Dentists Who Invest

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So what is “The Gap?” The gap is the difference between the life that we currently have and the life that we aspire to have.

Many aspire to reduce the gap as much as possible and have the life that will make us completely happy and content TODAY and not at some point in the future. This would mean we have no need to hope/dream/pray that this will ever occur.

So lets deconstruct this and relate it to dentistry – most dentists feel overworked and would like to drop a few days. When queried why they dont just drop a day or two a week many say that it is because they are accustomed to a certain level of income.

So lets say a dentist earns £100k a year on 5 days a week which is around the average for a dentist. Dentistry is tough on ones body and health. Most dentists would love to earn £100k (or more) on 3 days a week. Lessening ones exposure to dentistry reduces these risks. These dentists may enjoy their dentistry but would just LOVE to do it a little less.

There’s only 168 hours in a week and when we spend less of it working we have more time for what we’d like to spend it on kids, family, hobbies, or even just relaxing.

So lets say the life the dentist has is £100k on 5 days a week and the life they want is £100k on 3 days a week. The difference between those two realities is “The Gap.”

The good news is the means to close the gap we need to find the ways to earn more money per unit time. This means that a dentist (or anyone for that matter) can live whatever life they want. Money is simply the means to acquire freedom and choice.

The clever part is that for a dentist there are in essence really only 4 WAYS that a dentist can do this.

The crazy thing is that we can spend our whole life dwelling in “the gap” unless we take ACTION to fix it. The taking action part is the thing that holds most people back.

The most common thing that holds people back from taking action to correct the gap is knowing specifically what action to take. For me the first place to look is to find the people who are living the life that you want and ask them. Those people have literally achieved what you aspire to and therefore have the wisdom required to reach that point.

The first form of wisdom is when you have reached the position in life therefore can help other people. The second form is when you have helped many others to get there as well. Whichever form is present it is still a huge net positive and will get you to where you want to MUCH faster.

The most amazing thing is to have the freedom to live whatever life you want.

I hope you found value in my words.