do we talk about when we’re younger. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Money is the root of all evil. Right, and then it’s my camera zoomed out.

Dr James : 41:08

Yeah, just focus, that’s better Right.

Mahmood: 41:13

Yeah, yeah, that we’ve been talking about. Money is a root of all evil and money doesn’t grow on trees. Now, just imagine that, right, we’ve been told that so many times when we were younger, that actually what happened, that it becomes instilled in us and becomes part of your subconscious. So one part, the conscious part of your mind is I want to go out there and make more money. Right, I’m raising my price on to do all this. But the 95% of your mind is saying now you know, money doesn’t grow on trees, it can’t be that easy. Yeah, you can’t. You can’t make that much money in crypto. Yeah, really, that can’t work, right, and then that pulls you away from everything. Or money is a root of all evil. On one hand, you to make money, but 95% of you know that if you make that money, it’s going to, it’s going to hurt you because of all evil. Why would you even try? So the mind does is the mind sabotages what you’re trying to do, okay, so for me, one of the most important things is to understand our belief patterns, right? So, from the conscious part of your mind, there’s a at the bottom of your brainstem, there’s something called the RAS, the reticular activating system. This is science talking, not me, and what that’s like is, whatever you see, the most of it will happen. So many of you have probably woken up in the morning and said, man, it’s going to be a bad day, and it does turn out to be a bad day, right? And some of you wake up and say it’s going to be a fifth and grade day, and it turns out to be a great day. Why is that? It’s because that’s what the like, the RAS is, like Google. If you say it’s going to be a bad day, the thoughts which come through your mind are all the ones which will allow you to see that negative day. Because you get about 3 million thoughts in your mind per second, right? And you can’t take all of them in. You can only take a few in. And what the RAS does is it filters what comes through. And the way the filter works is when you, the way you’re feeling. It allows those feelings to come through. So if you wake up in the morning saying that I’m you know it’s going to be a bad day, what the mind will show you is it’ll show you how you’re going to have those bad days. Okay, so it is really important to number one identify what beliefs you have subconsciously, so you can make sure that they’re not hitting you. So what I’ve done is I’ve got a list here which I’ve made. It was normally about seven pages, but I’ve cut it down to one right now. So here, and these are some of the, some of the beliefs which sometimes could be in us. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to read some of these out and what I want you to do is, if you feel that you’ve ever felt like this, I want you just to put a thumbs up in the bottom. Right, so, just put a thumbs up, just so we can see it. Okay, if you’ve ever felt any of these before, okay. So, for example, have you ever felt that you’re not good enough? Have you ever felt that you’re not good enough? If you felt you’re not good enough, put a thumbs up in there. Right. Have you ever felt that people won’t pay you as much as you asked them to put a thumbs up against? I’m going to read these out. Just keep putting a thumbs up if you’ve ever thought of any of these, right, okay, cool, thumbs up are coming. Right, so I’m not good at what I do. People won’t pay me for what I do. I don’t know enough knowledge. I’m worried about making mistakes. I sometimes feel like I’m a failure. I lack focus. I’m not worth it. Now is not the right time. I’ll do it later. I’ll get overwhelmed if I try too much. I don’t have what it takes. I don’t have all the answers. I won’t be able to handle it all. I’ll spread myself too thin. I’m not good at what I do. People won’t pay my prices. I’m not a good communicator. There are too many other people out there doing what I do. I’m too disorganized. I’m not motivated enough. If I try and sell myself, people think I’m a sleazy car salesman. I can’t sell anything. I can’t market myself. I’ll have to work too hard to succeed. I have kids. I’ve got to put them first. What if I make all this money? Then I lose it? I’ll really be a failure. You can’t be a good parent. I’m a Perfectionist. I am a successful business. I need more experience first. Everyone only put a thumbs up on there, right? Do you know what it is? Is BS? It’s belief systems. It’s just something which has been drilled into you and you are younger. It’s something you’ve heard someone else say and goes in and there’s a technique to actually has to go in a techniques to get them out. Have they go in a technique to get them out? We don’t have the time right now to go through that. We can talk, because there’s a question you can ask later and I’ll talk you through that For the purpose of this. There’s no time to get into that right now. But a lot of these things I just imagine, right, if you had a belief system saying I’m not worth it, imagine how much that’s going to hold you back in life and whatever you try and do inside of you, you generally feel that you’re not worth it, or you’re not good enough, or you can’t charge that much or you can’t sell. Imagine how much that’s going to hold you back, right, in everyone who I’ve worked with, what we need to be able to find out is what beliefs they’re holding inside of them and how to actually get rid of them and what they need to do to get rid of them and actually get rid of them and instill more powerful beliefs. So number one is the conscious part of the mind, right, knowing like you need to turn up to life with energy, with power, every single day, and that’s going to control the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Hell, yeah, you’ve got to be able to find out what’s holding you back and make sure that you can break them. James, tell me right. Do you know, when you were going on this journey, what was the biggest, what was the biggest limiting belief subconsciously you had? And you know how did you get out of it? What did we?

