Dentists Who Invest

James Martin


A huge revelation for me was to understand the illusion of just how much time we REALLY have.

Its so so easy to walk through life in a dream like state. This can be because of lack of action, unwillingness to step outside our comfort zone and/or awareness. As a result we simply meander along drifting down the metaphorical stream of existence

One can EASILY put goals off for many years citing many reasons (lack of money, lack of knowledge, lack of TIME). Through this inaction it is easy to accept the future that happens to us by DEFAULT and not the future we aspire towards. This is fine for some however it can lead to deep unfufillment for others.

I would love to flip this on its head. Do you really have the TIME to NOT pursue your true ambitions?

We really are on this earth for such a fleeting moment. The worst part is no one knows when that time will be UP as well. You could quite literally be gone tomorrow. Imagine leaving this world without living life to the full and achieving your dreams?

One powerful technique to motivate oneself to push harder is to imagine speaking to a future version of oneself on your deathbed. If whatever excuse you offer today would not be accepted by yourself at that point when the only thing you want in life is to have MORE time to achieve the things you put off your whole life then is it really valid? I use this technique frequently and try to imagine how I would feel as that older version of myself stared back in disappointment.

Flip the narrative. Please realize the lack of time is exactly why you should do MORE not LESS.