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Dr James: 0:41

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Jabir: 1:18

Welcome to the Dentists who Invest podcast.

Dr James: 1:23

What was good? People of Dentists who Invest. Welcome back for another Dentists who Invest podcast episode. A very special podcast episode, a live and in the hoarse episode, one of the first times we have ever done this. There are few and far between, and I’m so privileged and happy to bring you Javier, who runs a little known platform on Instagram, and we are here today to talk about how every dentist can maximize their effect, their reach, their ability to talk to their patients and clients and whoever they fancy on Instagram implementable things that any one of us can do. Very excited for this one. How are you today, javier?

Jabir: 2:01

Hey, James, it’s great to be back on the podcast one year later.

Dr James: 2:06

That’s crazy right, let’s just pause for one second there. Wow, one year. That feels like so recently. I can’t believe the podcast is a year or so. That’s insane man.

Jabir: 2:16

Yeah, and clearly you’ve gone from strength to strength and hopefully I can jump in and give some useful information to the guys that they can action and hopefully you see some results at the end of it and some happy faces from business.

Dr James: 2:35

Let’s take the word, hopefully, on Javier. I’m certain that you can, my friend. Javier for those that haven’t heard the first podcast episode, maybe you’d like to do a little bit of an intro, because I alluded to your online presence. Yeah, but I did that on purpose. I purposely left it vague because I know that you can do a better job describing it than me.

Jabir: 2:54

So just the things I’m involved in basically.

Dr James: 2:57

Well, yeah, reel them off. Yeah, yeah because I’ll learn as well, because I know mainly about your Instagram page, your channel, but there’s quite possibly other things. A couple of it.

Jabir: 3:07

So about three years ago maybe three in a bit I started Dentalist of Insta, which is basically a place for dental professionals anyone involved in dentistry to socialise and network. As of today, we’re 62 and a half thousand followers on my personal accounts doing nicely. We’ve got, you know, just under 12,000, hopefully to get 12,000 by the end of the year. So feel free, guys. Also quite heavily involved in online education, making it free for dentists. So we’re doing a series called EndoMental with top specialists from across the world a couple of guys from America, some guys from the UK and then some others from various countries so that’s something that goes on Instagram live and then replayed back on YouTube. That was the real big thing during the pandemic. It was sometimes twice a day, not just Endo, but all facets of dentistry, from marketing, from Endo Perio, etc. And yeah, on top of that, we also do a little bit on TikTok, which is possibly the safest stuff that I’ve put on Instagram video wise, and that’s something that I’m looking to get into at the moment. So that’s a bit of a new journey for me. But, yeah, there’s a few things that I do know, a few things I can definitely share with the guys and hopefully, some actionable informations that they can really take on to new levels.

Dr James: 4:34

Yeah, 110%, because for me, coming from the digital dark age, from someone who’s born in 1991, which doesn’t sound like that long ago but for me I really feel like in our generation, the generation of those people in the early 90s, social media was something that came about and it’s very easy to be someone who doesn’t necessarily realize its power, as I wasn’t for such a long time. You are, of course, still a dentist, javi, or you’re working as a dentist, and the reason I wanted to do this podcast, part of the reason, one of the reasons, was to educate people on how social media can be a force for good, and a force for good in their dental career, and you’ve been someone who’s been a beneficiary of that as well, because, of course, you are still a dentist.

Jabir: 5:16

Yeah, for sure. I think social media has its positives and negatives, and it’s really down to the individual where you take it. And for me, I was never someone who wanted to stop doing the dentistry, certainly not at this point in my career three, four years out of university. So I have utilized it in that side of my life and you probably, if you watch me on Instagram, don’t know too much about what I do as a person outside of what I’m willing to share, so it doesn’t have to be an all encompassing thing. You can share as much or as little as you want, and you can tailor things to give off the vibe that you like, which is then going to help you or hind you if you do right or wrong.

Dr James: 6:02

Yeah well, help and share, Because, after you’ve listened to this podcast, javier will put you in the right place and show you in the right direction so that we’ll know exactly what to do on our social media platforms. So, like I said, you’ve been a beneficiary. Let’s give everyone some tangible examples of how it’s directly helped you. Opportunities and jobs. Opportunities with patients.

