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Dr James: 0:41

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Mahmood: 1:23

Hi sup everybody. The following podcast is the audio taken from a live Q&A session held by myself and Mahmood over on the Medical Entrepreneurs Facebook group. If you enjoy what is about to, follow head over to the Medical Entrepreneurs group, where you can join the group and receive more content over the coming weeks and months, which is exactly the same as what I’m about to broadcast. The Q&A itself features myself and Mahmood discussing running an online business, and also we throw the mic out to the audience so that we can understand the issues, the hurdles, the things that people need to overcome to create in their own online business, and we offer our expertise in order for those people to solve it. Please enjoy the podcast Also. As well as that, you will notice that the Dennis who Invest podcast over the last few months has went through a few iterations of the intro and outro. We’ve now settled on the final version. I am really, really, really loving it. I love the short, sweet and concise intro and also the hip hop outro. I think they’re super cool. Please let me know the feedback on those guys. I really like it. This is going to be the intro and outro now until further notice, looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Hope everybody enjoys the podcast we are live guys.

Speaker 4: 2:36

We’re live on Facebook. Great to see you everyone. One of you, fantastic James, why don’t you open up the room?

Mahmood: 2:44

Yeah, absolutely. Let’s go ahead and get everybody in who is patiently waiting. We’re just going to go ahead and hit admit Awesome, cool. Welcome everybody to this webinar which Mahmood and I are hosting tonight, speaking about entrepreneurship pathway of an entrepreneur and how this can use entrepreneurial tips, tricks, hints, clues, stuff and things like that advice to either accelerate their own career within dentistry or also flourish outside it as well. No matter what your motivation is, whether you love dentistry, whether you don’t love dentistry so much, we’ve got you covered tonight, because when we speak about this, it comes from our hearts. This is something that we’ve been doing for quite a while. We are both dentists. We’re dentists even though we don’t practice dentistry anymore, because our side gigs proved to the point that they were so successful that they were able to sustain our income and, guess what? We were having so much more fun as well. James, I think the internet’s cutting a little.

Speaker 4: 3:47

I think the internet’s cutting a little. Okay, hey guys, great to meet each other. One of you. Could we ask you to turn your webcams on? It would be so good. So, those of you who are on Zoom with us, please do turn your webcams on. Hey, priya, great to see you. Awesome, jean, great to have you here. I’m going to call that, I’m going to say yoga. So no, great time with us as well, jenna, great to have you on. Yeah, sorry, I’m trying. I’d love to listen. That’s cool. No problem there, that’s absolutely fine, so can we ask everyone to get their webcams on?

Mahmood: 4:19

That would be phenomenal, yeah webcams on as many webcams as we can. Guys, it’d be awesome to see your faces. Get some faces to the names for everybody who’s? On the chat It’d be, interesting to know. It’d be interesting to know if everybody’s a dentist on here as well. If we’ve got any non-dentists or dental professionals, pop that in the chat. We’d love to hear from you. We want to know who our audience are. We want to know what you do so that we can serve you to the highest standard and share our knowledge and also tweak that so that we can speak to every single profession. That’s on this webinar tonight, because Mahmood and I are, of course, dentists and we love to hear from anybody else who’s in the medical field, because the point of medical entrepreneurs is it’s not just dentists, it’s actually anyone in the medical field and there’s so much power on that group because those conversations that happen between doctors, dentists, when they’re creating side businesses, when they’ve got that entrepreneurial flare. What that means is that you can have conversations with other people who are like-minded and maybe even have business opportunities, because those things are so aligned as well. So pop that in the chat. If you are indeed not a dentist, we’d love to hear from you. So this is not the first time we’ve had these business masterclasses. This is not the first one. We are making this a regular feature of the medical entrepreneurs group and what we will do on these is speak about entrepreneurship, which is a heck of a lot of fun for us because it’s something that we do all of the time. There’s a funny thing that someone said to me. I was talking to my mom the other day and she said, james, you swapped nine to five. You’ve got out of the nine to five, congratulations, but you’ve swapped it for the seven am to eleven pm. Where’s the sense in that? That doesn’t make any sense. And I’m like mom, what you have to understand is I’m having so much fun doing this that the line for me is so blurred between working and having fun that I don’t even know when I’m doing it. And what that means is that you can do it all day as well, because you actually enjoy it. And that’s how you know you find something that’s exciting for you. And when I say I speak from the heart, I talk about this stuff because I genuinely feel everybody should feel like this every single day. It’s so much fun. That is the holy grail in life when you can get to the point where you’re enjoying your work so much that it doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything. And another thing someone said to me recently. You know there’s three ways you can retire. You can either make so much money where you can sustain yourself through your income. You can stop spending money. Maybe you become a hermit, or you become some sort of monk and you don’t spend any money at all, so therefore you don’t have to work. The point of retirement is you feel like you’re not working. You don’t do any more work. That’s the point. Or the other thing that might mean you retire is when you have a job that you enjoy so much that it never feels like working. So that’s an interesting way of looking at it, another philosophy and maybe there’s a few people on this webinar tonight who just learned that they’ve actually retired. Interesting way of looking at it, isn’t it? But yes, mamun and I, two former dentists, what we’re going to do right now is we’re going to share our stories and what happened to us to allow us to grow outside of dentistry, and how our side gig became our main gig. I’ve done a lot of talking. I’m going to tell my story in just a minute. I’m going to pass the mic over to Mamun so he can share a little bit about himself.

Speaker 4: 7:26

Awesome again, great to be here with each and every one of you. Me and James have been working together for quite some time and we’ll go through how that all worked out and everything in a while. The reason we put this group together is on our journeys, what we found is some. Initially, we thought we were quite alone, that we were people who wanted to do things outside of medicine, outside of dentistry, and then what we realized is that no, we’re not. We’re not just alone, but there’s a lot of dentists, a lot of doctors, a lot of medical professionals who actually want to be able to earn a side income, to sometimes get out of the profession or to actually do a lot more within the profession, and so we’ve been talking about this for quite some time, and so it’s great that we’re here and this group. For us, it’s a long term group, but I mean my long term group is we want to be able to serve each and every one of you really well. We want this to be an ecosystem where you can come in and everything that you want to actually achieve that that side income or money or happiness, whatever it is that this group will be able to give you, those steps in order to get there. The reason that we’re here is you know, sometimes maybe we’re just a couple steps ahead of you that we’ve already done this and, by using the methods that we’ve used, by us sharing our knowledge, our hope is that it can actually get you on that journey yourself. A lot of you know us already because you’re within our separate ecosystems already. Some of you don’t know us, and then you’re here for the first time. So the reason for this group is to be able to help each and every one of you grow through to be able to do the things you always wanted to do. Always say there’s one life right, no one’s coming back, that’s it. And you know, some of us are in these professions and we think that this is all we know, because this is what we’ve started and we’ve got that real ambition to start up something else, because maybe we want to earn more, maybe we want to do more, maybe we want to serve more, we want to give more, whatever it may be, and it’s how do you get there? Was it that you have to do? So we’re going to break down in five steps today the steps that we took in order to be able to create our side hustles, which then became our main hustles now, and we want to be able to take you through that. Obviously, we’ve only got like 45 minutes to an hour, so we’ll give you as much as we can. On top of that, we’ve got some Q&A at the end, so please save up your questions. You can post them in the zoom chat. For those of you on facebook, post them up with them. We’ll come and answer as many questions as we can, but, as James rightly said, this isn’t a one-off. What we’re going to be doing is, every single month, we’ll be having a masterclass within this group. Then we’ll be having a Q&A as well, so a place where you can really come, where you can ask, where you can. We can really serve you well. So yeah, james, why don’t you stop? Why don’t you let us know your journey, how we met, how this started and where you are right now? Real quick guys.

Mahmood: 9:59

I’ve put together a special report for dentists entitled the seven costly, potentially disastrous mistakes that dentists make whenever it comes to their finances. Most of the time, dentists are going through these issues and they don’t even necessarily realize that they’re happening until they have their eyes opened, and that is the purpose of this report. You can go ahead and receive your free report by heading on over to wwwdentiststoinvestcom forward slash podcast report or alternatively, you can download it using the link in the description. This report details these seven most common issues however, most importantly, it also shows you how to fix them. Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Yeah, 100 man, and you know, here’s the thing now that I have a business and now that I exist, my, my income from the business sustains me, and I don’t work as a dentist anymore I always just to think from the book. I will get to my story in just a minute. I wasn’t, I was, I was listening, but just one little thing I wanted to say, and you know, for me, like when you have a business, when you have something that you’ve created that generates money, I always thought that there was a huge amount of luck in it. I just thought some people get lucky, they start a business, and people don’t, you know. But actually I’ve realized as I went through this journey is that it’s a skill set and the chances of you surviving, the chance of your business succeeding, or married to how good you are at the skills related to your business, the skills related to your business, especially if it’s an internet business, there is a certain skill set that you can have that, even if you lose your business, even if something goes wrong, you can go ahead and create another one, and that, for me was the biggest mindset flip, because I just thought you got lucky or you didn’t. You know what I mean. But actually, if you can take that and you can learn those things, anybody can do it. Anybody can give them the best chance possible. And the thing about the internet is the internet is still under rated. There’s so many things that you can do, there’s so many things that you can create. Out there, there’s a group of people that you can speak to and you can niche to like nobody else can, and it’s not just an option to go and talk to those people. It is your duty, okay, because those people and their lives will never improve unless you share what you have with them. Now that begs the question what is it that we do share my mood, and I will be talking about the actionable steps that you can use to find out, to find out what your skill is, to find out what your passion is, and I’m convinced okay, I have not met anybody yet. Oops, there’s some people waiting in the waiting room. Let me let them in I don’t know about you.

Speaker 4: 12:25

Tell everyone, tell everyone. Why are you here?