Dr James : 46:16

do. I thought social media was not a place for love. I thought social media was a place for fake news and negativity and through doing this, I know I think the total opposite and I know I see that social media is actually an amazing tool to help people. That was my biggest limiting belief. I didn’t even know it was a limiting belief, so I just thought social media was silly and it was just for people who like to show off. But there is so much positivity out there. You just have to know where to look and when you put yourself out there and you help people and people get in touch with you to say they really like the podcast and they really like something that you’ve done. That never gets old. That never, ever gets old. It’s amazing. I think everybody should have a social media presence and talk about something they love on their social media 100%.

Mahmood: 47:03

And that’s one of the things we’re trying to talk about in a while. But just imagine, right, this whole ecosystem. We’ve built up everyone’s lives. You’ve changed and you’re changing. It’s all come through social media and a lot of us has been dropped into us that social media is a bad place. Right, you need to get off there. It’s going to make your mind toxic. It’s not like anything, right? You can use a hammer to break a house or to build a house, right? And so what are you going to use that for? Yeah, you have a scalpel. You can either kill someone you can, you know you can build something beautiful from there. Like, what are you going to use it for? Every tool can be used in two separate ways, and a lot of the time it’s the other way. Yeah, we can change it, and that’s what he’s done, right? So for me, being able to change your belief systems, especially when it comes around money, a lot of us have got deep, inherent beliefs when it comes to money. So, for example, you know I’m just thinking, do you have? Yeah, we’ve got a few minutes for this, right? So I remember when I, when I wanted to leave dentistry, I, I needed to be able to get out right. So I went on this journey. I started speaking and I was on some stages with some great people and I was in LA speaking and what happened is I met a coach in the room and there were 3000 people in the room but the one person who stood out was the coach. And the reason why is he was charging people a million euros to be able to coach them a million euros a year to coach them. And I was like, wow, that blew my mind. I was used to, you know, going to the practice cramp rep. You know someone pays you four, five, 600 pounds in plan two grand, whatever it be. I was used to that transactional part of money and I couldn’t understand how someone can, within a short space of time, they can give you so much value which is worth a million euros. Okay, so I really need this guy. Long story it’s on my YouTube channel up on the story how I met him. But but in the end he ended up coaching me. I didn’t pay a million euros, but the way it worked is, he came to London and he met me and I said to him that I need to be able to get out of dentistry. I told him that I’m leaving dentistry and you know from what I got from my clinic? I had one year to survive. I have kids, you know family expenses. And I said I’ve got a year. And he said you know what, come with me, I’ll be able to help you. And I was like I’m flipping, can’t afford your fees. And he said you know what? I’ve got a lower end program, even that kind of blew my mind the amount that much was. But I looked at him and I said you know I can’t afford this. And he said well, that’s it. Well, you’re going to walk off. And I said hold on, maybe there’s a way I can afford it. When my father passed away, my dad left me some money, my inheritance and what this program was costing me was all of my inheritance. And I said to him look, what I can do is I can pay you. But that’s what my dad left me. And do you know what he stopped me? And he said you know what your flipping biggest problem is? And I said well, he said you’re so attached to money. He said you’ll never let go of it. And you know, sometimes I always say life is a linear right, like someone can say one thing, team, that can change the rest of your life in one day. And that one thing hit me so hard that he was right. I was so attached to money, my belief system around money was crazy, was so bad, and I was so attached to money. And he said my mood, you know, money comes and goes. He goes. That’s not your dad’s money, that’s your money and he goes. You know, sometimes you have money in our, in our pension account or in our savings account. Just leave it there, hold on. Why, what’s it there for? And I said to him you know what, I’ll come with you. I need you to make me a promise. And he said well. And I said look, I, you know, the most I’d ever run in dentistry was 100 grand, 110 grand as a principal on three days. And I said you know, my first year outside of dentistry, I want to make 200k. And he was like. He was like fine, we’ll do it. I’m like what do you mean? He goes look, if you put in the hard work and effort, I’ll be able to get you there. And I trusted him and I went with that. The one thing which hit me was the fact that he made me realize how bad my attachment to money was, and in the first year we did a lot more than 200k. I 10xed what I, what I invested in. It changed my life completely, the point of this being that my attachment to money was so big and a lot of it came from actually from, actually from dentistry. A lot of it came from that and also the way I was brought up as well. Right, you know, you know I was brought up in a very good place, but also there was a big thing around money, where money is hard to come by and, like you know, money is root of all evil and money doesn’t grow in trees. Like all of that, and because of that, I was very, very attached to money and a lot of us. Right now there’s that massive attachment and, like when you can break that, things can change. And why is it that there are some people who can come on the million euros a day like next week I’m speaking on stage with Gary Vee, right? So Gary Vee’s fees to come and speak for one day in London is 350 grand for one day. Right, that’s what he charges the company. To come and speak there Now might be like flipping. Imagine that one day it takes some people maybe five years or four years or 10 years or 20 years or one year to earn 350 grand and this guy’s one day, one event, for you know, two hours. That’s crazy, right. What allows someone to do that? It’s a totally different mindset. So for me, the biggest thing was changing my belief system when it came to money and each and every one of you, if you want to grow financially, that’s one thing you got to look at. Because you are where you are right now, because you’ve got a programming in your mind which keeps you there. And if you’re going to charge more, do more, become more, serve more, have things where you know there is no reason why you can’t have a program out there where people pay. You know you get 10 people a day. You were paying two grand a day, right? Or two grand a program. You can make 10 grand a day. There’s no reason why you can’t do that and what it is. It’s all up there, james, for that belief system thing for me was massive.