Jabir: 6:23

Yeah, job opportunities? I would say not so much at the moment. It definitely has helped me indirectly. I’ve become someone who is able to talk and do things like podcasts, which has definitely helped me on in terms of one to one. So I would say if I hadn’t started doing all these things and being more open, I wouldn’t have got, for example, the first job I got outside of foundation yet because I was the quietest person in the room for a long time and that flipped on its head after one year of doing that.

Dr James: 6:57

Can I just jump in there for two seconds. If you can speak on camera without anybody giving you anything back, that is when you can speak 110%, and that is something that is so helpful as a life skill From the point of view that you can pick up conversation with anybody, even when they’re not necessarily giving you anything back, and you can keep the pattern up and wow, the onus is really on you, the focus is really on you to improve in that aspect. When it’s just you and that camera, wow, it’s incredible, and I really would encourage anybody to make content from the point of view that it would help them on that front, even before we get on to any of the other merits, any of the other tangible things that I just spoke about a minute ago, such as job opportunities, etc. Etc. Sorry for jumping in there, I just thought that that would be a nice thing to throw on top.

Jabir: 7:46

Yeah, no, definitely. I think if you look at all of these things as your personal skills and you can add a skill to the current roster that you have and you can add something to your boat, then one by one, you’ll become the person that you’re aiming for. If you’re being clever about how you do things and I think that’s possibly the end goal for a lot of you guys you know, whether it’s becoming financially independent or becoming the best dentist practice owner or whatever it is that you want to be you have to be able to look objectively at yourself and say I’m bad at this, good at this, and if it’s me, you know, five years ago. I say I can’t do public speaking very well. I’m not good in front of audience and two, three years on I lecture to dental students about social media. I do podcasts one on one and I’m not stuttering so much not so much as before. I’m sure if you go back a year and look at my early video to go over this guy, I should be doing this. But you know we’re in a whole different you know sort of realm a year on and I feel much more comfortable talking to people. And if you’re someone who wants to work in clinical practice and you can talk to your patients at a much more personable level, you’re going to get on much better. They’re going to like you more, the less likely to sue you. If you’re somebody worried about that, you’ll be able to get better treatments kind of sold. If you’re someone who struggles to get people on board with the treatment that you want to do and the treatment that’s maybe best for them, that’s something that I definitely see as a positive. I can speak to people now when I’m doing a consult for something and they can hear the negatives of whatever treatment I might be offering. You know might fail XYZ there’s no guarantees and they’re still not too fazed by it because you’ve been able to speak to them and say look, you’re in this situation, you can go plus, you can go minus and hopefully we end up on the good side of things. I’m confident in my skills, but there’s always that chance and they tend to roll with it because you know you’ve been honest and you’ve been able to say in a way that doesn’t scare the shit out of them.

Dr James: 9:46

Awesome, yeah, and I feel like maybe for me, before I went into doing a lot of things that I do now with Dent soon invest in the podcast I always thought that it was only worth doing if you could ever become, if you knew you were going to become like some sort of star or celebrity or some sort of Kim K. But that is something that may happen and that would be a very good thing if it did happen, if you were someone who sought to be famous, and that’s completely fair. That’s what your ambition is. But you have to think about the other intangibles and the things that you learn along the way, and maybe those are things that don’t get so much airtime, but I 100% think they’re things that are worth saying and worth hearing, because I definitely didn’t think like that Was that the only thing? There was more than that right that you learned?

Jabir: 10:32

There is so much. I think, if we touch upon the base topic today, which is social media, let’s take the first word you know, because that’s going to be the base point from where you start. You need to be social at some point at this whole journey. If you’re going online and you’ve got to put out your yourself as a person to either come and you have treatment from or do x, y, z, whatever it is. If it’s yourself certain courses, you know. If it’s yourself doing. If it’s somebody else who’s you know, selling implants, they’re coming to you because there’s a thousand people selling courses and there’s a thousand people selling implants. So if you can get yourself out there in a way that’s sociable and people will react well to and you know they can see, actually this guy is something and I like the way he is, then you’re going to be in a much better place. I think that’s probably the starting point from where I started. For me it was. If you go back and watch the first episode we did, I think I’ve discussed how I started the whole denser bits of things. I needed to talk guys when I went to Australia and so it was purely social.

Dr James: 11:39

I need people to show me around. This is a good idea, so I’ll do it and I’ve you know ran with it.

