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We all want to live our dream life TODAY – not delay it to some point in the future…⁣

(Just like the Irishman living his best life in the picture below).⁣

This means we get to do what we enjoy in life all day every day.⁣

For you this could be:⁣

  • Dream holidays.
  • Prioritizing health and fitness.
  • More time with loved ones.
  • …or maybe just chilling on the sofa watching Netflix.

It’s entirely up to YOU.⁣

But the truth is most of us are putting it off to some point in the future.⁣

Because we think this is necessary.⁣

This stems from the mindset that we have to sacrifice most of our life working to one day be free. (nither necessary OR true).⁣

The point at which we become free is usually known as “retirement”.⁣

Retirement is officially the stage in life where we are no longer obligated to work for financial reasons…⁣

…however we may still CHOOSE to if we wish.⁣

(After all… we each know many people who have continued to work after retirement. And there’s every chance we’ll continue on when we reach that stage too).⁣

So another way of saying this is that when many people reach retirement age they adopt their dream work life balance…⁣

For us dentists maybe thats 3 days a week, 2 days a week, 1 or even ZERO days a week in clinic.⁣

Its unique to each one of us.⁣

The point is that when we are retired we get to DECIDE how many days a week we go to the clinic (if any). Therefore we are said to have balance.⁣

Now… my simple question is “Who says we have to be a certain age to have our dream work/life balance?”⁣

Because if you think about it – that can happen at any age.⁣

Most people want to drop a few days a week in the clinic to achieve this.⁣

The thing that holds most people back is that they don’t want their income to drop if they reduce their clinical days…⁣

But what if we could receive our current income AND do it in 1 less day a week? (or better yet even fewer still)⁣

This is totally possible…⁣

You see income is actually a very SPECIFIC term – it can come from only two places:⁣

     1. Assets/Investments.⁣
     2. Clinical Dentistry.⁣

Certain assets will give us cashflow instantly.⁣

And boosting our remuneration levels in clinical dentistry will do this too.⁣

Its a combination of both that will give us the income we need to live our dream life.⁣

The key is education – we need to know⁣

  • How to select assets that will give us cashflow/income.⁣
  • And how to boost our income clinically.⁣

The concept that we have to wait to have our dream life is just NOT TRUE.⁣

It starts with creating the correct conditions in your life to have this TODAY.⁣

Then you can get back to what’s really important…⁣

…which is being able to do more of the things you love and having way more fun in life (see picture + ).⁣

*Not Financial Advice⁣

Disclaimer: The content on this blog is meant for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Readers should seek guidance from a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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