Dr James : 52:08

Yeah, yeah, man, I totally hear you. Yeah, like so many of our barriers are up here and a lot of what reframed how I looked at money was separating time from money and the necessity that I used to think that you have to put in X amount of time to get a Y amount of money. But it’s more about value, price, an interest in way of looking at prices wet in any sort of transaction. It can be a problem, but it’s rarely the problem. There’s only three people that won’t buy from you, people who you should have a product. Everybody should have a product that they believe in it so much that they think it’s crazy that someone else doesn’t want it. Okay, that’s when you know you’ve got a really good product. Okay, in that case, there’s only three people that will never buy from you. One is someone who is foolish. You might say think they’re foolish. You’re going to be the odd person out there like that. That’s fair enough. This person the second person doesn’t have enough money. Okay, that’s fair enough. There will be some people out there like that, and then the third person just hasn’t had enough value created in their head. As soon as you can create value, the price is secondary to that it is a problem, but it’s rarely the problem, and that mindset flip helped me so so much when I was in dentistry and outside of dentistry was getting me to understand that point of view.

Mahmood: 53:24

You know great, ryan said a great thing, right? Ryan said that’s easy for a guy, who’s easy for a guy to say that who charges a mil, but there was a time when he wasn’t doing that, right? I remember, like there’s the breakthroughs you have in your mindset. So, like for me when I was with him, one of the biggest things which I do now to people I’m coaching is to be able to change their mindset when it comes to money. So for me, the most I’d ever earn in one day maybe being in a practice, was like a grand or something like that, right, and I remember, I remember being in this coaching circle with my coach. We went to France and we sat in the room and he goes to me in the mood why are you here? And I said you know why I’m here? And I said I don’t know what I’m doing here, but I’m leaving my dental clinic and I need to be able to do something. I said, look, I love to speak now. Right, I love to be able to speak and I want to be on the stage in front of 10,000 people. They go, yeah, one day you can do that, but right now that ain’t going to make you money. And they said look, we’ve watched you on Facebook and Instagram and we’ve seen what your biggest gift is. Your biggest gift is to be able to speak and obviously you can sell so well. What happened is the month before I got invited to New York for a charity event. One of my gifts is storytelling and we’re going to come to selling in a moment, and I know that when you can story, tell me well, when you can hit people’s emotions, people will buy from you, right, and that’s when you can really change lives. So I got invited to do a 20 minute keynote in New York, and this charity was raising money to build a center, to build a, to build a building where they can bring people in and look after them. And they called me up and they said look, we’ve seen, you know that, you know you do this and we want you to come and raise 600 grand for us dollars, right, 600 grand in dollars. And they said, look, this is why we’re flying you in and can you do that? And I said, look, we should be able to do that. They gave me the amount of people will be in the room. I know what I can do. And I said, yeah, we’ll do that. That night I raised 1.2 million for them. I doubled what I said I would right, you know. And so these coaches had watched right here on that line. They said look, we know how good you are at selling. I should speak for some other companies in the UK after dentistry and I used to be their shotgun speaker, so I used to speak for them and sell for them after. So I knew how to be able to get people to do things the power of influence, right, that’s one of my gifts as well. And they said what if you could teach other people how to do that? Teach other people how to speak and sell. I’m like, but that’s not what I want to do. They said, yeah, but that’s your gift. And I could never see. I thought everyone just knew how to do it. And they said, no, people don’t know how to do it. And we had 13 people in the room and they said how many of you would like to be able to speak and sell as well as Mamut can? And everyone in the room put their hand up and they said, ok, fine, that’s what you’re going to do. And I said, ok, cool, I had some mentor to coach me, to push me and they made me see things I couldn’t see. And they said Mamut, you know these people in the room. If you were to teach them, if