Jabir: 11:44

But then this first step was like look, I’m going to be, social. I didn’t have any idea of where it was going. I didn’t think it was going to be huge. I didn’t want to sell something off the back of it. I think that’s that’s the case with yourself also. You know you started the invest page because you needed to share this information, because you thought no one else is sharing it and we need to know it, and then it’s grown into something huge afterwards. You know that you are now, you know, very happy with and very comfortable doing, and hopefully you know it’s going to continue for both of us for a long time. Awesome man.

Dr James: 12:14

Well, yeah, a little little side tangent on that topic that you just talked we just mentioned just then. So, if we look at the title of the group Dentists who Invest Dentists who Invest a community group for dentists who enjoy trading, trading so I originally envisaged that it would be somewhere that people could go, they had a tip on a stock or if they had done some technical analysis and they really liked a crypto that everybody could on, that group would be people who could benefit from that knowledge and could use that information to trade it. But then, as more and more people joined it, I realized that actually there’s a much broader interest here. There’s a much broader thing that we could use to help people and that is to improve their financial literacy in every respect, not just trading, and that’s where it came from. I think that as long as you can make your focus and your onus on the fact that you want to help people, then people will recognize that and people will follow your group, your brand, your Instagram page, whatever that is, if they feel like they’re going to get real value from it. So your job is to prioritize giving them value and making it worthwhile for them over anything else, and that’s if you can do that enough and consistently enough, that’s when something special things can happen.

Jabir: 13:31

So yeah, awesome man. Yeah, I think I would add to that people can smell fake a mile off. And the number one mistake I see from lots of people on social media, especially on Instagram, for example, is acting like your Coca Cola and throwing things out there like your Coca Cola that a big brand would get away with and you’re not. You’re a small dental practice or you’re an individual. You can’t act like the magnanimous you know I’m on top sort of guy, even if you’re really, really good because Coca Cola’s got the name behind them and years and years and decades of branding behind them to then act that way. So that’s possibly a mindset shift that people maybe want to enact. Yes, you’ve been to dental school, you’ve practiced for 15, 20, 25 years, but no one’s heard of you online. You need to build that from zero.

Dr James: 14:25

Which ties me into the next thing that I would like to bring up, which is how content is. Broadly speaking, market them sounds better on Instagram. What should they focus on? Now? You’ve just explained one of those things, which is to not act like your P Diddy before you’ve reached P Diddy’s level, is another way of phrasing it, I suppose. Anything else you’d like to throw in there.

Jabir: 14:48

Well, yeah, I think that is. That’s one way of putting it, I think. I think you’ve obviously got some, some skill. Everyone’s got the skill. So I don’t want people to take it in a bad way and say, actually you’re no good. It’s more, you need to find a way that is comfortable for you to show that to everyone in a way that’s not off putting and not too arrogant, you know, in a way that’s going to be received well, because perception is everything in this game and you know as well as I do how long it takes to edit a video, to edit a podcast, and if you’re not enjoying the way that you’re doing something when you’re making this content to go out there, then it’s not going to go very far, because it comes across somehow. And I’ve seen that pretty regularly and if you do strike gold and find the right way to do something that’s not a task for yourself, then you know not onerous and you’re able to do it consistently. I think you probably will see results. How big you go and how big you get, that’s just down to demographic you’re targeting.

Dr James: 15:57

Yeah, I’d also like to just throw in one more thing that’s relevant as well. I feel like we all feel that we have to be the expert to be on a particular matter to begin posting on social media. The thing is, if you wait until the point that you’ve already got to achieve that status, first of all, who’s to say when? That is because even the experts are continuously learning. Even the experts don’t recognize when they’ve hit that level. That’s supposed inverted commas expert status. So when is that? When is that point? It’s hard to define and therefore, because it’s so hard to define, we can’t define it, and we shouldn’t let that be something that holds us back in our pursuit of growing our social media, in our pursuit of growing ourselves through growing our social media, of course, as well, which comes as a secondary byproduct of that. So for me, rather than documenting your success, why not just document your journey, and you will so many people out there will relate to you. There’s four more people who can relate to the journey that can relate to the expert status, because being an expert is only a small club of people. We have to remember it, and if you frame it in that way, then actually social media is a lot more friendly a place than we might all imagine and conceive it to be.

