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What is your definition of retirement?

The Almanack by Naval Ravikant explaining his definition of retirement

Re-reading “The Almanack” by Naval Ravikant – this passage always makes me think.   What is your definition of retirement? Retirement is when you stop sacrificing today for an imaginary tomorrow. When it is complete, in and of itself, you’re retired.   How do you get there? Well, one way is to have so much […]


We all want to live our dream life TODAY – not delay it to some point in the future…   (Just like the Irishman living his best life in the picture below).   This means we get to do what we enjoy in life all day every day.   For you this could be: Dream […]

What Is The Best Long Term Investment?

Graph showing the growth of various industries in the United Kingdom over time. The x-axis shows the years, and the y-axis shows the percentage of GDP each industry contributes.

Great question – and really “the best” can only be defined relative to your overall objective.   For the purposes of this article we will keep things simple and talk purely about financial investments.   Specifically traditional paper assets (stocks and bonds) which form the backbone of the retirement planning of most individuals.   We’ll […]

EP167 Should I Pay My Mortgage Off Early? with Jon Doyle

Jon Doyle

Podcast Episode Full Transcript Dr James: 0:48 What is up team? Welcome back to the Dental Invest podcast with returning face, john Doyle. I almost said Dr John Doyle, because you had a few dentists on here recently. We wouldn’t want to make you out to be anybody. You’re not. You are, of course, an IFA, […]

What’s The Best Investment?

Beach sunset, New Zealand. Sunset over ocean, colorful sky, crashing waves.

It’s a common and important query. Let’s compare: (!) Imagine if there was an investment that…. Is tax free Cannot be taken from you Only ever appreciates (when you use it) Pays dividends Compounds You can use daily Provides consistent cash flow EVERY day Sounds a little too good to be true right? Actually this […]

EP166 Opening The Doors Of A Squat with Dr. Bobby Bhandal

Dr. Bobby Bhandal

Podcast Episode Full Transcript Dr James: 0:47 What’s up everyone. Welcome back to the Denysio Invest Podcast, where I have returning guest Dr Bobby here again today to talk about squat practice. How are you, my friend? How? Dr Bobby: 0:56 have you been? Hey, mind you, I’m absolutely awesome. How are you? Dr James: 1:00 I’m really, […]

Introducing Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett, the world-renowned investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, smiles for the camera

Sir Isaac Newton, the famous English scientist, once said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” With that thought in mind, if you are going to get serious about investing your money to create wealth for your family then you might want to pay attention to the common […]

EP165 The Super Power Of Self Awareness with Justin Leigh

Justin Leigh

Podcast Episode Full Transcript Dr James: 0:48 Hey team, what is up? Hope everybody as well, wherever in the world that you are. We are back with Justin Leigh Returning Face, familiar Face and Dennis Moonfest podcast. We’re here today to talk about how we can stop micromanaging and start micromanaging, or another word for that […]

Most of us are on a journey we didn’t sign up for…

Margot Robbie as Barbie drives a car with Dr. James Martin in the back seat

We think it will lead us to financial freedom. But the truth is… we are often using the wrong vehicle to achieve this goal. The ultimate destination most are after is the FREEDOM to do what they want in any given moment… …that includes having more fun. Financial freedom just so happens to be the […]