Mahmood: 12:27

yeah, yeah, we will. So I will get to that. I was just wrapping up. I was just wrapping up and I was just gonna say that everybody I haven’t met anybody yet who doesn’t have some and then he that they can sell, they can make a business around I honestly haven’t all right. It’s just finding out what that is, but anyway, yes, that was a bit of a deter. But back to my story. So I am a dentist. I don’t practice as a dentist anymore, so that was in the past. That was something I did historically. So I graduated from Leeds in 2016. I liked dentistry. I never disliked it. People always say to me people always presume that I don’t do it anymore because, I don’t know, I disliked it or it was something I didn’t enjoy. Actually, it was a very organic thing. It got to the point where I find that dentistry was just getting in the way of my entrepreneurial endeavors versus the other way around. It grew to the point where I was doing dentistry around my business rather than business around my dentistry, and that was when I knew it was the point to take a leap. But anyway, as I say, I graduated in Leeds 2016, leeds University 2016, went to Sheffield, did my foundation year, had no idea that this whole. You know, at that point, I just thought I was going to be a dentist and work until I retire, just like everybody else, whatever retirement age is for each one of us, whatever it is when we get there because, let’s not forget, they keep shifting the goalposts on that one, which is another thing that you know if we’re waiting and we’re hanging on for that beautiful moment where we don’t have to work anymore, if it keeps shifting and it’s like a mirage in front of you for me, you have to seize your destiny, and that was something that frustrated me. But anyway, like I say, 2017 came back to Leeds after my foundation year started dabbling in cryptocurrency around about that time. That was when bitcoin was really popping. I know it had a wild year last year the price went up loads but it was also popping around that time as well, and I thought to myself okay, this is clearly a bubble. I don’t know anything about investing, but this is a bubble. Right here, right now is a bubble, so I’m going to be smart. I’m not going to buy it right now. I’m going to wait. I’m intelligent, I’m clever, I’m much smarter than that. I’m not going to get fooled. So I waited about three months. Now, anybody who knows anything about crypto knows that when it goes through its huge boom and must cycles after it has a huge boom, then it takes about a year for it to reset before the next boom. I had no idea. I had no idea about this stuff, so I thought three months, it was a little bit of this, you know, when you lick your finger and you put it up like this and you feel which way the wind’s blowing, that for me that was. That was the best information that I had I never thought about and I thought okay, the boom will probably be over by the, the bus will probably be over by then. I’m going to buy some bitcoin. Let’s see what happens now. That initial endeavor, that initial folly just letting this lady in was not successful. I actually managed to lose about 70 percent on my first investment within the first 12 months, within the first six months, actually. That’s, that’s how long it was. Now you know whether you’re an investor or not. If you’re losing money at that rate, you clearly don’t know what you’re doing. Okay, so for me personally, I realized there was a huge disparity in how good I thought I was versus how good I actually was, okay. So I thought, okay, let’s learn about finance, let’s learn about crypto, let’s begin to seize this, let’s begin to put this into my own hands and take charge of my own destiny, and learn how to do this because, let’s not forget, somebody out there can do this and make money from it. What’s the difference between me and them? I figured that was knowledge, yeah, so I began to learn. The more you learn about crypto, you realize you have to take a step back and learn about finance in the first place, because crypto is an evolution of finance. Crypto is designed to address the problems that the traditional finance system has. You must understand that. You must understand what those are before you can understand crypto. So then, as I say, this initiated this huge voyage into learning about crypto, finance, etc. Self-taught investor from books, no formal education. This was my side gager on my hobby. That that I did around my dentistry. I also love dentistry as well, if you, if you saw my bedroom, there’s about 20 books sat on top of each other dentistry books, things that I have learned about dentistry, things that I will put books on. You know this, that and the other various topics on dentistry now around about well, about two years ago I was playing football and I had this horrible knee injury. It tore my s EL. If anybody’s torn their s EL, they’ll know it’s absolutely zero fun and it’s really painful. So that happened. Then I knew I needed surgery. I realized the next day I needed surgery when the physio told me I had no idea that that’s what that was necessary. After you tell your s EL. I didn’t even know what an s EL was until the day after, when he told me what had happened. He gave me the low down on why, well, why, I couldn’t walk properly, basically, the day afterwards. So, anyway, that happened and then that was in 2019. Now I was waiting for my surgery date. Coronavirus came. Everything turned upside down off work for three months, got even more into investing, read more books, spent loads of time learning about it, and then I went back to work for about two months, learned that I was going to have surgery, said to my boss in my work I need two weeks off to recover from the surgery. He said, okay, that’s fine, but really two weeks, that was the minimum the surgeon recommended and actually they recommended four weeks. But I was young, I was full hearty, I was a little brash, I was a little cocksure and I thought two weeks. I’m going to need one week, I reckon, but I’ll go two weeks because I want to see if that you know you. You know when you’re just a young man and you think you’re invincible, that was me, okay. So went back to work after the surgery, two weeks after the surgery, and it just was not happening. My knee was swelling up. It was getting really big. I was putting work before my health. So, as it happened, what was simmering in the background was that I didn’t actually really particularly like that dental practice either. I kind of needed an excuse to leave. I needed an excuse to leave. So what that allowed me to do was I just said to myself okay, I’m going to take some time out, I’m going to just, you know, relax from dentistry, have three months out, let my knee recover properly. And that’s when I started. Dentists who invest, who a lot of you on this webinar may know me from. That’s my page, that’s my group. It’s about educating dentists on finance. And then from there, a lot of people started joining it. It went viral. I got to know my mood around this time as well, it grew and grew and grew and then I started selling courses, started selling programs to educate dentists and how they can invest their money wisely in the crypto world and outside of the crypto world, and then that became a side gig and then basically I just had no time to do dentistry anymore, and that’s how it happened. Anyway, I hope everybody enjoyed that story. So, mama, do you want to share your story as well?

Speaker 4: 19:21

Yeah, if you, anyone like I’m not sure how many people in this room or on Facebook actually don’t know us, or does everyone here know us? If this is the first time you’re listening to James or myself and you kind of don’t know where we’ve come from, could you just type yes in the chat box?

Mahmood: 19:40

Yeah, that’d be interesting actually.

Speaker 4: 19:43

Yeah, so if it’s the first time, just type first in the chat box if it’s on Zoom, so we know. Some of you know us quite well and some of you don’t know us, so just type in yes or no in the chat box. So if you know us, if you don’t, it’s cool.

Mahmood: 20:01

Maybe you might like to tell your story in the meantime, Mamud.

Speaker 4: 20:03

Yeah, I don’t know how much everyone knows about us. Yes, yes, yes, yes, okay, fine, no, james, okay, that’s cool. So, yes, so where should we start? Right? So, dentistry by profession 2013, so 2003. Graduated from Manchester, I’ve practiced dentistry for 14 years. For the seven, I loved it. The other seven actually hated it. Right, james enjoyed it. The last seven years actually hated dentistry whatsoever. My life changed quite a lot in 2016 when my father passed away. When my father passed away, what happened is I realized that, you know, my father was very, very, very happy. He died happy. He did everything he wanted to do For me. I was extremely unhappy in what I was doing in dentistry. I wanted to do more. I wanted to be able to serve and inspire people, and at that point in my life, I had a stutter. I had a stutter since I was younger, I wasn’t able to speak, and so I didn’t know what I could do. And, as far as I was concerned, I was just dentist and I went on this journey where I had to go and find myself. One of the things which we’re going to talk about when we talk about the five steps you want to create your business, one of them is to be able to find your gift. I knew that had a gift inside of me. Like many of you possibly know, there’s a gift inside of you. I believe everyone’s got a gift and the journey of life is for you to find your gift and tap into your gift and then use your gift to serve the world. I truly believe that’s the purpose of life. I knew there was more to me than dentistry. There was more to me. I was very grateful for what I had, but I wasn’t happy, and I feel that that’s an okay distinction to have. Most people say that you know I should be grateful and happy for what I have. You can be grateful for what you have. It doesn’t mean you should be happy for what you have. There’s a big difference there, right, and a lot of us we are grateful but we’re not happy and we feel bad inside of us that we’re not happy for what we have. But it’s cool. You don’t have to be happy in what you’re doing. You can still be grateful for it. So I wanted to. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where I would go from there. So what happened is, when my father passed away, what really helped me cope with the death of my father was the fact that I used to run. I used to run every single day and running allowed me to build up a great mental mindset and it allowed me to cope with anything which was happening from my father passed away. I was able to cope with it in a very different way because, you know, I’ve been running every single day and I remember this quote by Gandhi which I came across, and what Gandhi said is that you will find yourself when you lose yourself in the service of others. And for me that became very important, that I looked at that and said what does that mean? What does that actually mean? What actually meant for me is, you know, to actually find yourself, you’ve got to help others, and it’s not about yourself. And I said, but what can I help people with? It’s not the industry I want to do. And I said, hold on, what if I could teach other people how to run? What if I can teach other people how to keep fit? So my journey started off in the fitness industry. So I started helping people have to get fit, how to stay mentally strong through getting physically fit. So I started that and also my biggest concern at that point, my biggest fear was actually public speaking or speaking, because I had a starter. I wasn’t able to do that, so I used those sessions. When I used to train people, I used to have like 15, 20 people in the park with me and I used to give them a talk, and every single week I did this for a year, every single Sunday, and I used to give them. There was no charge for this. I did this for free because it was my way of helping people and I did this for free and every Sunday I used to give them a 10 minute pump talk before I worked out with them. But that pump talk I used to practice for eight hours every single Saturday to get ready for the Sunday. So I used to have eight hours every single Saturday for one year getting this talk ready, and then I used to go there and I used to deliver it and I used to put it out on Facebook, instagram and YouTube and what happened is people started watching it and people started inviting me on this stage to speak and I realized that that was a passion I had inside of me which I never knew, and everyone’s looking for that gift and looking for that passion. I think they should know it, but no, you don’t know it. And the way you find it is by trying lots of different things and something clicks and think, yeah, that’s it. There’s a lot, more and more and more of it. So I realized that, you know, speaking was my thing, that from before I couldn’t speak, now speaking, all the time people were inviting me to their stages. I started being headhunted while I was in dentistry, still to speak for other people. So I used to work for some companies and kind of run a seminar for them and then upsell something at the back later and then I became one of the best closers. In the first 11 months I closed two million pounds of stage. That’s not profit, that was sells. So I got a percentage of that. And I realized that, you know, I had a gift inside of me and dentistry. And then the more I loved what I did, the more I hated dentistry. And it got to the point where, you know, another crazy event happened in my life my aunt passed away and I realized that the biggest thing about her death was the fact that I didn’t have to go to work the next day because I had to go to funeral, and that really made me realize that this is it right, that I’ve got to get out. So I went to my business partner’s house and I told him look, you’ve got to buy me out, or you know, I’m walking out. And so he bought me out. That gave me enough money to live for a year. So my share of the practice was worth a year of income for my family, and so I’ve got three kids. And so what happened is I left the practice and then I had to make this work and I didn’t know what what I was going to do. But I knew I could speak well and you’re going to sell well. I didn’t know what to do with it. My journeys to meet LA or speaking in LA and some of you who’ve known me, I’ve shared some great guys like Steve Ozniac or signed of Apple, mel Gibson, people like that. So I was on the stage with Steve Ozniac at that point in LA and I came across a coach in the room and that coach used to charge people a million euros to coach them, and that blew my mind as to how someone could actually charge someone a million euros to coach them. At that point I started the coaching journey, but I wasn’t charging, you know, two, three thousand pounds to coach people and I didn’t understand how someone could charge a million. What happened is this guy started coaching me. I didn’t pay him a million, but he had another program where he would meet me four times in a year within a group of people and he helped me develop what I do right now. So I started having I launched the Academy initially, where I was teaching dentists how to speak powerfully and how to sell powerfully from stage, so I can have the power to go into the practice and to be able to really, really, really speak well and really powerfully sell. Okay, and that’s where everything started. We took the business from zero to half a million within the first one and a half years. So that was great. And what happened is, you know, just when you think everything’s great, something happens and everything gets caught. Covid came along. Most of my travels took me around the world and then people used to come to London for my courses and when S space closed, the business went from half a million down to zero, and one of the things I’m going to talk about as one of the things about you know, but me and Jen you’re going to talk about when you build up a business. It’s, you know, being able to have that growth mindset. One of the keys to that is when any kind of shit happens to in life. If you to ask yourself what’s the gift in this, what’s the gift in this, what’s the gift in this right. So I said you know when, when, when lockdown happened in the business went from half a million to zero, it was like you know what, if God had sent lockdown for me, what would that mean? Why would God give lockdown? Like what’s there in it for me? What’s the gift in it for me? And what I realized? This was the opportunity for me to build up an online academy, something I’ve always wanted to do, and so I built up an online academy. I started, and the way I did it is, I always wanted to have a business course, and so I said let me launch a business course, and normally the price of my courses priced out a lot of people, and at this time, I called up 70 people a lot of them are my friends and I called them and said look, I’m starting a business course up in two weeks time and it’s going to be, and it’s and it’s going to be a grand, that’s it. And I called up 70 people and 40 said we’re in, okay. And so I thought people signing up for the course and hadn’t made the course yet Launched the course a week later. And that’s how you know my academy, which is a week night academy, that’s how you know. That’s how I started during lockdown. That’s when I met James as well, and James wanted to get out of dentistry and James and then that’s where we built dentists to invest from, and so you know, within the ecosystem. So, do you lock down, we went from a turnover of zero to one and a half million and you know, for me, my overheads quite low, so a lot of that was profits and we built the team from to, which was me and my son. My son used to film around the world with me filming me to. We’ve got 16 or 17 people right now, staff wise. So we’ve grown a lot during this. And you know, one of the things that me and James won’t hold back on is we won’t hold back on figures, and this is actually a place where you can come and we want to help you build your business. So it’s really important that you know what we’ve done and what we do and how we do, because that’s the only way that you know. We know that we can also help you do that. So you know, my Academy grew from zero to one and a half million in what? In in about a year? James let you know about him. And so for us having the best times of our life but I’m not saying best times of our life that we’re, you know, turning left in planes and driving nice cars none of that. I’m talking about best time of our lives and talking about flipping impact. Right now, I’m a place in my life I’m having the most amount of impact I ever have. I’m doing things I never thought I would, but I work 20 hours a day. For some of you, that’s like what the hell the hour? 20 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s tough, it’s hard. I have a family of three kids, but I’m in the place right now where I realize that I’m making an impact and for me, that’s what keeps me, that that’s my oxygen Right and I work for them. I don’t know anyone works harder than me, and I really true believe that the entry level for entrepreneurship is damn hard work. People talk about work smart, not hard. It’s nothing like that. It’s about work hard first, work smart comes later. I’m in the early stage of building up my business and you know, for us, building up this group is, you know, my goal is to be a billionaire, but it’s not to have a billion dollars or billion pounds is touch a billion lives by having this group on. This group is massive where it helps me get towards my goal of touching more lives. Each and every one of you here right now doesn’t know me to let me to touch another life and for me, that’s really important and that’s why you know. So there’s a lot myself and James, you together. So you know I’m James’s coach. You know and bounce a lot of ideas of James. James is one of the coaches within my Academy as well and you know, for a long time we’ve had a dream to be able to launch something like this. We truly feel that knowledge isn’t there to be kept, said, to be shared. We’re here and we wanted to be able to share our knowledge, how we did this with you, so you could start where you want to go, and so this has been a dream of James in mind for a long time. I was super busy people, james, tell you how busy is right. You know time for anything, but we have time for things which matter. We will have that right. We’re busy people, but when something matters, we have time for it. We have time for this. We have time for each and every one of you and we want you to benefit from this. We want you to be happy. That is the biggest ROI right. It’s not money to happiness, and that’s why we’re here. So that’s me, that’s James and, like you know James, if, if I can spend kind of a minute more letting them know. So you know me and James having a chat this afternoon and we said you know what, like you know, if we have to condense how we built our business into five ways, like we’ll be, those five steps will be the five steps we set down, said, look, you know what are those five steps and you know, for us, the five steps were that and then one will go through these step by step. Let me know you the five and please write them down as well. We’ll put them on the group place as well. But I believe that the first thing that you need to be able to do to be able to find out what is that you want to do grow your business is to be able to develop your mindset, and we call it the growth mindset, and we’ll talk about what we mean. And just that word means different things to James and myself. James said what he means by that and how he developed that and how I develop that right. So we’ll tell you separately Mine and James is viewed and all the same, sometimes that’s why there’s two of us here I will have different views and that’s great, so you can learn from both of us. The second thing is that only when you develop your mindset can actually find your gift, find your passion. So the next thing is to be able to develop that business. You need to be able to find your gift, find your passion and do what you love. Because, as Steve Jobs rightly said, right that you know when you do what you love, you do it all the time where other people doing it because I have to do it, because you want to. That way, you win, right. You win because you could work 20 hours a day and call it play when other people calling it work. That’s how you win. The first thing is develop that mindset. The second thing is to be able to find your gift, find your passion. You can only do that once you develop the mindset to do so. The third thing is to let the world know that you’re around. Let people know who you are and what you do For us. We call it our content creation, what we do. I post three, four times a day on Instagram, right. Instagram, linkedin, facebook, right. You know that that is my place. You know that’s where a lot of people find out about me around the world. So you know that’s the next thing. You know getting people to get to know what you do, why you do and why you are the best in the world at doing it. And then, after that, the most important lifeblood of your business sells, right, how do you sell? How do you talk about money that people don’t like that? But selling is actually serving is the most important thing you can ever do. If you’re not able to sell to people, you can never really help them because they’ll never be in your ecosystem, will never be able to serve them. So you know the fourth one is sells. And the fifth one is having the patients to know that it’ll come, that when you work hard, you struggle hard every single day, life will come to you, it’ll happen. So it’s having that patience. When we talk about patients, we talk about micro patients, not macro. We talk about macro patients, not micro patients. What I mean by that is I don’t want you to have patients every day, I want you to flip it, you know. Run fast and hard every single day, but know that in the long run it’ll happen. That’s only a long term patients, not short term patients. That’s what I mean. So you know we want to go into these five areas and then you know, in about half an hour we’ll wrap up and then let’s take some questions and let’s make this real, let’s make this a life. It’s one thing, us being able to give you this knowledge, but it’s another thing how to actually implement the knowledge. Right, that’s totally separate skill set and let us know to help you implement that as well. So, james, right, number one from the, from the growth mindset point, right? What’s your biggest takeaway on that for your business? How did you develop that? And then after I’ll talk about that and then we’ll kind of move down the ladder that way.