you were to have a course where you teach people how to speak and sell how many people, how long would it take? And I said, look, if you give me a person over a weekend, I can do it. I can teach them how to speak, like me, in a weekend. I’ll coach them before they come, and then we’ll do it on the weekend. And they go, ok, fine, and they go. How many people can you have in the room in one go? And I’m like let’s be 10. And they said how much do you want to charge? And this was the point when everything changed. Why? 20 minutes before that, I was in the foyer talking to some of the other people. I met a 20-year-old in the group who was selling a coaching program for 120 grand. I met a guy who was like what these people had found? They found their gifts and they realized that you know, when people pay a lot, they pay a lot of attention, and when a 20-year-old guy could charge 120 grand for something, it blew my mind. So I went in that room and they said how much do you want to charge per person? I said do you know what I said? I’ll charge 10 grand a person. Normally I’d have come up with like 2, 3, 4, maybe 500 pounds a person. I said I’m going to charge 10 grand a person Because why? I was around the people who were playing a high game. When you were around people who were playing a much high game, you raised your level to them as well. And do you know what? Three people in the room put their hand up and said who do we are in and I’m like shit, that’s 30 grand already and I’d never, ever, ever, made that much money in such a short time. That’s 30 grand on a weekend, and there were another seven places left to go, and that’s the thing which changed my life. So I know why. And you’re saying that it’s easy for him to do that. Well, we all start somewhere. For me, I never knew I could do that, but I tapped into my power. Why? Because I had someone who believed in me more than I believed in myself, and that changed everything. And James, same as you and this is James, and everyone of you can go on there is gold dust in there. Imagine if you could take that out, package it into a place where you can teach people how to do things. Maybe it’s that. Maybe you can go into your clinic and you can raise your price like people like Chet, right? So some of you know Chet and he may be on here right now. I was through the Reknight program. I was coaching him. He raised his prices 30% overnight and these are full-arch implant cases. And do you know what’s conversion rate happened? They went up, they didn’t go down 30% overnight. How did that happen? He believed in himself more. He took out those negative beliefs about money and for me, that pricing thing is massive. Now we’ve all got a big ticket in our mind. So for some of us we think a big ticket, like you know, just type into the chat box right now. Now, what is the big ticket in your mind? What I mean by big ticket is like your treatment plans that maybe you write right now what do you think is? What’s the maximum you’ve ever charged? Is it 1,000, is it 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 10,500, 400? What is the maximum that you’ve put in there? What’s the big limit in your mind? What do you find it hard to sell beyond? So let’s get some numbers in there, let’s get some numbers right, cool, those should be with us any second. They just there’s a little bit of a delay in the video.

Dr James : 58:53

Those will come through about 20 seconds or so. Sure, sure, sure. Just while we’re waiting for those, yeah, going back to the social media thing, just very briefly, you were saying earlier about how those people got in touch with you because you put yourself out there in social media, you created those videos. Those are the amazing opportunities that come your way by having a social media account and by putting a little bit of your heart out there for everybody to see. That’s the, and the power of it is crazy and you won’t be able to understand it until you actually see it yourself. Someone said something really interesting to me the other day. They said that your DMs Facebook DMs and social media DMs are the real LinkedIn, because those are where some crazy things come and people only know what you do once you put yourself out there and once you create videos and you create content. And, like I say, you never really realize the power of it until you go through it yourself. And that’s why I would absolutely encourage everybody to give it a go and put yourselves out there, not just from the point of view of a financial thing, just from the point of view of giving them another reason to get out of bed in the morning. It’s fun. The networking that comes apart from it is crazy and it’s just genuinely a more, a lot, a massively life enhancing thing in my opinion.

