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After spending years of his life devoted to reading up on finance, money and investing, a football injury and subsequent surgery post-Covid, prompted Dr James Martin to start an online Facebook community focused on financially empowering dentists. This is where he could share his knowledge so others could benefit, transforming a personal setback into a professional pivot that is now reshaping how dentists manage their finances.

The rapid growth of his community led to an epiphany about the financial acumen gap within his profession. This sparked the birth of www.dentistswhoinvest.com and a range of online courses designed to turn one to two hours a day into a new financial outlook for professionals.

His first product, an online course on how dentists could safely delve into the world of crypto has been a resounding success. He has since expanded his offerings with further comprehensive courses for dental practitioners. Now with a vision to expand these insights to a broader range of professionals.

“My journey began in dentistry, but after some challenging experiences in crypto around 2018, I immersed myself in the world of finance and business books,” said Dr Martin. “I soon realised there were simple yet powerful steps my peers could take to significantly improve their financial well-being. After a hiatus due to knee surgery, I’ve turned these insights into actionable courses.”


Dr Martin’s offerings include ‘Dentists Who Invest Academy,’ which demystifies investing, ‘Cashflow for Dentists,’ aimed at boosting income for dentists, and ‘Total Finance,’ a business strategy course.

Looking to the future, he is determined to help more people, not just dentists, but general professionals, to understand money, wealth and investing, increase their income comfortably, and learn how to establish a business or side hustle. This mission has now led him to Dubai, a city renowned for its global accessibility, untapped market potential, and highly motivated populace eager to learn.

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