Mahmood: 32:51

Awesome. So, yeah, making growth your priority in so far as you’re actively seeking out tasks. You’re actively seeking out things that you know, things that you can participate in, which grow you as a person and then therefore set you apart from others. So what that means is that you can serve them and you can teach them about those things as well and elevate them with you. So one example would be public speaking. Speaking is the greatest gift, warren Buffett, he says speaking and speaking and selling the two greatest gifts that any human being can have. I always thought I was good at talking, but through creating content and through running live events, I realized that there’s actually so many more levels that you have to go to in order to be able to become good at that. So, for me, the first thing that I pursued when I’m, when I’m thinking about growth, I think about getting comfortable talking to lots of people, speaking publicly and also creating content to, and if you can become that person who pushes through and is able to do those things and able to teach others and able to do them to a very high standard, then you actually have a massively sought after skill in itself. The other thing about growth is, for me personally, you know it’s about pushing yourself. It’s about pushing yourself constantly. It’s about being happy to go where other people won’t go, because people, because businesses. The whole point of a business is you’re actually, you’re a pioneer. You’re quite literally a pioneer. You have to be comfortable with being different from the rest of the crowd and for me, that was the biggest thing about growth is actively seeking out those things that will push me and driving further and becoming comfortable, being uncomfortable and doing a lot of the stuff that other people aren’t willing to do, because that’s what creating the business is. And when I say that, one of the examples is one of what my mood just talked about a second ago, which is how hard you have to work. And, like I say, you swap the nine to five for the seven am to 11 pm at the start. But for me, life is about purpose, life is about pushing yourself, life is about going as far as you can in such a short space of time, helping others, serving them, creating something that’s amazing and creating a legacy. And for me, it’s a way easier to do that if you’re an entrepreneur, is way easier to do that if you’ve created something that’s unique and special, and for me, that’s the thing that drives me every single day, that’s what gives me the growth, that’s what gives me that energy, that’s what gives me that passion, you know, is finding something that is fun to do. For me, life is way too short to spend time doing something over and over again, chasing certainty, chasing the same result, but not being happy. Surely, if there’s people on this webinar who are listening, who are dentists and they are not people who enjoy their job, they’re not. It’s not something that you want to do or you want to do something else in order to complement it, and for me, it’s like what have you got to lose, almost in a way, by trying these things, by growing and doing other things that are totally unrelated to dentistry, undertaking other activities that are totally unrelated to dentistry? However, because you find them interesting, because it’s those things, it’s those things that are growing you and it’s those things that you can eventually repurpose into a business, those experiences that not everybody’s had. What do I mean? What do I mean by that? That’s a little wishy-washy. The thing about everybody on this webinar is that you, if you’re a dentist, or no matter what profession you are, if you learn about another body of knowledge. You can relate that knowledge to your profession like nobody else can. So take what I do finance and dentistry. Am I the best financier in the world? No way. I’d never say that. I’ve never worked on Wall Street, I haven’t even got a qualification on it. Am I the best dentist who’s ever lived? No way in heck. There’s some unbelievable dentists out there, yeah, but can I marry those two together? Put it in a package and give it to people, give it to dentists, give it to you in a form that’s way more understandable than a financier can, or a dentist? Can you know who has no education on it? Then, yes, that is what I do. That’s my favourite thing to do in the whole world, and that is the mindset that you must have in order to create your own business. It’s not about reinventing things. It’s just about repurposing them and speaking to a group of people who you can niche, and that comes through growing yourself and seeking out activities that will push you as a person, psychologically and mentally. You wanted to say something on that as well, mamud. Yeah.