Mahmood: 1:00:05

Absolutely. So look, price is two grand, three grand, one grand, right, five grand If that’s your big ticket, and thanks for posting it up on there right? If you’re big like Casim, right? For example, you said 2K. Now here’s my thing If your big ticket is two grand, if you have a treatment plan which you could write, and it’s going to be three or four grand, it’s going to be very, very, very difficult to be able to sell that, right? Ok, sarah said three and a half grand. You said five grand, right? Anything beyond that you’re going to find it very, very difficult to be able to sell. I want to be able to get your big ticket. Imagine if I could get your big ticket to 50K, to 40K, to 30K anything below that’s going to be very, very, very simple to sell. I’ll tell you why. Imagine if you’ve got and this probably happened to some of you, right? So you’ve got a big ticket of 2K. You know that up to 2K you can handle, because after 2K, that’s a big amount in your mind, maybe because you believe that 2,000 pounds or 3,000 pounds is a lot of money. Now let me get one thing right. Some people say manude, if you have, if someone has a lot of money. It’s easy for them to say three, four grand isn’t a lot of money? No, right. So I have people paying me six figures, ok when I coach them. Ok for some of my high, high, high end programs right Now. For me I don’t think that’s a lot of money. Why? Because the value that they’re going to get. Because I know that anyone who invests that way they’ll make four, five times a ton. So I know that, yes, it may be a lot of money in that way, but it’s not a lot of money from what they’re going to get out of it. And so when your patients come to you and they’re going to pay you five grand for something, you know how much it’s going to change their life. People don’t buy based on price, people buy based on value. And a lot of times we’re so stuck on the price we forget to show them the value. So imagine if your big ticket’s two grand and you have a full grand treatment plan. The way you’re going to say four grand is going to be so difficult. It’s not going to come out of your mouth. You’re going to stutter, you’re going to slurp, you’re not going to feel confident when you say it. So my thing is, I want you and everyone of you to have a big ticket of four times of what your ticket is right now, and that way you’ve got enough room to be able to grow. So if your big ticket right now is 3K, like OK, 16k, great. But then what if we have a 30K treatment plan to write? What if it’s a two-fold large implant case 40 grand, ok. So I’m coaching them just right now, making 100 grand a month. Their big ticket needs to be super, super, super high Now. So for me it’s being able to raise that. And also then some people ask do you talk to your patients in the same way You’re climbing in snow? So the way I look at it is we need to be able to speak to the patient in their language, or speak to our client in their language right Now. What I mean by their language is everyone has a different color, and I don’t mean color, skin color, I mean a personality color, right? So there are four colors I talk about. You’ve got a red color, a yellow color, a green color and a blue color. Now the way these people are is imagine what’s the best way to put this. Let’s do this. Let’s imagine this, right, imagine you’re in a lift, you’re in an elevator and in the elevator, do you know, like the person who comes in and they’re pressing like the close button. It’s really quickly all the time because they’re in a rush, they just have to go somewhere. They don’t have time. That’s your red type of person, right? Your red type of person is a person who doesn’t like to talk much. You may think that they’re very aggressive or very abrupt, but they’re not. That’s just their personality. They always come in. They’ve got 10 minutes right or 15 minutes and you’re already on the back foot. That’s that type of person. You have your other type of person, which is a yellow type of person. Yellow type of person, like the social butterfly, the person who loves to be able to talk is kind of the social kind. You know the life and soul of a party. And in the lift scenario there’s the kind of person where you get in the lift and the door closes and you know one person tells you hey, everyone, how’s it going? And you’re like, oh my god, right, that’s that yellow person. Now, imagine that yellow person, right, they love to be spoken to. So if you’re selling, for example, to that type of person. That’s a patient who comes to you, right, you’ve got to be able to have conversation with them. If it’s a red type of person, you have conversation with them, you’re going to put them off. They won’t buy from you. A red person never wants you to talk about the family, about the kids. They just want things done. And if they say they’ve got 20 minutes, what’s gold? And you said you know what, I only need 15. They’re like, oh wow, that’s there, that’s their oxygen. Whereas a yellow person is a person who loves to be spoken to, loves that you have conversation about their family, about the kids, about the weekend. A red person will never want that, right. A green person is a different type of person, right, we know a lot of these type of people. And in a lift scenario, your green type of person is the person who you know, as the door is closing, someone puts their hand out to hold the door open for the next guy. Who put their leg out, who sometimes walk out the lifts for the other person and come in A massive team player. Right, the person will do anything for the team. They’re a proper team player, right, that’s your green type of person. But the thing with a green type of person is they don’t like change. They don’t like change very quickly. So when you tell them you can give them like you can really change things for them, they push away. Like my practice manager used to flip and be like that. She just hated change and I used to come in, go on all these courses and ask her to change. She’s like no, and she used to just never want to do anything. She was very good but she always held us back and it’s like why? Because I realized that she was a green person. And only now, when I realized she was green, now I realized that she was the wrong person to put in that place, right? Whereas a red person wants change very quickly, who wants you to do things quickly, right, and then all that while they’re back. Green person is very different. They need to be approached in a totally different way. Right? They’re worried about things, they’re worried about failing, so they don’t want to take on things too quickly. So when it’s a patient in the chair and you’re treatment planning for them, you have to be able to talk through the process a lot more. You’ve got to be able to space it out. It’s got to take longer. But maybe, rather than them coming in for one full day and doing all five to five at the same time, they’re the kind of person who doesn’t want it so quickly and then be pushed away by things like that. And it’s not that they’re saying no to price, they’re saying because it’s going to happen too quickly. But they’ll never tell you that because they don’t understand themselves, that they’re a green type of person. So that type of person, you’re going to spread the treatment out a bit more, so they’re more relaxed. And so there’s so many nuances here in understanding why people say yes or no and we all think, oh, it’s too expensive. They’ll say no, it’s not because of that, it’s because we haven’t understood that person. And then there’s a blue type of person, the last type of person, and in a lift scenario, this is a very analytic person, like a accountant person, who wants to see detail in everything. Like they’re the guy who stands in the lift and you know the doors closing, they see that metal plate on the wall and they say there’s only 20 spaces. We’ve got 19 people in the lift, we only got space for one. That type of person, and that person is about detail. So that person wants to know everything and everything. So, for example, if you’re placing an implant on them, they’re going to. Well, you know what happens if I’m in the middle of placing an implant and you leave the practice or you die or whatever. What’s going to happen. And so sometimes we treat a yellow person like a blue person. They’ll go and buy from us. We treat a green person as a blue person, and normally the way we treat people is the way we are ourselves. So if you’re a yellow person, you look at the whole world as yellow and many people won’t buy from you. You’re like flipping white and it’s because you’re treating everyone as a yellow. So I want you to understand how to tell what type of color. And so when we go through our whole selves module, one of the biggest things which I teach is how to understand what type of colors you’re dealing with, how to even see them even before they speak, how to know, as a patient walks into your room, who they are. And for me that selling part is so important, because that’s the life and blood of everything that we do Seems to use so important.