Jabir: 17:08

It’s a reflection of yourself. If you put out a negativity, you’ll get it back.

Dr James: 17:12

So true, oh my goodness.

Jabir: 17:13

Yeah, so true, I think that’s. That’s the biggest thing that I’ve. I’ve kind of felt, because I try and keep everything we did positive, you know. So look, this photo that you sent me to post is a bit too great. Can you do it another way? Can you take the picture that’s not a selfie in the mirror, because I think it’ll do better for you.

Dr James: 17:32

It’s all how you frame things, instead of saying you can’t run shit, mate, you get another one.

Jabir: 17:36

Go and buy a DSLR and take a good photo, then I’ll post it.

Dr James: 17:40

You know, there’s a nice way to say things.

Jabir: 17:41

There’s a constructive way to say things and there’s a way that I’ll meet Nicholas. Someone feels small, so I think that is exactly it, just as in life. If you want to say that someone’s face and maybe you are somebody would say something like that someone’s face in which case, again, is, look at yourself a little bit and sort that out. But it’s exactly social media. It’s one to one interactions or one to many interactions just across another medium you know, online. So act the same way that you would in real life and I think you’ll. You’ll see the same reaction back to you.

Dr James: 18:17

I always feel like negativity gets so much more airtime than positivity as well, even though we all like to be positive. So what is with that? Change starts from when? Within change starts from the self reflection that you can afford and push out into the world. So, as I say, positivity. If you want to see more positivity, it’s 100% a self fulfilling thing Start with yourself. Positivity attracts positivity. It’s like the opposite of magnetism. It’s not positive and negative attractant is positive and positive attractant. That’s what I’ve noticed 100%. So if you want more of that in your life, then throwing some love out there into the world is the best way to get it, in my opinion. 100% Awesome. So we obviously, javier, you are someone who is known for your presence on Insta.

Jabir: 19:01


Dr James: 19:02

Now, instagram as a platform, as a brand, is something that there are murmurs, that generally people are moving away from Instagram because they feel like that younger audience, with videos et cetera, are more attracted to platforms like TikTok, which are slightly more vibrant. That would be the opinion of some, is the best way I can put it. What are your thoughts on that matter? And where do you see Instagram fitting in in marketing for dentists going forwards? Because, let’s not forget, that’s where so many practices and dentists document their journey and put themselves out there. How can, how do you see that fitting in going?

Jabir: 19:50

forwards. I think it’s gonna be the mainstay. I think for sure TikTok is huge and it’s gonna be the number two or maybe even joint number one in your arsenal alongside Facebook. You’ve got different demographics and all three platforms, so it depends. Are you someone Sorry, not COVID-19. Are you someone who’s targeting older patients for dentures? Facebook’s your going to. Are you someone who’s targeting millennials? You’re looking at Instagram. Obviously you’ve got groups out between the two and groups will move across from one to another. Everyone’s on TikTok and Instagram as far as I can see, but the mainstay of people are posting lots and doing big things on TikTok. Aren’t much younger? Is it Gen Z? They’re currently teenagers in the early 20s. So it depends who you’re chasing after in terms of your target audience. I know a very, very cool guy in Austin, Texas, or he’s in Texas somewhere. He’s got 2.4 million followers. Last time checked on TikTok, but his mainstay is removing lower molars wisdom teeth in America, so that’s a huge thing for him. He shows people the reactions of what people say after the conversation Hilarious, some really, really good little bits on there. Check him out. It’s called Dr Grace and you’ll see what I mean and he’s made a whole thing of it. You know his TikTok is now just huge, but he’s got his niche, he knows what he’s doing and he caters to that and he doesn’t stray from it. I think that is the key. If you are picking something and you say I want to do X, you stick to X. You don’t drop in a bit of this is the food I ate on the weekend as well, and you don’t drop in a bit of oh, look at this nice wedding I went to, and that kind of thing. And I’m probably a hypocrite there. But mainly because I don’t really have that kind of a target on Instagram, I’m doing it purely to create those connections. I’m on there for connections, so I want people to know a little bit about me, not too much so that’s invasive, but a little bit about me. So they feel like they know me and they feel like they know what I like. So everyone knows I got a great sense of football. Everyone knows that I like some endo. They know that I’m not specialist but I’m doing some good work and I work hard at that and they’ve seen that. But they feel like there’s a little connection there. If you’re doing it in this line, then you need to show you before and afters. I think one thing I would say with dentistry is people normally I see inside their mouth go to social distance. So currently me and James are sat across the table. People want to see what they can see in the mirror and not much closer than that. Maybe you’re attracted to it. But even that versus some people out. So you want to see the social distance. So not quite social distancing, the whole thing, that’s gone past but sitting across the table from someone, that kind of a focal length or a distance away from the person so you can see them. Maybe you can see in the eyes. I know if people won’t like that you might to crop it out and just have a little dirt on the face. That for me would be the way to go, because no one wants to see a posterior composite. No one gives a crap about your amalgam replacements and your I don’t know whatever else people are doing. Your scaling others, you know, got well-factored because it’s kind of disgusting sometimes. But really if you’re trying to get patients you’re going to go with. You know that more sociable aspects and more social to the lens Start with the after a picture.