Speaker 4: 37:01

Yeah, for me, when I look at the growth mindset, I feel that that is the foundation of everything that each and every one of you, each and every one of us, should have, and it’s an ongoing journey. It’s never going to stop and you’re every day making that mind of you’re stronger, and stronger, and stronger, and that mind you know every day. I say when you wake up, it’s like a flipping battle going on in your head. You need to be that warrior and you need to wear your armor every single day when you go out to war. Okay, and that is really, really important. Recently, I was doing a. I was speaking at the Founders Day at UCL and we were on a panel and one of the founders there and I mentioned this and they go no, you shouldn’t tell people this. People need to wake up happy and you can’t tell them. They’re going to be stressed and I know it’s not like that. The truth is, a journey of entrepreneur is tough. I mean, you wake up in the morning, right. You need to make sure that you are well equipped for that day. For me, that’s where, that’s why your mind is so important, and you know there’s. I talk a lot about belief stacks and when you see some of my stuff out there Facebook, instagram, youtube you’ll see there’s a lot of belief stacks I have and for me, when it comes to growth mindset, I’ve got a 14 stack belief system about the mind. But the four most important ones on there, which I live by every single day, are ones which I feel you should live by, and what these are is these are. These are sentences, these are words which I believe with every part of me and I make myself adhere to these all the time. They etched in my soul and like for the first one is that the world is a good place, that you know every single day when you wake up, you have a choice to make whether you live in a good world or a bad world, and with what? Everything going on out there, like wars, families, things like that. You know sometimes we can, you know we believe the world is in a good place, and if you believe the world’s a good place, then you’ll never do great things in a good world and what that’ll mean is you’ll never grow. So you’ve got to wake up every single day knowing that this world is a flipping great place. You need to know every single day that this world is an amazing, amazing place to live in, that this world is beautiful. When you wake up like that and you actually believe that and you know it’s like life sometimes. Right, you’ve got to tell yourself every single day for you to believe it. You’ve told yourself something, all of you something, over and over again, and in the end you believe it. And this is what belief systems are all about. When you tell something, to tell yourself something over and over again, it gets etched inside your soul, it becomes part of your subconscious, and that’s what this is about. So the first one is to believe as well as a great place, because if you believe the world’s a great place, then you’ll do great things. The second one is that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you and that, no matter what and many of you have heard this, right, you’ve heard this I say the same thing over and over again, because sometimes it’s nothing new. That is the things we need to hear over and over again, which are the things which we really need to take on board. That number two life doesn’t happen for life doesn’t happen to, happens for you, but everything which is happening in your life right now is happening for a reason and you’ve got to find the gift in it. You’ve got to find the reason as to what your why things are happening in your life, and even sometimes there’s no reason. You can find the reason. And for me, that’s the second one. The third one is to know that you can learn anything new at any time. Right that your skills, your traits are malleable, but you can develop any new skill set at any time. If you do something over and over again and if you do things which are hard, okay, that way you develop new skill sets. It is really important. And number four, to also know that all the hard work that you’re putting really now, all the hard work you’re putting in now, will be paid back later on. They’re the four belief stacks which I used to build up my business to one and a half mil, okay, and I still, every single day. I go with that all the time, every single day when I wake up in the morning. That’s the belief stack which I live by and, if you like, the first thing you need to do is to be able to instill that in yourself. You know, growth mindset is where you understand the world’s got great things for you. When you understand you can do great things. And when you live by those four, your mind develops, your mind grows. It’s only at that point. It’s like the foundation of the building. It’s the foundation of everything. Now, when you develop that foundation, the rest of that can build. Most people looking for strategy, james, in the business right, you know the four ways, the six ways. None of that works. The reason it doesn’t work is because the foundation’s not right. So when you’re building up that business, whatever you wanna do, start with the foundation. The foundation is up there. You get this right, everything works Because you can get a strategy right. You can get Nike’s strategy of how they, you know, built a billion dollar business. But the reason it won’t work for you is because you haven’t got the mindset to be able to action that. You do have the mindset. That strategy can work for you. So the most important thing, number one, is to be able to get that. So, again, those four beliefs stack and if you want me to type it in the group, I’ll put that in, but I want you to live by that, I want it to etch it in your soul. Then they should be the core of your beliefs, and that’s the first, first first thing, james, if I can go into the second one and you can touch on the second one as well. But once you’ve developed that mindset, what happens is you start seeing life in different ways. Let me give you a. Let me share this. Let me share with you a story. Right, Nike were launching a new pair of trainers, and what they did is they wanted to launch a new pair of trainers in the Sahara Desert. So what they did is they sent two sales guys to Sahara Desert. They sent the best sales guy and their average sales guy sent them in a private jet. They got there and the average sales guy calls the MD and he goes look right, this ain’t the place for us. It’s a hot country, it’s sandy. No one’s wearing shoes here. We ain’t gonna sell any trainers here, forget it. And he came back. The brilliant sales guy got out of the plane, he looked around and he called his MD. He goes this is the best place we can be. Do you know why? No one wears flipping shoes here? Right, no one wears shoes. We can put shoes on everyone. Right? This is the best place we could ever be. Same situation, right? Two different people looking at things in different ways, your mindset, the glasses which you wear every day, and that’s how you look into the world. Okay, if you look for happiness, you’ll find it. You look for sadness, you’ll find it. You look for joy, you’ll find it. You look for love, you’ll find it right. You look for abundance, prosperity you’ll find it. You look for lack, you look for scarcity, you’ll find that as well. So the thing is, what pair of glasses do you wear every day? Once you’ve got that mindset right, they’re the new pair of glasses you wear. And with that new pair of glasses, what happens? You start seeing life in a different way. You start finding the things you’re greater. You start looking at your hobbies, your business hobbies, my hold on maybe this is something I can grow and that’s when you start finding your gifts. You start doing things in a different way. So for me, that’s what the second thing is. That’s my journey started in fitness. It took me to speaking from speaking when into coaching, from coaching a lot of people in the Lawrence Academy and kind of whatever we’re doing now. But it’s like where you’re gonna be door 10, and sometimes we’re trying to open door 10 before we open door number one. But the way we open door number one is by looking at the things you’re greater and starting there. So look at what your greats are, look at why God put you on this earth. Like, what is it? What are you great at? What are you world class at? And if you’re not, try lots of things. And as you try lots of things, you’ll find something which you like a bit more. As you do that, more and more, you’ll think oh, I really like this. You do that more and more. The more you do it, the better you become of it. And that’s how you find your passion, that’s how you find your gift. And through that Because I say this, right, the biggest gift is really when you can monetize your gift and turn it into a business, because that way you can serve the most amount of people. Right, and when you do things for free, people don’t value it. People don’t value things for free. Otherwise you’d go on YouTube and how many videos on there and how to be a millionaire how many of us have done that? Or billionaire we don’t, right, it’s free. Yeah, people don’t value things when they’re free. The best way, the most efficient way to be able to serve the most amount of people is to find what you’re greater and then build a business out of it, which is exactly what James did, exactly what I did, exactly what everyone who we coached. That’s what they’ve done, james. What about you? What’s your take on? Like? I remember that conversation we had right Before you found your gift and it was like you know what do I do? And then you realized your gift was trading, investing, and how much you love them. You said what if I can serve other people through that?

Mahmood: 44:37

Yeah, 100%. So when you have a gift here’s the thing I feel like people spend so much time deliberating over what their business might be, versus just trying something that they know that is a passion or skill or a hobby and they know that they can help people with and then learning as they go along. So here’s the thing you know, say you have a gift, or say you have something you’re good at, okay, Say you have something you enjoy. Then for me, what is a business? Let’s look at it fundamentally. A business is just value delivery. Okay, it’s where you take some value, you give it to someone else and there’s a transaction from money. So people are always saying I always hear people say things like oh, I don’t know what I can turn into a business, I don’t know how I can start, I don’t know what it is. The first thing is you take something that you know will help other people, no matter what that is. That’s easy. Anything that has value can be a business. Anything, anything in the whole world. Yeah, and that’s the thing. That’s the point of a business. That’s what it fundamentally is. It’s just giving someone else value and then them giving you money okay, and exchange for it because there has to be that transaction there, because the point of a business is that it has to be profitable. Okay, so for people out there who are saying, you know what’s my gift? What do I do? How do I begin? The trick is just to find something that you like and then just start, and you know what? There might be people on here who like football. There might be people on here who, like, I don’t know anything in the whole wide world. You can, if you create something and then you share that and you get your first customers, you get your first people on board. You take them down to the park, you have a kicker on, you play some football, something like that. Guess what you started. Okay, and here’s the thing right, so many people, when they wanna start their business as well, they, I feel what holds them back is, especially if you’re a dentist. It’s quite easy just to be comfortable and not just go to your surgery and just collect your wage. Yeah, and you’ll do well, you know you’ll get remunerated pretty handsomely because you’re a dentist. Yeah, you can expect your side business to make you as much money overnight. But the point is that you’ve actually started in the first place and then you’ve got the ball rolling and it’s the skills you learn, those completely abstract things that you never anticipated that you would learn until you begin. Those are the things that will allow you to grow the business further, rather than complacency and not doing anything. For me, the hug, the biggest thing is to find something you love. It has to be something you love. It has to, has to. Has to because you’ll never be able to put the hours in to get it off the ground otherwise, and when you find something so important.

Speaker 4: 47:06

You know that part you just said right now yeah, like people don’t see that, people don’t see why you have to love what you do, and that is the most important thing here.

Mahmood: 47:16

Yeah, 100%, you have to. It’s necessary for the journey, it’s necessary for the process.

Speaker 4: 47:23

But also, can I jump in there? You don’t have to love what you do all the time. Yeah, that’s a caveat on there. A lot of people think they need to wake up out of bed and, oh, I’m so happy and I’m doing this all. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, you don’t. Yeah, you have to love what you do, but you’re not going to love it all the time. It’s like in any relationship, right, you’re not going to be a level 10 passion all the time. It’s going to fluctuate, but the main thing, like with business, what it is right, you got to love the result. The process is going to be shared. At times it’s going to be tough, like who likes waking up at 4 am, 5 am? Who likes it? No one does, but you know it’s flipping good for you, right? You know lifting weights no one really enjoys it, but you know it’s good for you Having showers every day. You know it’s good for you. So you do these things right. And so the process isn’t the enjoyable bit, but the result is the enjoyable bit. So you got to love the process even though you don’t love it, but you got to love the result even more 100%.

Mahmood: 48:20

And yeah, like I said, the point is that you can take whatever it is that you do and relate it to a group of people that you identify with. So we use the football example again football for dentists. I don’t know some sort of page or some sort of group or community centered around that, because the power is in niching. You know, I listened to a lot of Gary Vee. I love Gary Vee, I love his podcast, and he said something really interesting. What the internet does is it allows these communities of people to come together, these niches that never, ever, ever before, could ever have interacted or spoke to each other. So let’s look at my page Dentists who are into finance, dentists who are into money. Okay, before the era of the internet, where would you ever have got a group of people who are into that and be able to get them in one place? Now, when you have a group of people that are interested in one specific thing, you’re a competitor of one, You’re in a market of one because you’re the one person who can serve them and do that thing for them, and then, if you can give them value, guess what? You’ve got a business, you create something and you can sell it. You know, and in my head before I went down this path, before I began to voyage down this journey and began to do these things, I never really realized that actually it is very fundamental lessons. If you make something that’s useful to someone, you have a business and you know what it’s all about just starting. For me, it’s all about taking that whatever it is, putting a price tag on it, put it, even if it’s like a complete no-brainer as to how cheap it is at the very beginning, like it’s like 20 quid for something amazing that run really, really, really useful. At least you’ve started and at least you’ve began. And, just like Mamoud was saying, it has to be something that you love, because otherwise you can’t put the hours in. And if anybody has sat there thinking, actually, what is it that I love? Don’t worry about whether or not you can monetize it. For the minute, that doesn’t matter, okay. Just find out what it is that you enjoy first of all and then go from there, worry about that later. And I’m convinced that if it’s useful to somebody, you can monetize it Because, like I say, the point is that as soon as you create something valuable, you can always make money from it eventually. Now, if anybody’s sat there thinking I don’t even know what it is I like, here’s what you do. Okay, you get a piece of paper. You write down 100 things on it. All right, activities, things that you do and you enjoy, or things that you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve never got the time to do it. But they look fun. All right, you write down those 100 things. Write them zero to 10, each one off them in terms of how fun you think they are and, if there’s any, the things that are on there that are 10, that’s your shortlist for your business, right there? Okay, don’t worry about whether or not it’s monetizable for the minute. Just find things that you enjoy. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. You’ll learn what your hobbies are. You’ll learn the things that you find pleasurable, yeah, or the things that you can do in order to create a business eventually. That is the first actionable step because, like I say, it is so important. And, going back to the guy V thing, what he was saying got a little sidetracked there. What he was saying was the beauty of the internet is because you can find these niches and these groups of people that could never exist before and get them together in one place. What that means is that you can create something that can serve those people like absolutely no other, and there’s infinite niches out there. There’s niches that are completely waiting to be tapped. It’s just finding out what they are, and the first thing you do is you find out what your super skill is, you find out what your hobby is, you find out what your passion is. Then you explore it, begin to grow that skill, begin to grow that ability by doing it or attending groups with other people who do do it. Then you take that knowledge and you give it to a group of people that you can relate to, and that is how you repurpose it and make it valuable for those people, useful, awesome, so yeah.