Dr James : 1:07:29

Yeah, you’ve got a problem. You got to speak their language, yeah.

Mahmood: 1:07:33

Yeah, 100% right, you’ve got to, you’ve got to know their language, right? And then, if you’re putting this in like you know another scenario, right? So imagine, like you’re, you know you’re driving a car, right, that red person. And imagine, like that red person is that person. Do you know, if you’re trying to squeeze in there, will never let you through. They’ll flip and take a dent rather than let you through. Right, that’s that. That’s the red type of person, right? The yellow type of person is that person who do you know, like they’re just going along listening to music and right at the end of, like, they just realized to cut in at the end, right, because they’ve got so much going on, right, and the and the do you know that that or that green type of person is that person will let you in? Why? Because they’ll. You know that’s the type of person. They are, their team player, they want to make sure. And that blue type of person they’d never get in a traffic jam because they’re going to found out the way before and they don’t found out that there’s going to be traffic there, right? So you know, you got to be able to know these different types of people even before your patient comes in the room, like the certain questions you can ask them on the treatment, but not to the plant on the patient questionnaire to already find out what type of color they are. So when you come in, you have to change, you have to adapt to them, right? It’s not that they have to adapt to you. So if you want to raise your prices, you’re going to be able to charge more. Do more, become more, right. You’ve got to understand the people around you. So, for me, if you want to raise your financial profile and you want to be able to earn more, you’ve got to be able to understand people more. And that is a key to everything, everything, everything. Right, I don’t know what I’m saying, I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to go on a kind of tangent here, but you know a lot. For me, like you know, when I’m coaching, mentoring, especially in the Reignite program, a lot of it’s about relationships, right, about, you know, the person who we care about the most, and there’s a book called the Five Love Languages, okay, and what that book shows us is that we normally give to people what we want to receive ourselves, but what we need to do is give to the other person what they want to receive. Yeah, and a lot of problems happen in our lives because we give to the other person what we want to receive. And it’s just like this right, when you’re trying to sell to someone, what do you do? And we’re all selling something, right, maybe a product, a message, a service. It may just be a message, but you’ve got to find out if that person’s ready. You’ve got to treat them like a red, because that’s what they want. Makes sense, james? Yeah.

Dr James : 1:09:38

Absolutely, absolutely. No, I’m listening intently, I’m listening intently and I think as well. Another connotation that people sometimes have about selling is there’s the connotation that it’s necessarily a bit slimy. If you really really really just want the best for that person and you genuinely feel like you can serve them, then it’s your duty to sell to them so that you can help them. That is another. That is when I heard that. It just totally flipped on its head what I thought I was doing and the whole narrative and perspectives that I had on the matter. And there’ll be people out there who will find that so helpful to hear because, just like what you were saying earlier about barriers, maybe they’re holding back. They’re holding back on their prices, they’re holding back on how much they could be charging because they feel that other people might perceive it as them taking the mic. But really you’re coming at it from the point of view that you genuinely just want to serve that person as best you can Amazing.

