Dentists Who Invest

One of the greatest epiphanies for me when it comes to investing was to realize that doing nothing with my money is one the RISKIEST things one can do.

Inflation is a constant and it is consistently conspiring against us to erode our wealth.

Storing our wealth long term in cash is actually COSTING us every single second.

Many think investing is an aggressive active process consisting of constant buying and selling with active monitoring minute to minute of their positions.

Investing is actually a DEFNESIVE process primarily intended to protect us against inflation in a passive manner.

Think of cash as a record of of our time…. The time we had to work in exchange for it. It can even be thought of as CONDENSED time as we can exchange it in a portable fashion.

The trouble is that the record is FAULTY and the value of that time is being constantly eroded.

Eventually if we never take action, this record grows so small that it value virtually disappears.

This means we may as well have never bothered working for it in the first place…

The good news is that we can take ACTION to protect ourselves against this.

It starts with learning how money works.



The Cost Of Doing Nothing

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