Speaker 4: 52:04

Oh, by the way, james also, if everyone. So, james, we were having a chat before and we said most of you here are dentists, right, and some of you are going to be at the BDI show on Friday, right? So if you’re going to be there so we were saying that on that we would it would be great to meet some of you so kind of let’s have kind of a meet and greet so we can get to know you. So, for those of you who are going to be at the, if any of you are going to be at the BDI show, type in yes in the chat box number one or put yes in the comment from Facebook. Either one of the two. They’re going to be there and at 530 on the Friday, just outside the hall, in the main corridor, excel. We thought we’ll meet there. It’ll be great to meet some of you, to actually put a proper, real face to this. So, 530 on Friday, outside of the hall where the BDI is, we will meet over there. So if any of you are going to be there, please type yes in the chat box, type yes in the Facebook post, and it’ll be great to meet you and James and myself to be there. So, yeah, 100%, that that’s super important, right, and so once you found that, that’s great, then the next thing which means I was talking about was the third one was to be able to get the world to know about you. And you know, James and myself, gary, we in October he was speaking at El Scor and we were there speaking with him and which was great and so really, really like him. And you know, the point of producing content is so people can get to know you. People can get to actually, because you know business. People don’t buy your product, people don’t buy your service, they buy you right, how do they buy you? They buy you because people buy from people they like and people they are like. And what you do want to do is get out there and let people know about you, let you know what your strongest passions, what is it that you do? People want to know about you, and so one of the biggest ways in which James grew dense to invest, the one of the biggest ways where you know I grew what I grew, is by me getting out there. The whole point was from going into fitness to the coaching industry was, you know, people started watching what I put out there and they started inviting me to their stages. And if I hadn’t put it out there, I’d not probably be back to dentistry right now. So I never wanted to do that, right? So that was it. So one of the most important things on this journey is you know to be able to develop the confidence, the mindset and the heart set to be able to post. I want you to be able to pick up a phone and just you know, record something just like that and just put it out. One take right. Yeah, it takes a bit of time, but cool, we can get there. But I want you to be proficient in producing content and you know, once we’ve done this, for example, this will be repurposed into lots and lots of you know, lots of short clips and things like that which will then go out there. So there’s so many ways you can produce content. So, yeah, massively, massively important and that’s one of the main ways that James wants to come in you can see it right, James.

Mahmood: 54:50

Yeah, I was just going to say content is the biggest hack to be able to do Creating a business on the internet in 2022. And I know that people have been creating content for ages, but there’s still not enough people to do it. There’s still not enough people who do it versus people that consume it. So I was reading that you know, for every thousand Facebook users, only three of them post videos. Okay, so you can basically speak. If you’re one of the three people, you can speak to 997 people. You know there’s a huge amount of people that are consuming your content versus people who create it. All right, now there’s a saying that goes around as well. There’s a saying that I love, especially on you, and it applies to the internet and applies to having a following, and that is attention is currency and reputation is leverage. Now, what that means is that, as soon as you have eyes on you, no matter what it is you’re doing, no matter what it is you’re selling, no matter what your message is, you can create money. You can monetize that somehow. So, the essence before you worry about money, worry about getting eyes on you, worry about getting people to know about you, and then that flows. That will come next. That will always, always, always come. But people do it the wrong way around. They think, okay, I’ll sell some products and then I’ll get people to know about me. No, no, no, no, no, no. First of all, you pick up a video, you pick up a camera, just like Mamoo says, you speak into it. It’s tough, don’t get me wrong. It’s a huge psychological barrier to bust you in the first place. I remember my first video. I remember being just about to post it on Facebook and I just about my finger was hovering over like this and I was like, do I want to hit this button? Then I hit it and then I closed my laptop and I went off and I did something else, because I just didn’t want to know who was watching it, who was commenting on it. And now I love it and, by the way, this is coming from the guy who absolutely hated it at the start. It’s the easiest way to create a business and monetize it, and even though people have been creating content for probably decades now, maybe like 20 years since YouTube became a thing however long ago that was there’s still not enough people who do it, and that is the easiest way that you can create a business somehow. Don’t even worry about how you’re going to monetize it, just worry about getting the eyes on you. Make it something interesting. Make it something that you would watch, and there’ll be other people out there who are going to watch it as well. And, by the way, just like Mahmood says, you know what Be authentic, just be real, just be you, because you’re always. That will mean that you can connect with people. You’re not just some faceless brand, you’re a real person and people will always buy into you the more they trust you, they like you and they know you. You can create something to serve those people. As a business, no problem. But it comes from creating content first of all and John asked a really good question in the chat earlier. John, there’s the easiest way you can get yourself out there Just start post videos, even if it’s not about your business, right? Because the point of creating content is that it makes you better at speaking on camera. You go back and watch my early stuff. I can barely talk. There’s so many ums and, as in there Now, I’d like to think that I’ve improved. But how did that start? It started because I was doing it in the first place. So the ROI on the content is not the money that you make from it, not for the first bit, for a long time. It’s the goodwill and it’s also the ability that you learn, the ability to speak on camera, which is a huge, huge, huge, huge skill for any entrepreneur in 2022. It’s amazing and, by the way, you’ll learn to love it and it feels fun after a while. It’s fun as heck.

Speaker 4: 58:26

I absolutely love it 100%, and do you know? So when I started up my programs, I knew that the biggest skill set entrepreneurs needed was to be able to speak itself. James said that. You know. There was a recent interview with Warren Buffett and they asked him anyone coming out of uni right now, what advice should you give them? What should they learn? Warren Buffett could say anything, right, balanchee. They said you know, learn how to speak and sell Most important two things. That’s where my journey started to teach people how to do that. That’s what I went and learned, became great at that, and then I taught the people how to do it right. That’s where everything for me started. And it’s not just to be able to, like you know, especially in the dental world, right, if you ever look at the quality of speaking there, it’s not great. And I want to bring in a quality of speaking in the dental world which is flipping phenomenal. I want it to be outstanding and right, you know. So look at where there are gaps, right? So you know what we said is number one, the growth mindset. Number two find your gift. Number three the content. The most important thing after that is your sales, right? A lot of people don’t like talking about sales. Like you know, we’re going to go for about five, seven minutes more and then we want to take in some questions. We’ve got some private questions here and we’ve got some on the group. So, sales wise, right, the most important thing you can learn how to do is to be able to sell. But I don’t mean sell, I mean sell elegantly, like how do you like? What sells really is is where you’ve got something which is so good, where you can change someone else’s life, and all money is is a transaction which allows that to happen. The reason, again, I said that when people don’t value things which are free, I also totally believe the more someone pays, the more they pay attention. Okay, the better results they get, the better results they get, the better you’ve done. So I genuinely feel that it’s your, it’s your duty to be able to, within reason, be able to learn how to price yourself as high as possible. Number one, so you could, like you know everyone’s over here, right, you know competition exists here, but over here, like I’m giving example, right, recently we were flying, um sat in a plane and as we kind of went up and as the plane was trying to break the clouds, right. Just, you know there was a bit of turbulence, but below the clouds, right, there was a. It was busy, lots of planes and this, and that the moment you broke the clouds it was hard to break the clouds. That’s some turbulence. Once you got up there, it was empty. I thought, wow, right, this is what business is like at the bottom right it’s tough, it’s crowded, but that’s where everyone’s fighting for. But once you’re flipping, break the clouds, it was hard to break the clouds. I was turbulent. You know you have to go, you have to push hard, right, but the moment you break the clouds, flipping empty. And for me, that’s where the you know, that’s what the top’s about. But most people don’t want to play at the top. Reason is number one they can’t. They don’t have the confidence to do some number one. Number two they can’t price themselves at the top. They don’t know how to Number. Three tops lonely. It’s a lonely place to play at the top. I get it, you’ve had that Top’s lonely. It is because there’s not many people over there and it’s hard and it’s tough. But that’s where I feel that each and every one should be able to price ourselves right. So the sales become massive and, like you know, what I do in the academy is I teach ourselves heavily because it’s so important, right, but I teach what I do, right. So, like you know, we’re open and all. Like you know. So, like we tell you, everything you have is, like you know. You know people pay me six figures to cost, right, but it’s, how do you do that? How do you get people to pay you six figures? How do you? What’s that transaction value? Like? Like, how can people understand something like that? It’s cool. Remember the person I met like I told you about that guy, eric like he was charging a million. He was charging a million to be able to coach you. Those things blew my head. And also, being in dentistry, especially in the NHS, if it brings us down here, like we’re used to people paying us like 20 pound an hour and 30 back, you know you do a filling for like 20 quid, like what is that? You’ve started six, seven, eight years, 10 years to do that. It really devalues you and it sucks it out of you. So you end up as a dentist where you don’t really value yourself much because you’ve been in a system which doesn’t value you and financially, you’re never taught about money and that never happens. So the sales process as an entrepreneur is huge, massive. It is so important. But until you’ve got the mindset and skills at the heart set, you found what you really want to do. You’ve started getting yourself out there. Sales comes then it doesn’t come first. James, what’s your view on that? Because you know this, because that’s what you’re doing right now as well.

Mahmood: 1:02:38

Yeah, 100% and you know, going back to what you were saying, when people are playing the sales game down here and people are fighting over scraps, basically, and if you can set yourself apart and become someone, that’s totally unique, it has a particular set, a particular piece of information or platform that relates some knowledge or anything or some activity or some hobby to some other group of people that only you can do and only you’re a market of one. Now, finding out what that is, that’s another thing. Okay, that’s another thing entirely. So you have no competition, but that’s part of the process, that’s part of the journey. You have to figure out what that is. As we spoke about earlier, the biggest thing about sales is this. Now, I find this totally bizarre because this is the biggest hack, if you want. Think, first of all, sales is a bit of a bad rep. Sales is something that there’s a bit of a connotation there. Maybe the car salesman springs to mind, you know some. It’s a little bit unsavory. Yeah, for me, the biggest thing that I realized was it’s all about intention and it’s all about how much you care and that person that you’re selling to. If you can make a promise to them that where they are versus what you will be able to do to help them to get them to where they want to be. So, if you want to be able to help them to get better at speaking or get better at investing or get better at anything, if you can say to them I promise you that I will do everything that I will get you to that place because I will give you everything I’ve got. For some reason, people do not do that often enough. People who are an hourly rate people, people charge per the hour. There’s no guarantee, there’s no guarantee. That is something I can go to anybody for. But if you’re the person that says, actually, I will get you there and I’ll do whatever the heck it takes, then you become so valuable and that’s how you’re able to charge five figures, six figures. We know, you know there’s people out there who coach people for five figures, six figures. That seems so unbelievable right now, but actually and it would have seemed unbelievable to me as well I’ve got five figure coaching clients as well, people who come to me because they want to learn how to start businesses online. And you know what I said to them. I say that my promise to you is I’ll get you that business, you’ll get there, you’ll get to where you want to be and I’ll do everything I flip and can. Yeah, and like I say, it’s not an hourly rate, it’s not a per zoom rate. Sometimes you find yourself doing things that are a little strange. You don’t zoom it like two in the morning and stuff like that, because somebody needs you. You know you have to be prepared to be a different person, but if you can be that person and you’re happy to do that, you can name your flipping price. Honestly, it’s absolutely bananas. Money is never, never, ever an issue. You know and here’s the thing you can do that and you can do it with a clear conscience and a clear heart, because you know that you care and you know that you’ll go so far, above and beyond everybody else, that that sum of money, whatever they invest in you, you’re going to give them 10 times more back, and that’s the mindset 100%, C, C.