Mahmood: 1:10:33

The biggest gift you can ever give yourself is the ability to learn how to be able to sell elegantly, and I mean elegantly when you know, that you’ve got something which the other person can benefit from, it’s your flipping duty to make sure that they take it on. If you’ve got a patient in your chair and they’ve got a gap and you know what we normally do, we’ve been taught you start off with the treatment plan at the bottom first. Or you can have a gap, or you can have like what is the best thing that they could have, and possibly it may be an implant. Start with that. Start with that. Start with the thing where, if it was your flipping parent in the chair, that’s what you’d give to them and that’s the way we treat people. And so selling is so important, but we don’t talk anything about that back in uni or when we finish. And so how can then we go and we expect to be six, seven-figure dentists when we don’t know the of how to be able to sell elegantly? So you know a lot of the Regenerate program. A lot of it is heavy, heavy, heavy on the gift and the art to be able to sell elegantly, right, how to be able to understand people, how to sell a very high ticket five, ten, fifteen, twenty thousand, hundred grand, right? How do you do that? Right, it takes a lot to be able to get there, but that is a gift which no one can ever then take back from you, and it changes your life. So for me, that’s so important and that runs really well into the last two, and I’m just going to kind of breeze over these last two. There’s not too much time for them. That you know. Even as you said, james, one of the most important things is each and every one of you. You have your own TV channel, your own brand. Right now, whether you’re an associate, whether you’re a principal, it doesn’t matter that you have your own brand and you need, you must be able to get out there on social media, the main channels you know YouTube, linkedin, facebook, instagram, snapchat, tiktok, whatever it may be and you should. You must produce content out there to be able to get the world to see what you’re about. That is so important and I’m pretty sure, right, I’m not going to ask us to put hands up or whatever, but how many of us are comfortable just picking our phone up and just recording a one minute message and just putting it out there underneath, right, you know, for the world to see what it’s about? Many of us aren’t. And one of the biggest things on this program is to be able to give you the courage to be able to speak elegantly, not just in person to people, not one-on-one, but also on social as well, to be able to get people and to be able to show you how to put yourself out there. Right, and James, look at where that’s got you. Each and every one of you have your brand and the most important thing you can do is to be able to build that brand and to be able to learn how to speak with power, passion, clarity, not just one-on-one, not just one-in-group, not just live, but live on a platform like this as well, on social media. It is so important, right. And then, for everyone, everyone, everyone, right, james, and you can vouch for this, and there’s a lot of people in your circle right now who are part of the Read Night program as well, and I’m sure they can vouch for this as well One of the most important things that you can do is to have mentors and coaches in every part of your life so important, right, that when you’re in the picture, you can’t see the frame. When we were in school, we had teachers. In uni, we had professors, and now we’re meant to do it on our own. Where does that come from? Right, the whole point of having someone in your life is who can push you and show you the way, a way which you’ve never seen before. Because I always say there’s three types of knowledge. There’s a knowledge you know right, you know. You know what you know, that’s great. You also know what you don’t know. So you know. I don’t know how to sell, so I’m going to go and learn that. But then do you know what? There’s this big area of knowledge, and what that is is what you don’t know, what you don’t know and what you don’t know. What you don’t know is the knowledge you need to get yourself to the next level, but if you don’t know it, you’re never going to find it, because you don’t even know where to look. You don’t even know, you don’t know it. And that’s where a coach and a mentor become so important, where they can guide you, they can hold your hand, because they’ve been through what you’re going through. So, for me, right now, a lot of people come to me for men, who is number one that they want to get out of the industry, they want to find a side hustle, they want to build that into a full okay, into something which can generate more than the industry. That’s fine. We can do it over and over again for so many people like yourself, like so many people, right, we can do that, not a problem. There are some people who want to be happier in the industry and that’s cool, we can do that. And there are some people who come to me who are playing full hour in the industry but want to do better. They want to be able to speak better, sell better, so they can mentor, so they can teach, so they can sell high-trend plans. That’s fine, right? So, wherever you are, don’t go on this journey alone. No matter what you’re in your life you’re going through. Make sure you’ve got someone who can hold you on. Whether it’s me, whether it’s James Williams, whoever, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you have someone who you know has been through that journey A lot of time. You know we go to people for advice who haven’t already got there. Right, and we should never do that. Go to people for advice who’ve already done what you want to do. End of right. And a lot of time we go. You know people are negative and it’s not the only people who’ll be negative towards you are people who’ve got less than you know. Who’ve got more than you. What you’ll find when you start like you know, as Ryan said, right, the average of your five closest friends. Jim, one says that, right. When you start hanging around with people who have more than you more money, more power, more have bigger businesses they have bigger thoughts right, you’re not the average of your five closest friends, only. You’re the average of your five closest thoughts as well, right? And when you’re around other people who have more than you, then your thought process increases as well, right. So for me, that’s massive, that is huge, right. So you know, for me I’m going to wrap up there. There’s a couple of things, right. So we’ve got some Q&A right now. So whatever questions you have, please post into that. I’m going to put up a link on here, and what that link is is, if anyone wants to know more about the Weaght Night Program, how it can help them, you know, how they can come into the program to be able to either get hyperdensity or get a side gig, to be able to speak and sell better, to be able to earn more money, right. That’s what this whole program is about to really unleash that flipping beast inside of you. I’ll put a link on here in the chat box and it’s a link just to book a call with me. Yeah, and then also, once we’ve had the Q&A, we’ve got a Zoom link right, james, which you’re going to put out, and that’s a place where we can’t see you at the moment, but you can come on and then you can just have a chill out with James and myself. We’ve kept some time aside, and any questions you have on there which you want to bring up live in person, do it right, and there’s no hold bar. You can ask anything. We’re here to be able to serve you and help you.