Dr James: 23:32

I used to do that all the time and people like when I you know from all my dents to my Instagram with my clinical work I used to start with a before picture because I thought, oh okay, I’ll show this and then everybody can see the transformation. So many people scroll past and comment things like what the heck? That looks really bad because you showed them the old Tati amalgam that was in there before, not the beautiful composite afterwards, and people’s attention spans are like zing, like that. You know what I mean. It makes more sense to show the old one first, but just like logical yeah. I think we all have to remember who we’re aiming it at, don’t we? I mean? if it’s the four or the dentist, then it can be. It can be like a really well adjusted Michigan splint is like porn for some dentists, you know what I mean, or like a really good endo or like a really good denture, but to patients that means absolutely nothing. They’re more about ABB stuff that maybe isn’t even that technical like bleaching, but they just think it looks wow. You know what I mean and that was something that I hopefully somebody out there listening will hear themselves in that and maybe hone what they’re doing more towards their target audience. Fair enough if you’re making one for dentists, but most of us aren’t. Most of us are making social media. Most of us are making a social media profile for leads for patients. So just a little tidbit and something that I’ve noticed, and perhaps you’ve noticed that too. Anything you’d like to add to that?

Jabir: 25:01

Yeah, I think that’s the huge thing. Fair enough. If you’re just someone who likes photography and likes your dentistry and just want to show your 123 ABC of how you did things, that’s brilliant. Fair plays to you. It’s really interesting for us. But for the average guy, just don’t care. They just don’t care and they just want to see what you can do for them. What value can you offer to that patient? Not look how great I am and this is how we did it and this is how we did XYZ. They just want to know can you do it, can you not?

Dr James: 25:33

TikTok. Yeah, Should we all be downloading TikTok as an app and making a profile post-haste? Because you know those teenagers we talked about earlier? Those teenagers are going to be 16, 17, 18 before we know it. Those are the dental patients of tomorrow.

Jabir: 25:50

Yep, they’re also all on Instagram.

Dr James: 25:53

So yes, you should.

Jabir: 25:55

But have a look at the kind of content that does well on TikTok. You need to put yourself out there in a completely different way. Are you comfortable with that? You’re going to be on the camera, you’re going to be speaking, you’re going to be reacting to things. You’re going to be making skits, comedy sketches. That’s some way to then show people that this is interesting and actually we’re cool. And have you got the time to do that? Do you have the personality to do that? And possibly we’re hip to up those.

Dr James: 26:28

Javier, no holding back. Javier went there. Well, you mean. I suppose what you mean in terms of like a fly and whine, trending, if you want to get trending.

Jabir: 26:37

You want an attractive, you know, guy or girl. Okay, a little bit of rick to the guy and perfect teeth and perfect timing hair and the lot and the same thing for the girls, because that’s what holds attention is a face, and a nice face and nice everything else. And yes, you might do well with other things, but it’s a thousand times harder, definitely worth doing it if that’s what you want to do, but I’m sure everyone notices what does well and what doesn’t do well. So it is a harsh reality, I think that you can. You can make or break it by just utilizing the likes of influences, which is why influencing is a thing.

Dr James: 27:19

What are? What are other skill sets need to be in our repertoire? To be dentists that are effective at marketing on tick tock.