Speaker 4: 1:05:31

There’s two parts of our mind right and the biggest part is a subconscious mind. A conscious mind accounts for 5% of our mind, so we only think about what we think about 5% of the time right. The rest of the time is a subconscious playing, and a lot of like most of our subconscious mind is formed from when we were kids yeah, from when we were before 7, younger than 7. And a lot of what our parents, grandparents, uncles answered to us stays in us. A lot of our financial mindset is actually built up when we were kids, but not from what we thought, from what other people thought, and it’s penetrated inside of us. So, for example, you know if we were in a room or whatever, I’ll tell you you know. Finish a sentence for me. I’d say money doesn’t grow and you all go trees. Now I’d say you know money is the root of all and you say evil. Right, and we know these things and they embedded inside of us and subconsciously, if you actually know that money is a root of all evil, why would you ever consciously try and make money? You may constantly want to try and make it, but subconsciously you never want to make it, because you will know that the more money you make, the more evil you become right, or it’s the root of all evil. Things will go really bad if you make more money, right. And so these are the things which we need to understand and to be able to move from us, because otherwise what happens is they block us. We don’t even know that. We don’t even know what’s going on inside our minds. We don’t even know what’s going on inside our subconscious. So, the part of understanding the sales process, to understand what’s holding us back and why it’s been holding you back before, and to create new empowering beliefs based around sales, what if you could understand that money is beautiful? What if you could say you know, I love money, but the reason is because you can give it away? The more you have, the more you can give right? Imagine that right. Imagine when you die and you go down there and, like you know whoever you believe in, that you believe in God, the universe or whatever. But you’re going to be asked, right? I truly believe that you’re going to be asked when you die about what the hell did you do right, Like the life you led, and I know that each and every one of you have the potential to be great and you’ll be shown a video and that video will show you what you could have been and there’ll be another video of how you really did. And those two videos, man, for a lot of people they’re far apart, right, and the journey is trying to match them up as close as possible. And what if you realize after you died that you had the potential which I truly believe for example, to be a multimillionaire or billionaire, but that money wasn’t for you, right? It was for other people. So you’re meant to build churches and mosques and temples and orphanages, right? That’s what you were put on this earth to do. You only need so much money for your family, right. And then beyond that there’s you know there’s not much more money can buy it, right. The rest is what you do with it for others, and that’s where the true happiness comes from Like, really it does. And so, you know, the journey is that we need to uncover and understand and appreciate how valuable we are and what we can do. And for me, that’s what the flipping sauce process is about. And once you’ve tapped into that, it’s then to be able to utilize all of this and to have the patience. Remember macro patients, not micro patients. Micro, I want you to just every day push, push, push, no patients and, like I don’t want to have any patients, don’t have patients long term, have patients. Know it’s going to happen and that’s the fourth belief. I have right, and for me they’re the fiver. We could make a week seminar out of this, talking about the five, going into detail, going into strategy, going into micro strategy, for this right, but we wanted to give you a taster of what this group’s going to be about, and so for me, those five are the most important. James, I mean, you know that, right, Like you know, it takes time. It did happen for you overnight, right, you worked and you struggled and you pushed and you hard, but it happens. And then, when it does happen, it’s like flipping. It happens all of a sudden, Like it’s like bosses, right, they don’t come for age when they can’t flip in 20, come with a Z. They’re like what the hell? Right, yeah.

Mahmood: 1:08:56

So you know, I mean, I’m totally patient, so important, having the belief to carry you through. But you know what? The second, that you know that as soon as people are watching you and as soon as you’ve got eyes on you, that you can always create something to serve them. That is what will give you the patience, because you know that it’s going to work out, no matter what, and it’s just about growing and growing and growing and how it looked. For me, it was probably about six to seven months of just 24, seven thinking about how I could grow my platform before I came to somebody, before I came to it with any sort of proposal to sell something on there. Yeah, now, like I say, that took about six, seven months of building goodwill. You have to play the long game. Now, again, I was listening to I love Gary V, as I said, and I was listening to another Gary V thing about three weeks ago that made me reframe this slightly as well. When you’re creating some sort of following online, when you’re creating, when you’re getting those eyes on you at the start, okay, build the trust, build the rapport first of all. That’s where the patience comes, because if you go on there and nobody knows you and you’re trying to. You’re trying to sell something at the very start. You haven’t got that connection just yet. Those people don’t know you. Okay, you can create a platform and try to sell something. This is what I see people do wrong all the time. You create a platform and then you try to sell something on it, like the day after you’ve created it or maybe a week down the line. Yeah, but the thing is that, even if your only intention is to monetize it and make it as profitable as possible, actually, if you wait for five months and give them pure value five, six months, give them pure value. Pure content comes back to the content thing we were talking about as well. You can create your own stuff that gives them value, useful information that they can use in their lives. When you do come to monetize, you will make way, way, way, way more money from that product or service that you’ve brought to that group six months down the line. Then you ever would have made, even if you were trying to sell stuff for the whole six months. In the meantime, you’ll actually make more money all at once and it comes quickly. It comes just like that. Okay, when you have a following and when you have eyes on you, you’ll make more if you have patience. And also, as well as that, your platform will actually function and work as well, because those people will like you, and that is so, so, so important. But yeah, just like Mahmood said, 100% oops, someone’s just creeping into the room here, I’m just letting them in. Just like Mahmood said, in patience on a day-to-day basis, I want things done yesterday. When it comes to my work, I’m so impatient it annoys me if it’s not done. My brain is rewired to be irritated if I have tasks on my to-do list and I’ve never I’ve never got rid of that trait because it’s really effective at getting things done. It comes back to the hard work thing. But patience in the long run, because this thing doesn’t happen overnight and, like I say, if you can be patient, the rewards are unbelievable, especially when it comes to monetizing what you do. That’s why I take on patience.

Speaker 4: 1:11:49

Also, shall we open it to questions Totally? We’ve got a couple of questions. So for those of you on Zoom, more than happy for you to unmute and then just raise your hand and let’s ask you, be great to your voices. We’ve got some questions through Facebook. A couple of person, a few people have posted them up directly here. So is anyone firstly on Zoom at the moment who’d like to?

Mahmood: 1:12:16

Here’s what we’ll do. There was the lovely Jenna who posted a question here in the chat. Jenna, are you with us? Jenna, would you be happy to jump on the mic and just talk a little bit about yourself? She will 100%.

Speaker 4: 1:12:28

She’s smiling already. Awesome brilliant, hi. And also Jenna, number one, great to see you. Maybe you want to direct your question to James or myself, or both of us either way, and don’t feel bad, if it’s just for James, just me, that’s totally fine. Or you may want both of our takes on it. And then, if you direct it to James and I want to jump in with something, I will as well. But yes, feel free to ask.

Speaker 6: 1:12:51

Yeah, ok, cool. So I’ve sort of recently started my sidekick journey still in its infancy at the moment, but what I’m hoping to do is create like painting workshops for dental teams. So I think one of the barriers to me is because I’ve obviously got no formal art training or anything like that. you know, art is something I’ve done ever since I was a young child, but it’s just. I think it’s like a bit of imposter syndrome, maybe thinking am I good enough to kind of share the knowledge that I have with other people? That’s the main thing, really.

Speaker 4: 1:13:29

Anyone you want to address or both of us. Both of you really, James, you want to start?

Mahmood: 1:13:34

Great question, and this happens all of the time. Ok, here’s the reframe. Ok, so much of this is upstairs. So much of the things that hold people back are psychological. 80% of business problems are psychological hurdles, 20% are practical, and this is 100% a psychological thing. Here’s the thing, jenna, right, so you know enough about art that if you went to a dental practice or you went to meet a dentist, that you could teach them something that would be useful to them, right?

Speaker 6: 1:14:01


Mahmood: 1:14:03

There you go. There’s an answer, right. So you know that person. You know that person out there who wants to learn, who wants to learn about art, who wants to become better at it. What you have is valuable. All the information that you have in your head right now is enough to make them better, right, that’s enough to improve them. So, if that person wants to learn about art, none of us know everything about everything even the experts do. You know what I mean, but we know enough to help someone. That’s all we need to be able to do. As long as you’ve got enough in there to help someone, you’ve got a business. But here’s the thing as well, jenna. The thing is, if you keep going down the art journey, the art pathway, you’ll learn so much more about art, and it’s through doing that you actually expedite your process to becoming the expert as well. Are you with me? Yeah, yeah, does that help? That helped me a lot when I figured that out at the start.

Speaker 6: 1:14:54

Yeah, definitely that’s great Thanks.

Mahmood: 1:14:57

It’s very powerful, isn’t it Really powerful?

Speaker 4: 1:15:00

For me. The way I look at this is when you understand that imposter syndrome is part of the journey, and the reason it’s part of the journey is because of this. That, jenna, what’s the biggest fear we have in life? I’ll make it easy. That’s cool. That’s a great, great, great answer. The biggest fear we have in life is a fear of failure. That’s the biggest fear we have in life. And the second biggest fear in life is, if I fail at what I do, the people around me won’t care about me anymore. So, for example, if you fail at what you do, the people and so what that’s there for, it’s a mechanism inside you to stop you doing the things which can make you fail. One of the ways in which that happens is by you thinking that I’m not good enough at what I do, so that way you don’t have to go and do what you do and that way you’ll never fail and you’ll always be safe and you’ll always be okay and people always love you, right. And when you understand that the reason imposter syndrome is there for that specific reason is there to keep you safe so you don’t grow, because if you grow, you may get hurt, and if you get hurt the people around you won’t care about you anymore. Then you understand that’s cool, right? So it’s about acknowledging it and knowing that it’s there for a reason, to serve a purpose. Whatever journey you try and go on, and even if you had so many credentials after you’re named to pain, there’d still be that. Well, I’ve never done an end of practice Like there’ll always be that next thing, there’ll always be that next one. And I always say you know there’s a different level. At every level and at every level you grow, there’s gonna be a different devil and all the devil’s right there. And what you need to do is you need to understand that this is normal and it’s gonna be there. And when you understand that, then it’s okay to think it because you can get past it. But right now, because sometimes we don’t know it’s normal, we let that hold us back. So, yeah, 100% you’re gonna feel that and it’s okay to feel that. But do you know what? Now what you do is when you fight that thought and you go and do it, you’ll show yourself because, like, imagine if you do, the best way to start. So have you spoken. So let’s make it practical, let’s make it, you know, let’s make it micro. You wanna be able to go into dental practices and you wanna be able to run. Maybe not class, but it’s not retreat as well. It’s a day, half a day, half a day. Yeah, take my other practice in the practice.

Speaker 6: 1:17:29

Well, I’ve done one so far just with some friends in the trial, and I’ve done it in a bar setting. Awesome, how was it? Yeah, it was really good fun actually. Did you get some testimonials? Yeah, I got a couple. I just need to get them to put it on the Facebook group.