Dr James : 1:16:37

Here to help guys. Yeah, phil, come on on to that, absolutely. What I’m going to do is I’m going to put the link up for that in Dentistry Invest, the Facebook group itself. That’s going to be up momentarily after Mamoon and I have wrapped up today. So, for those who are interested, definitely click on Dentistry Invest. You’ll be able to find that link and we will be there Answering your questions, anything about what we said tonight, and also dishing out more knowledge and information to Mamoon. You said you’re going to share your QR code. Is that correct?

Mahmood: 1:17:09

So I’m actually sending you a link, james. I can’t, it won’t allow, I can’t type in the chat box, so what I’ll do is let me send it to you, are you?

Dr James : 1:17:18

able to share your screen, because you could get the QR code up on the screen and then share your screen.

Mahmood: 1:17:23

I have. Let me send a link rather than the QR code. It may be difficult just to. Can I send it to you? Let me send it to you now. I’ll send it to you as a Facebook message right now.

Dr James : 1:17:35

Yeah absolutely. We can’t chat in the chat on this on Facebook Live, but what we can do is share the link on Dentistry Invest and then also alongside the Zoom link for everybody that wants to join that. So what we’ll do is we’ll wrap up now, I’ll post the Zoom link and I’ll also post your link, mamoon, the link that you just spoke about in one post on Dentistry Invest, for those that are interested. Looking forward to seeing everybody in the community.

Mahmood: 1:18:04

Can we just have. Are there any questions which you want to put right now into the chat box? So if you have any questions right now, just type them in the chat box and we can address some questions now, and then you can come and hang out with James and myself. So James will put the Zoom link in there as well. So we’ll just transfer straight to Zoom right away and then we can have an open chat then, because we can see you as well. You can get your webcams on. If there’s any questions, just post them in there.

Dr James : 1:18:28

Yeah, that’s much better so feel free to type your questions in the question box. Guys, guys, we are. I’m just looking back over the messages. I’ve got some lovely messages here. Shout out to Sheila, shout out to Barry, shout out to Rohit and Ryan. Thanks for coming along, guys, thanks for contributing and thanks for those lovely messages, and so good to see everybody here tonight. We shall just momentarily await for any questions to tick through. Those should be with us presently. As I say, we’ll just hang around for a few moments just until that happens, and then Mamoon and I will jump on to that Q&A that we just spoke about a minute ago. Link, we’re going to be on the group, looking forward to everybody there, by the way.

Mahmood: 1:19:08

And also just type a yes in if you’re going to be joining us on the Zoom group, just so we know how many space to make available. Just type a yes if you’re going to be there in the Zoom group.

Dr James : 1:19:16

And again.

Mahmood: 1:19:17

It’s a place you can come and just ask anything, anything, anything that’s holding you back right now and you help. You want whatever. Let’s use this time to kind of create some change Anything about what we’ve spoken about, anything outside of there, anything which you want to do, any questions about anything. Okay, so just type a yes in there. Fantastic.

Dr James : 1:19:34

Toe Heads going to be there. Looking forward to meeting you, Toe Heads.

Mahmood: 1:19:38


Dr James : 1:19:38

Ryan, definitely a lot of gems. Price is the thing you discuss. In the absence of value, price is something that we make into a psychological hurdle in selling, and really it’s not nearly. It’s blown way, way, way, way out of proportion. And you know what, until you start putting yourself out there and increasing your price, making it whatever it is that it should be or you’d like to charge, you don’t ask. If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. Okay, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent. Okay, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Toe Heads coming along. Excellent, okay, we shall.

Mahmood: 1:20:18

I’ll let you in the room. I love that. Okay, what?

Dr James : 1:20:21

we’ll do is we shall. We’ll wrap up, shall we, mamma? This seems like a good point to wrap up and I will post those links in the group momentarily. Guys, see you all in the Q&A very shortly. Thanks for that amazing talk tonight, mamma. Some incredible gems on there and definitely people will have benefited from that 100%.

Mahmood: 1:20:39

We will see you in like two minutes. Two minutes, guys. See you there. Bye-bye.

Dr James : 1:21:12

Thanks for watching their finances, well-being and investing knowledge. Thanks for watching. Thanks to seeing you on there.