Jabir: 27:31

So you’re going to want to get into cinematography and videography, you need to learn storytelling, but storytelling in under 10 seconds. Once you go past 15 or 20 seconds, you’ve lost most people. You need to be able to put a hook in first that’s going to catch attention, and then tell you story. So that’s the way that you’re going to get someone to watch the full video, for example, or going to read a full paragraph. You know interesting. Would you like to know how to do X? That’s a hook. Yes, I would like to know that. Then they’ll read through. But again, being to the point, attention spans have dropped massively, massively. You can see on analytics of videos early videos, huge drop off as people either find interest or don’t find interest. The short something is, the easier it is to watch. I felt that myself. You know really interesting video. I said I said bloody minute long, what’s?

Dr James: 28:28


Jabir: 28:29

I used to be able to watch longer videos, but to talk has changed things and you have to cater to that.

Dr James: 28:35

And on the topic of videos, and where we can conventionally find long ones, YouTube does that get a look in. Real quick guys. I put together a special report for dentists, entitled the seven costly and potentially disastrous mistakes that dentists make whenever it comes to their finances. Most of the time, dentists are going through these issues and they don’t even necessarily realize that they’re happening until they have their eyes opened, and that is the purpose of this report. You can go ahead and receive your free report by heading on over to wwwdentistuneinvestcom forward slash podcast report or, alternatively, you can download it using the link in the description. This report details the seven most common issues. However, most importantly, it also shows you how to fix them. Really. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Jabir: 29:33

Yeah, I think if you, for example, I practice, I know a lovely girl, Angela, who’s opened in Manchester. She’s got over a million views on her videos and it’s purely how to do XYZ for her patients. So you can see her or, you know, search people searching for these things and now watching the video. So Angela’s doing really well with that.

Dr James: 29:55

Cool and what would you say are a number one priority for a platform to market ourselves as dentists is which platform? Which, as in yes, sorry, which platform, which platform?

Jabir: 30:08

So, if I’m going to quote, I’m on a course which you came and joined us on for lunch.

Dr James: 30:13

Briefly, briefly.

Jabir: 30:16

The course, which is great for anyone who wants to do implants. I’m going to quote Hassan from the course.

Dr James: 30:20

He says start with the prosthetic in mind, the end in mind.

Jabir: 30:23

So what patient do you want walking in the door and work backwards from that? What are they going to like? What are they going to respond to? And then work out a few of the right person to do?

Dr James: 30:35

that I see, and just as you said earlier, facebook tends to be an older demographic.

Jabir: 30:41

Broad rules of thumb, by the way. Yeah as well. Just, you know very broad strokes because there are more generations everywhere.

Dr James: 30:47

Of course, yes, we wouldn’t mean to. Stereotype is a good word, absolutely. So yeah, broad strokes, generally speaking. Facebook, as you were saying.

Jabir: 30:59

Instagram’s in millennials generally, and your TikToks are your Gen Zs pretty much and everyone’s on YouTube, but for different things.

Dr James: 31:09

I see awesome, let’s change gears slightly. We’ve talked about the more flashy social media platforms is one word we could use. What about the old workhorse that is linked in? Where does that fit in?

Jabir: 31:23

Professional connections. I don’t think I’ve used LinkedIn for anything that’s possibly going to get me patients. If that’s your focus, don’t waste your time on that. Maybe there’s a way to do it, but not that I’ve seen currently. Possibly if you’re looking for associates, if you’re looking for somewhere to work, that might be a good place to start, but again, you have all these other platforms for that as well. If you’re an associate and you’re looking to get picked up by a nice private practice, that’s maybe one area where taking your before and afters of your posterior composite trans and ventures maybe is a good idea, because practice owners could see it.

Dr James: 32:04


Jabir: 32:04

He knows what he’s doing and you know I can see what he’s doing from each step. He’s not a liability to me, so maybe there are uses for these things that we maybe slated earlier on, but it’s horses for causes. What’s your goal at this point?