Speaker 4: 1:17:46

Fantastic, okay, fine, so you’ve got that, did they pay you?

Speaker 6: 1:17:50

They basically just charge them an extra couple of materials. That’s cool. So I’m doing another one this Friday, actually with my work team as well, in the same place.

Speaker 4: 1:18:00

So what With your work team?

Speaker 6: 1:18:03


Speaker 4: 1:18:04

Great, okay. So you know, did those guys have a good time? The other?

Speaker 6: 1:18:09

people you did it with.

Speaker 4: 1:18:09

Yeah, yeah, they really enjoyed it, they really so then you can do it, right, that’s it. But then your mind is gonna say, oh, but they only paid me my cost and, like you know, then there’s gonna be that problem. And then this Friday, when you do it, you know what the problem’s gonna be. Oh, but they knew me anyway. And do you see that there’s always gonna be that? Okay, there’s always gonna be that, but you’ve done it and it works. Yeah, and that’s it. And that should give you enough confidence now. Like, okay, let me ask you, right. So you went and you did this and how did they feel at the end? You know, they felt happy, they felt energized, right, yeah, and what if you called another few practices People? You know, they said, look, I’m starting this, I’ve done this and it was great for the team. Why don’t we do it? What’s the worst? They can say, no, that’s the worst, right, it’s the worst right. And you’ve got a couple of testimonials. Have a look at this and start from there. Yeah, but just remember, imposter syndrome is there to hold you back and it’s always gonna be there, no matter what level you get to, and as long as you can appreciate that and understand that you move on yeah.

Mahmood: 1:19:13

Jenna has that totally and utterly quashed that for you. Has that helped, because we can give you more if we need to, or does that help loads?

Speaker 6: 1:19:21

That’s a big help. Yeah, that’s awesome.

Mahmood: 1:19:24

Yeah, well done. Everybody gets that and, just like Mamoud says, the trick is to recognize it, to recognize that it’s not your specific circumstances, it’s your brain trying to do that too. Okay, and they’ll always be. Even if you’re a flipping art expert, there’ll always be something up here trying to hold you back. And when you see that, when you see it for what it is, you’re really powerful, because you’ll never get that and you know what you know. For me, right? I used I had to bust through that so much at the start, and for me I would. Actually, even though I don’t know anything about art, I’d be quite happy starting an art business tomorrow, even though I know nothing about it. That’s how much you can just totally eliminate it in your head when you see it with the right pair of eyes.

Speaker 6: 1:20:02

Yeah, yeah, yeah, awesome.

Mahmood: 1:20:04


Speaker 6: 1:20:05


Mahmood: 1:20:06

Thank you and well done, by the way, because that’s an awesome side gig. I think that’s really cool, thanks.

Speaker 4: 1:20:12

Really great, right then?

Mahmood: 1:20:15

Super happy for you, jenna. That was a great question. Okay, feel free, let me just see. I think we had some questions from earlier. We had John. John liked to jump on. John, are you happy to ask a question on the microphone? Can see John just there. Hello John, do you want to feel free to unmute? Let me unmute you, john. Are you happy to come on? Thumbs up if you’re happy to come on. Yeah, how are you Well? yeah, you good. Yeah, john, would you like to ask your question that you popped in the chat there?

Speaker 3: 1:20:55

Oh yeah, actually it’s to getting the clients for the business. So, like I said, I would prepare everything for the coaching business and I think you answered the question. How to get more clients is to get out content. I think that’s your problem.

Mahmood: 1:21:13

Yeah, yeah, we did yeah. Content, content, content. The three C’s of success on the internet content, content, content. How are you in front of a camera when you speak in?

Speaker 3: 1:21:23

Yeah, I did some video center I’m. Many people say I’m artificial, but actually I think I’m like this Because you said to be like what was that?

Speaker 4: 1:21:34

What was that? Some people said.

Speaker 3: 1:21:37

It feels very stiff when I’m in front of the camera doing the videos and things like that. Okay.

Speaker 4: 1:21:42

I have a question for you, right, like this is really important and like this really involves me. So when people give you feedback, like two questions here. Those people who gave you feedback, are they good friends of yours? Do you respect them? Are they like, or are they just randoms? Are they outside people you don’t really know that much? Oh, they know me yes. They know you, fine, fine, Okay also, are they posting up content themselves? Some yes, some not. Okay, fine. So here’s my thing right On this journey be very selective of who you take advice from. I always say always take advice from people. Only. Take advice either from people you really value, right, okay, number one, or number two, from people who’ve already done what you’ve done, because what most people tend to do is that people love to give advice even though they haven’t done it, and it’s like a lot of people go and take a wealth of advice from poor people, but it doesn’t make sense. So I always say that when you are taking advice within your business, within your life, go and take advice from someone who’s already doing what you’re trying to do, because they give a totally different level of advice than someone who hasn’t done it. Everyone’s a talker, right? Everyone loves to give advice, right? So be very selective, because what happens when someone tells you you’re very kind of fake or plastic, whatever you said on camera right Now, if they’re not doing it themselves, you could ask yourself why would they say that to you? Like, what backing do they personally have to be able to tell you that? Because they don’t do it themselves, right? And some people will tell you that because they don’t want you to grow and you see this a lot, right, and many of you will be able to relate to this. A lot of people want you to grow, yeah, go do it, but as you start doing well, they don’t want you to do really well, right, because they feel insecure about themselves, because, as you’re growing, they’re not growing and it’s like you know what do they do? It’s hard to grow because you have to have your biggest fear, as you said to Jen, right, they may fail and most people don’t do that If, instead, rather than helping you build, they’d rather bring you down, right, and that’s the way it is out there and that’s the way it works. So I would be very cognizant of number one, the type of advice you take and who you take advice from, please, right? Just because someone said that and you may know them, doesn’t mean it’s true. Yeah, because what it’ll stop you doing is doing more, because, oh, you know I’m not gonna camera, but hold on, right, you know your first like. If you go to my YouTube channel, there’s about 300 videos on there, right? If you look at the first few, they’re crap. I was gonna take them out. I was gonna take them out because I was holding a piece of paper like this and I was reading that way, yeah, and then my wife said to me she goes, we don’t take them off because it shows your journey. And I was like, okay, cool, you got a point she normally has a point, right and she said, yeah, don’t take them off, and I left them there and they’re all there. So, but it’s gonna take you your first 50 videos before you become really good. And until you’ve done the first 50, you wanna become good. So don’t be put off by making the first 50 crappy videos, because it means number 51 is gonna be quick yeah, Okay, cool, and you know what I’m just gonna.

Mahmood: 1:24:48

everything Mamou said totally bang on. I’m gonna say one thing as well you know the ability to speak on camera. You take that into your day-to-day life and you become so much more articulate. If I can encourage everybody in this webinar to make content, it makes you into a different person. I never thought it was important. I never thought it was something that anybody who should do, but looking back on it, I wish it would have started sooner, because it makes you so articulate. It makes you so good at describing what it is that you sell, even in general day-to-day discourse. Jin, it’s like life on another level. Keep going, my friend. Remember when someone points okay, They’ve got three fingers pointing back at themselves, yeah, so you always look at them way up whether what they’re giving you is good advice.

Speaker 4: 1:25:29

James, where did you get that quote from? Who told you that one? I think.

Mahmood: 1:25:33

I just made it up on the fly, I just made it up just then. Yeah, yeah, yeah, anyway. But yeah, you know, it’s always and anytime anybody gives me advice, the first thing I do is I think to myself okay, do I internalize that or not? And how I do that? My process, my protocol is I first look at that other person and think is that someone that I want to emulate and who knows what they’re talking about? And then the answer to that is no. I don’t even let it into my brain.

Speaker 5: 1:26:02

I just say okay, okay.

Mahmood: 1:26:04

I just say okay, I don’t even engage them. Yeah, and that’s a hack for life 100%. Does that help, john?

Speaker 3: 1:26:12

Oh yeah, that’s a. Can I just ask, because there was also the question in the chat what kind of content or video content should you create?

Mahmood: 1:26:21

Yeah, question yeah, mamma, do you want to answer that or shall? I yeah, I’d love to Do you know what.

Speaker 4: 1:26:27

What I said before is that people buy into you as a person, john, right? So I would want you to post out whatever you’re passionate about. So, whether you’re in the gym in the morning, post about it. Whether you’re good at cooking, post about it. Right, and post about you because that’s what people are gonna buy into, right? So people like, once people get to know you, it’s like you always want to do business. You only do business with someone you trust and someone you like. And the way you build up trust is by getting to know someone, and the more you get to know them, the quicker you get to know them, the quicker trust builds up. So the kind of content. So there’s no right or wrong answer about that. There’s no right or wrong. Like people say, like, how long should content be? Well, like, think about it, right, you know, sometimes you turn off in 10 seconds in a video, but sometimes you’d watch a four hour Star Trek video. I was like going to the toilet and it’s why is that? It’s because it’s entertaining, right? So, and the way you’ll see is, as you start posting more and more out there, you’ll see what people like, what people watch, what people don’t. And that’s day-term. It’s great. Yeah, don’t be worried about people liking it or people watching it. You’re not, that’s not your business. Your business is to post Okay, yeah, and people will watch. That’s it right. So, whatever, anything all the time, every day, five times a day. That’s the answer.

Mahmood: 1:27:46

Yeah, one tiny thing I’m going to say on that. Remember, john, it’s all growth, it’s all contributing to making you better at speaking on camera, which means that when the time comes, when you do talk about your products, you’re a killer, you’re an assassin, you’re unbelievable and the words just flow out of your mouth like a fine. Yeah, yeah, great Thanks most of you for the advice.

Speaker 4: 1:28:08

Absolute pleasure Awesome. I’m really happy for you, james. Good question from Taj on the Facebook group. He’s asking about where I. What’s the question? We’re going to Mammoud. Where did you recruit the people for the Initial Fitness Group? We’ve got about five, seven minutes before we wrap up, right? So for me it’s Taj’s great question, right? So what I did is I went to my community, and so it was the Asian community, and I told them I wanted 15 people to be able to get fit. And what people said to me is, when agents don’t get fit, you won’t find 15 people, you’ll find not even five. And I said you know, I don’t care, even if I get one right. And the quote I used for myself is yeah, I can’t change the world through one person, but I can change the world for one person, and that’s all I wanted to do change one person’s life. The truth is, 15 people came very quickly and in 15, we went to 20, 20, we went to 15. And now, like 150, the group still runs. I don’t want it myself anymore, but it’s still there. But it’s something which I built up and we didn’t just run it in this country. We took it to New York, took it to Canada, took it to Singapore took it to Dubai, so like we opened up everywhere and it was great, right, and so I went to the community and I went there, and the reason when a lot of you start up your side hustles James and me will tell you is go to Dentist. It’s because you know Dentist really well. Like you know, a big percentage of my clients are Dentist and the reason is because I was a dentist. I understand dentists more than anyone, right, and so they can relate to me a lot more. So really, really important that way. So I hope that answers your question.

Mahmood: 1:29:40

I’ll just put that I’m trying to use something. Come on, let me just unmute. There we go. Sorry about that, mamid. That’s cool. That’s fine, that’s it. Yeah, yeah, who’s next? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes indeed. Let me just look up who we got. We’ve got Hasnain Mandami. Hasnain, are you happy to jump on and ask your question? Shall I unmute you?