Dr James: 32:19

A personal anecdote from me regarding LinkedIn. It was actually where I got my Second job after FD, which was a nice job and a nice practice, private practice. I created a LinkedIn account and I remember the day I made it because I thought to myself this is pointless. This is so pointless that this is virtually wasted effort because, even though it’s free, made the LinkedIn account, put it up, put what I did on it a little bit about me, put a picture up there, barely logged into it ever barely logged into it, ever On the off chance. One day I did log into it, looked in my inbox and I saw this offer, this message about a potential job in this practice. It looked really good and that was all because I created this account on LinkedIn. And it looked so good that I didn’t really actually think it was real At the start. For sure enough, I did my due diligence and it actually was a very good practice and that was how I got a job, just by having an account on LinkedIn. So for anybody out there, there must be someone listening who doesn’t have an account on LinkedIn but also has one eye on potential job opportunities. What have you got to lose by making a LinkedIn account. It’s free cost is absolutely zero 30 minutes of your time. You can be advertising yourself amongst lots of dentists. You wouldn’t believe the number of people that add you on LinkedIn as well. It’s crazy. You get like three, four ads a day just because you’re a dentist. People go out of their way to add you. No other platform is like that, unless you’ve got a large following. In my opinion, linkedin people will come to find you rather than you having to broadcast yourself in order to find other people. That’s the interesting thing about LinkedIn, and I actually would agree with you there that it’s best more from a professional standpoint, maybe for those looking for jobs, but I do think that there will be people out there who are underutilising it, given the fact that it has the potential to make those connections that can lead to something seriously concrete like a job prospect.

Jabir: 34:18

Business connections, I would say, whether that’s you looking for a job or if you’re a practice owner or something working with a company, whatever it might be. There we go.

Dr James: 34:27

I guess we’re not really saying anything to your earth shattering there. It’s a bit simple in there Because that’s what LinkedIn literally is. It’s for people who want to make business connections, but I hope that that anecdote in some way inspired someone to think about a LinkedIn account where perhaps they didn’t have one before. Awesome. So there, that was a really fun podcast. Is there anything that you’d like to say?

Jabir: 34:50

just to round things off, yeah, I think we’ve got a changing landscape, so we’ll just drag ourselves back to Instagram for a moment. Of course, yeah, for the last eight. Well, basically, since the pandemic started, there’s been a tangible shift from photography to videos. I think that is a huge, huge tip to anybody out there who’s trying to get themselves any sort of reach, any sort of a platform on Instagram. Videos are now okay, vertical video, same as TikTok. Instagram is fighting against TikTok, tiktok’s advice, versus fighting against Instagram. They’re pushing these things hard, but you do have to be good. That’s the thing. You do have to make something good, something that people want to share. So shareability something that people are going to look at and want to share with a friend or they’re going to want to look at and save it for later so they can look back at it. Something that’s interesting is they’ll tag someone to have a little laugh, those kinds of things. So you look at your is it educational, is it entertaining, is it something that is shareable? I think those are the key points and then you can focus and turn your personality into a natural way that you can do that. And a little anecdote we used to do, in the depths of the pandemic, a live Instagram profile review and I slated this young dental student from Leeds and he had a couple of thousand followers or maybe even less. Might be just his friends or on there. You know people that you know through university and he made some big changes. You know only posts video. He’s targeted down his niche of what he posts about Food nutrition gym. Yes, he’s a dental student, but that’s a whole aside. He went from that one 2000 followers back in January, february time. As of today or yesterday, I checked 14,000 followers. It is there to be done. It’s not going away. You just have to be clever enough and smart enough to execute it with good quality stuff.

Dr James: 36:58

You know, the best videos for marketing are the ones that make you laugh and you want to share them amongst your friends, purely from the point of view that you know that you, that they are entertaining. Those are the most awesome videos for two reasons One, because there’s a human side, that it’s nice to share something that people enjoy. And number two, because who could ask for more effective marketing or more effective means to raise awareness about their brand and that? But of course, I make it sound so, so simple, because to make something that is truly funny is a very hard thing to do. But just planting that seed Awesome, jabba, we’re going to draw a line under proceedings. Thanks so much for coming along tonight. I know for a fact there will be lots of people in the audience who will benefit immensely from the things, the information that you shared. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be the host. Thanks so much for coming, my friends, really Thank you. See you later. My friends, if you enjoyed this podcast, please hit, follow or subscribe so you can stay up to date with information on new podcasts, which are released weekly. Please also feel free to leave a positive review so others can learn about this podcast and benefit from it. I would also encourage any fans of the podcast to sign up to the free Facebook community from which the podcast originated. Please search Dentist who Invest on Facebook and hit join to become part of a community of thousands of other dentists interested in improving their finances, wellbeing and investing knowledge. Looking forward to seeing you on there.