Speaker 4: 1:30:07

There’s a familiar face.

Mahmood: 1:30:10

Yay, there we are. How are you? Let me just Yep. The mic is yours, hasnain.

Speaker 5: 1:30:22

So last week you guys told me to create a Facebook group to put my content out. I did and I’ve got about 86 members in a week, which is really.

Mahmood: 1:30:30

Wow, wow, wow, wow. Stop right there.

Speaker 5: 1:30:34

That’s brilliant. So I’m thinking of what kind of content I can pick out. I don’t want to get people bored, I want to keep them interested, keep them hooked on me as well. What’s the best thing to do that? So one problem I came across, which I did a poll for the group, is Optom’s back is being very tired and stiff during the day because of what we do Seeing in one position. So I’ve got a physiotherapist doing a video for me which I’m going to post as well. But what other things can I do to keep the audience interested?

Mahmood: 1:31:04

Excellent. Mamma, would you like to take the reins on that one, or I can. I don’t mind, you go first, you stop, yeah. So on that one. Here’s the first question. Hasnain, what is the title of the group Aspiring optometrists, aspiring optometrists, and what is your aim or purpose for?

Speaker 5: 1:31:22

the group. My aim is to bring everyone in the optics field together so we can discuss what each other’s highs and lows are within that profession. Yeah, and I will be struggling with I can get a focus in on that.

Mahmood: 1:31:35

Awesome. When you say highs and lows, do you mean personal highs and lows, or business or all of it?

Speaker 5: 1:31:42

What they enjoy about the daily routine, what they enjoy about going to work, about testing, about owning a practice, and what they don’t enjoy.

Mahmood: 1:31:50

Yeah, awesome, okay. First thing about content. Think to yourself here’s the thing, right. I’ve made content before and I’ve thought to myself this is a shoe in. You know, 100,000 people are going to download this. This is awesome, right, and it gets like five downloads, Okay, yeah. Now, on the flip side, sometimes I’ve made things before and I thought you know, I do my best, I work really hard in every single piece. But I thought to myself this one is probably not going to get as much interest as the other ones. And guess what? It gets like a crazy number of views, all right. So the thing about it is here’s the first thing to understand you can never predict it 100%. However, some people just intuitively get it better than others. Okay. But the thing about it is you don’t know, until you create something, what’s going to sink and what’s going to swim. So your data comes from creating it in the first place, and the point is that you’re actually doing it rather than theorizing over what is good and what isn’t Okay. So that’s the first thing right Now. I’m not saying that you’re wrong to answer the question. I’m just saying see it from that point of view. First of all, does that help? First of all, yeah, yeah, brilliant, okay. So that’s the first thing. So, ultimately, we can get on this webinar and I can say to you, hasnain, create this, it’s awesome, and it might totally flop. Or we might, or I might say, oh no, don’t bother creating that, it doesn’t sound, you know that interesting and it might completely blow up. That’s the first thing to understand. We can never predict it 100%, okay. So, on that note, the next thing is all we can do is we can pick things that we think sound interesting or we believe have a very good idea, have a very good chance of resonating with people, and then we go from there. Okay, so personally, you must have some ideas already about things that you can create from the group, things that you can create from the group that will appeal to those people. So you might say something like hey, here’s a video on morning routine techniques, or here’s a video on things that you can use for your morning routine. Okay, now, to me that sounds interesting straight away because that’s something useful for the group, all right, so for me, there’s a title, there’s an example of a title of a video that you can create right there, and what you do is you just pick things along those lines. That sound of interest. We see what syncs and we see what swims. Now the stuff the metric that gives you the feedback is how many people download it and what your average is. But we don’t know that until we start, until we start growing the group in the first place and then we find the stuff that’s interesting. Then we double down on that, we create more of that and also here’s the other ROI from the content. It also allows you to decide what is interesting and therefore eventually create a product or a package as well to serve those people so effectively. It’s your market research too. Okay, does that help?

Speaker 5: 1:34:38

Yeah, yeah. So basically just put out anything I can think of and see what sticks Exactly.

Mahmood: 1:34:43

And when we say anything you think of, you know things, that things that you believe that you, that you honestly and earnestly believe will be interesting and useful. Yeah, and that is your market research. So you know that thing I said just there. You know morning routine, tips on morning routine, five tips on morning routine, five tips on exercises that you can do at the gym to become healthier. Honestly, you know diet tips, stuff like that. Yeah, and what you’ll find is you might think to yourself I’m not a dietitian, I’m not a physiotherapist, I’m not a, you know, a PT, but the point is that it’s useful. Yeah, so as long as it’s something that you can teach others, then it has value and it’s useful and it’s your duty to share that stuff, regardless of your background or area of expertise. When I say that stuff that sounds, you know that’s getting me excited. Okay, so is that how you feel as well? Like, does that sound fun? Because that’s the point. It has to be fun.

Speaker 5: 1:35:41

Yeah, I mean I was just really excited at how many people I got to join in the first week. That just really helped. I just messaged everyone.

Speaker 4: 1:35:49

We need to smile about it, bro. I can’t see that smile. Yeah, that’s like that’s a lot of people.

Speaker 5: 1:35:54

Yeah, I just messaged everyone I knew and maybe 60% of the people joined. We just do quite a lot.

Mahmood: 1:36:01

Excellent, excellent. And you know what your best friend is the invite button. Okay, I would just invite people, invite, invite, invite. What’s the quickest way you can get 5,000 followers on social media? You add 5,000 friends on Facebook. Yeah, 5,000 followers, right there and there’s a thing up here that will hold you back and they’ll say that’s not what Facebook’s for. Who are these people are not going to add me back, they’re going to block me. Some will, some won’t. That’s the thing. But if you can do it, the rewards are amazing. You get 5K followers. What I would do here is, if you want to grow your group easiest way to do it okay, find a group that is similar to your own or has a group of people from your profession in it. So, optometrist, right, that’s what you said, right, there is a group with about 2,500 people Amazing. You go to that group and you add the first 75 new members. If you add more than 75, facebook will block you. Okay, so 75 is the upper limit. Some will add you back, some won’t. Yeah, and what you do is you post about your group on your personal Facebook group. And also there’s a really cool feature on Facebook when you hit the invite button, there’s another button that says groups in common and what that will do is that will populate a list of people who are in that first group that you added them from. It’ll populate them in a list and then you can invite people from that group who are unbelievably likely to be optometrist because they’re in that other optometrist group. And you grow your group just like that, and I’ve seen people get 1,000 members in a month by doing that trick. It’s amazing. And then guess what? Again, it’s one of those things you faith it till you make it a little bit. Yeah, you can’t get the followers to get more followers, but how do you get the followers in the first place? If you’re posting amazing content and no one’s talking about it, then that’s not your fault, that’s you know. You’ve done your best. So how do you do it? You give it a little nudge and that’s how I man and you can get a thousand members, no sweat, in a month, a month and a half. I’ve seen it happen to lots of people using that feature. Oh, thank you.

Speaker 4: 1:38:04

Awesome, welcome man, welcome. So, james, I think we need to wrap up. We’ll pass the 19 minute mark. We pass the 19 minute mark yes.

Mahmood: 1:38:14

So just to reiterate what Mahmood said earlier, we’re at the BDII conference. Mahmood is speaking on Friday, I’m speaking on Saturday. Mahmood and I are having a get together at the BDII conference for medical entrepreneurs and dentists who invest. It would be awesome to see everybody there and meet you all in the flesh. So therefore, we would. We are arranging a meet up outside the front entrance at 5.30pm, outside the front of the conference hall, and we will see everybody there, and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to meet and greet everybody. Maybe we’ll go for some food. We’ll see where the night takes us. It’ll be fun. Looking forward to it, mahmood, anything you want to say as well.

Speaker 4: 1:38:51

I’m just, I’m excited that we’ve got this group together. It’s been a long time in the making. We’ve got a lot of plans for this. We’ve got really busy lives, but this is important for us and I’m sure this is important for you as well, and whatever dreams and aspirations you have, you know, please do ask, please use what we have. Look right, there’s no difference between us and you. Okay, for me, life got so bad that I had to make the move. I wasn’t prepared to keep doing what I was doing, right. And then there’s some gold and there’s some wisdom in there, and if we can share that along the way, that would be great. And who knows where the journey goes for you. But from now, we’re here and it’s a great place to be. So thank you very much. And what we’re going to do is, every month, we will have a webinar and Q&A in here, different topics as a group grows, and we’ll take you from there. Anyone who you feel would be would like to be able to be part of this group. Please let them know. Again, it’s it’s. It’s a place where we’re here to serve. We’re here to give them a charge or anything for anything. Come in, learn, listen and yeah, let’s. Let’s change lives.

Mahmood: 1:39:52

Awesome guys, yeah, awesome. And you know what, when we talk about this stuff, you know, I genuinely I’m not sure I genuinely get excited because I know what it can do. I’ve seen it firsthand, it’s happened to me, it’s happened to others, you know, and I look back in my life and I think you know what, james, you never disliked teeth, but look at how much fun you could have been having by doing this. And I just think to myself you know there’s so many people out there who, if they’re not, if you’re not totally enamored with your job, then for me, something needs to change. There needs to be something else to your life, because every second that you spend either being unhappy or being just average, just in a state where you’re neither on your, you’re ambivalent, effectively, is one less second on your life where you could be happy when you’re doing something fun and when you get to that place, when you get to that point, it feels unbelievable and that point exists for everybody. And it’s by doing this stuff, it’s by applying what we talked about on this webinar and it’s by finding what your passion is in life. That’s how everybody should be playing life. I want everybody to be this happy. Seriously, I have so much fun on a day to day basis, yeah, and I want everyone to be that happy and that’s why we host these webinars and you will be. And it all starts with taking a step, doing something that you wouldn’t do normally. If you do the same things, you get the same results. If you do different things, you get different results. It’s as simple as that, and it’s just about exploring, getting the ball rolling, using the advice we’re going to give on these webinars and, yeah, exciting things to come. Mamir and I are going to be doing this once a month, every month, in the medical entrepreneurs group. If you’ve got any friends out there who are aspiring entrepreneurs in the medical field, this group is for them. Let them know about it. I’ve said the word. This thing is going to be massive. There’s so many people out there who could benefit from this knowledge. It’s just unbelievable. Mamud, I’m sure speak first of both of you said we had a lot of fun presenting this tonight. Absolutely. It’s really awesome to see everybody. We’re going to draw a line under proceedings now. Mamud, would you like to say anything in conclusion, or we’re happy enough to wrap?

Speaker 4: 1:41:44

up. It would be great to see you if you’re there on Friday. The other is we can actually put a face to the zoom face and yeah, and any questions that you have with that. I’m speaking on Friday. Saturday, james, you’re speaking Saturday and it would be great to meet that. So if you’re there, 530 outside of the hall and then we’ll meet there. So, take care, thank you very much for being here. Thank you very much, and you know, the most valuable asset you have is your time and you’ve given up your time to be here. It shows you’re hungry. So thanks for being here, take care, and we’ll see you possibly on Friday.

Mahmood: 1:42:18

Awesome. So much more content to come, guys. It’s exciting page. Can’t wait to see you all again next time. We’ll catch up very soon. Bye, take it, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, Bye, bye, bye. Bye, bye, bye, bye.